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Hairstyles as per Zodiac Signs for Women

Hairstyles as per Zodiac Signs for Women

"Your hair is the crown you never take off"

There is no doubt to the fact that a woman’s hair is one of the most attractive features about her. There is a certain kind of upliftment that hairs gives to the personality of a woman, that too in a very good way, provided the hair has been maintained well. Messy, unkempt, and untidy hair is a definitely not what would look good on a woman, however beautiful she might be or however well maintained her figure and clothing could be. Keeping hair healthy, set, taking care of it should come easily to all of us, and it should always give us the self-confidence we need to hold our heads a little higher and walk a little straight.

Different hairstyles for all of us

Each one of us has a unique hairstyle that reflects us, and lets us express who we are, as it is one of the most important features of our look. With so many styling options out there, we are tempted at most times to just walk up to the salon and give ourselves a hairdo. But with so many options to choose from, we might also be confused or even might have tried out so many that we find it hard to stick to on basic hairdo that should be in alignment with us.

Be it a ponytail, braid, bob cut, straight sleek hair, messy bun, clean bun, or a top knot among others, we can help you choose the perfect hairdo for you that you can flaunt in style and also deem it lucky for you, as it would also be the most appropriate as per your zodiac sign. We believe that these hairdos could easily be your go-to styles which would complement you totally, and on days when your are confused on how to style your hair, and also on others days, you can without any doubt choose it to wear on your crown.

Long, short, waves, curls, or bangs? Here we have listed the hairstyles that you as a woman can flaunt, while complementing it well with your Zodiac Sign.


The Aries women are born leaders, fiery, dynamic, proud, and daring. They possess a lot of strength within, and also have a lot of confidence and are brave. They would not mind a lot of change, and would in fact carry a lot of hairstyles, experiment with their hair, and at times just keep it plan simple, sleek, and straight. They would go for boho buns, leave their hair open but clean them and keep them healthy, or might even get a short haircut done, and at times might even like to add flicks to add more drama. They might even at times go back to their classic hairstyle and flaunt that too with a lot of courage and confidence.


Being Taurean, you would be an earthy beauty, and love your own natural tresses and their texture to the maximum. You would normally want to keep a simple, easy to wear chic hairdo, so that you do not have to worry much, but, at times when you would have to be the center of attraction, you would experiment, and choose among a messy bun, or keep it sleek and straight or even add bangs. You might even add a little bit of drama to your go-to hairstyle that would be a natural look, to add that needed extra oomph factor.


The flirty, fun loving, and energetic Gemini in you would be accentuated with a new trendy cut, or even a crazy color that every other fashionista was wearing. They could either go for a super short bob that looks sleek, or go for a messy bun, or an asymmetrical cut that follows. Your ever-changing persona would require many new experiences and you might want to experiment, like, coloring your hair, cutting them into a bob, or doing whatever the trend is. Your youthful appearance will perhaps let you try out any hairstyle to appeal to your adventurous personality.


The compassionate, nurturing, sensitive, and hopeless romantics, Cancer women would like their hair to be soft and healthy, no matter whichever design you would like to try. Soft curls, highlights, medium length hair cut that is healthy and strong, would be best complemented for you. You would also embrace long hair, which could either be straight set or even have curls at the end of it, and generally go for a look that makes you look glamorous, or sophisticated, and is also timeless at the same time.


With a lioness like personality to flaunt, Leos would love it keep a stylish hairdo, and look charismatic and perfect at all times. Being bold and adventurous, they would also love to wear their hair with a lot of volume and waves. Being comfortable in your own skin, you would confidently carry any hairstyle that would add a lot of sassiness and confidence to your personality. A short textured hairstyle, or a chic bob, would also look perfect on the Leo woman. Theses styles would lay emphasis on the adventurous side of you, and let others admire you as you flaunt yourself.


Powerful, chic, straight, and well-done hair would be the go-to hairstyle for the Virgo women. Owing to your analytical and practical nature, you would not like messy buns and flowing hairstyles. You would want your hair to be squeaky clean and not be left to cover your face, and so French twists, ponytails, top knots, and clean looks are some hairstyles that would best compliment a Virgo. The styles tat would be intricately designed and have no hair flyaway would be loved by you the best.


The natural beauties, Libras, do not need to work real hard to look good, as they look beautiful and attractive with little to no effort at all. With your persona that loves peace and beauty, styles that make your hair wavy, resonate with your inner chords. Being a romantic at heart, you would also try out styles that give you feminine side a boost, makes you expressive, and look beautiful. The quality and softness of hairs would also matter to you, and you would always try to keep your tresses healthy and shining. You would choose hairstyles that would enhance your ultra-feminine nature, and bangs would be your ultimate favorite.


A Scorpion Woman would have many angles to her personality, and so she would always love a haircut that would show off their passionate nature and would draw a slight difference between being intense and simple. You might love a short and sultry look for the summers that have bangs and give you a look that is different from others, while in winters you might love to have at least medium length wavy hair or curled hair that would give you a feminine edge. You might even keep your hairstyle fixed, but change the color of your hair and its styling. Owing to the frequent changes, you would also require to always take care of you hair and maintain it well.


You are a Sagittarian, and your happy, carefree, and playful nature cannot be hidden from anyone. You would love a simple, pretty hairstyle that you have been flaunting since long, and would also have a certain attachment to it as you would feel that they have seen the world worth you. In addition, if you had shorter hair that did not need much care, you would be happy all the way, as it would be smart as well as easy to carry. The spontaneity and optimistic nature you have would also let you try and experiment at times, but you would come back to your most loved hairstyle.


The steady and dependable Capricorn girl would go for a very no-nonsense and simple hairstyle that would also be able to keep up with the ambitions they have. Though they would have a simple hairstyle, they would daily take care of it and style it frequently, like blow drying it to give bounce or even use a tong to curl it, or a straightener to do its magic. For all those who have long hairs, a top bun pulled up would make do all, and for others a ponytail would be the go to hairstyle. You would love your hair to be polished and clean at all times, but would also love it to have a timeless appeal.


Being a Air sign, you have a free-spirited, fun loving, and happy side to yourself, and you would love your hair to reflect the same. You are versatile in your own way, and so might go experiment a variety of hairstyles for different occasions and different times of the year. At one time you might go for bangs, while at another time, you might love a sleek ponytail. You might even go for asymmetric cuts, bohemian looks, and also like buns that are easy breezy as well as those which need precision. You might even want a little drama and color you hair, or at times even pin them sideways or at the back to look clean and sorted. It is all in your head and what mood you are in.


The emotional and sensitive daydreamers that you are, your hairstyle would imitate flow and have an imaginative style that could resemble the waves of the ocean and your go-with-the-flow personality that will very humbly embrace the hair, no matter what texture you have, whether it is wavy, curly, straight, short, or long. You would love to give your hair the romantic look of being naturally wavy, and let it flow with the wind, looking attractive and beautiful at the same time. At times, you might add a little spice by styling your hair in a braid, or give it a youthful shine by styling it in curls or a super sleek straight hairdo. You might even prefer highlights that would give a lovely frame to your features.