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What is Money Transit report?
Were there stages in life when your cash flow was quite positive while at other times, you had faced challenges with respect to finances. It all plays out at the hands of ‘time’! There are easy periods and then there are times when one gets obstructions in realizing own money from others. The planets and their movements cause all such various patterns and changes in trends. Money Transit astrology is a powerful sub-field of Vedic astrology equipped to decode the phases when your money flow will be positive and the time periods when there could be unnecessary hurdles. Such a forecast could help you know all such time phases when the money-intensive decisions should be taken and when just little efforts would ensure easy money for you!

How’s Money Transit Report Prepared?
Money Transit astrology involves mapping of transits of planets through the zodiac belt with respect to your Moon Sign, the rising sign or lagna at the time of your birth. The chart thus prepared is analysed for the money inflows and outflows for the next 3, 6 and 12 months when one should make the investments like real estate, equity market or may even find a new assignment helping add to his income. The placements of planets particularly Jupiter & Venus and the 2nd,5th,9th,10th,11th houses are studied to understand the patterns in cash flow. This is presented in form of a Money Transit Reading.

What you can expect from your Money Transit report?
  • Time periods when there would be maximum growth of finances.
  • Good periods to make important money related decisions and moves.
  • Any likely problems or obstructions in the money & financial aspects.

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