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If you are contemplating doing Business or taking up a Job, your Horoscope can hold some vital clues to achieving success in both these modes of earning. As Vedic Astrology can predict the favourable / most suitable line of Business, timing by which your Business will peak and the likely experiences and hurdles you may face in future. Once you know the future events, you could plan accordingly. Running a successful business requires an exclusive skill set including - creativity, communication, risk taking ability, leadership, problem solving aptitude among others.  All these personality traits can be ascertained by reading your Birth Chart and co relating it with the success of your Business. This gives us what we call Business Fortune & Karma report. You can expect the following from your Business Fortune & Karma Report -

  • Doing business in industry / sector - like metal, material or item would suit you the most.
  • What would be the most favourable amongst - Agency / Trading / Manufacturing
  • Period of highest growth or the time when your business will peak.
  • Auspicious / lucky periods and also the not-so-good periods in business
  • The time by which the business will be a success.
  • If starting a new project/ business, the Muhurtha( auspicious timing) to do the same
  • Growth trends for 1yr, 2 yrs, 5 years & 10 years of business.
  • If doing Business in association, then a study of birth chart of both the co owners to forecast the future of business
  • Where will the major growth come from - within your country or overseas. That is whether you should plan an overseas business expansion & when. Export/ import - that is, whether domestic trading or International market will benefit you more.
Inspite of a potentially good Birth Chart, your Business Karma may seem to be obstructed due to some malefic planet like Rahu (Dragon’s Head) aspecting the key houses associated with Business success. In some cases, the strong Mercury can also be the reason behind your doing very well in your profession. Since a well placed Mercury decides the professional & Business efficiency of a native. Similarly, position of Venus - the planet of Prosperity and lavish lifestyle can tell us a lot about when / if at all; the Business success would be achieved. Hence this report will also deliver the Astrological Remedies to clear the block & activate your Business Karma.

So you can take the help of Vedic Astrology in activating your Business Karma, if it seems to be showing some negative Karmic (pre destined) trends by focusing on the strength of your personality as depicted in your Birth Chart and then correlating it with what you should do and not do to establish your business strength and by when you are likely to achieve your Business goals.

You can order your Business Fortune & Karma Reading to create a successful Business Enterprise with the help of Vedic astrology!


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