Prerequisites of Choosing the Perfect Career For your Child

Prerequisites of Choosing the Perfect Career For your Child


Education forms the base of a successful and bright future! Therefore, there would be no parents who would not be worried about what sort of education stream would be the best for their children in order to secure a good career in the future? But this decision cannot be taken by parents alone as multiple other angles such as child’s interest and capability along with the financial capabilities of the parents and social obligations, and many more come into a role play.

But most importantly, astrology can help solve most of the problems for the parents as it can give a clearer picture as to which education and career field will be most suitable for their kids.

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Here we will discuss the essentials or the fundamentals point to be considered in astrology in order to choose the right career for your child.

There are many aspects of astrology that play a major role but broadly there are 4 major aspects to be brought into consideration while choosing the right career path for your child. They are:

  1. Ascendant
  2. Fifth House
  3. Ninth House
  4. Sub Divisional Chart: D24


The ascendant of child majorly represents the personality, interest, and a general outlook toward the life of the child. Hence the placement of the planet in the ascendant and the Lord of the ascendant help you to know the right career. If there is a planet having an aspect on the ascendant house also affects the career choice of the child.

Fifth House

The Fifth House rules over the mental intelligence of the child and gives him or her required analytical skills that will further aid their strong decision-making skills. the placement of various planets in the Fifth House lets you know what sort of education (as it stands for education)will your child choose in future that will further give you a clear idea of the career choice she or he is keen on taking up.

If there is a good or benefic planet placed in the Fifth House, the child will have a good education but just in case, the Fifth House has a malefic planet placed or has a bad aspect of a planet then the child may have to struggle with his or her education and the processes associated with it (such as issues with completing course-related projects or problems in understanding the subject matter properly, etc). The Lord of the Fifth House also plays a major role in it. In the event that the benefic planet is the lord of the Fifth House and is also well-placed then it will give him or her success in education.

Ninth House

Ninth House stands for Higher education, ethics, good karmas, and values. It also gives a philosophical bent of mind to the child. The luck factor also comes under the influence of the Ninth House. Therefore, the Ninth House also becomes of the deciding factors as to what kind of career will your child go for as the higher education option she or he chooses will make it evident enough.

If a good or benefic planet is placed in the Ninth House, the child will come out with flying colors on academic level and will ace at everything they do in relation with their education and career, Just in case that there is a placement of malefic planet or the Fifth has an aspect of a malefic planet then the child may have to face many obstacles or hurdles in their way of higher education (such as difficulty of getting through their choice of institute, difficulty in understanding the syllabus, etc).

On the off chance that the Lord of the Fifth House is good or benefic in nature, it will make sure that the child will be successful in every walk of life and will also be able to get into the desired institute and fair really well at his or her academics. A malefic Lord of the Ninth House will bring down the success story of the child and will also create problems in every step of success and growth.

Sub Divisional Chart: D24

A birth chart covers all the aspects of the horoscope such as finance, health, education, career, love marriage, children, and many more. But in order to get a deep analysis of a specific field, one needs to get a deep reading into the specific chart related to a certain aspect in question. In case one needs to know about education and get answers for questions or queries related to the same, the D24 chart is consulted.

Here in the chart, the strength of the Ascendant’s House plays a vital role. If the House of the ascendant is strong then the child will have a good and strong educational background and will be a good student throughout his or her life. But just in case that the House of the ascendant is weak then the child will face many difficulties in completing his or her education. The Strength of the Fifth House also has a huge role to play in the D24 chart as stronger Fifth House affirms a good education background and base of the child resulting in brighter career prospects in the future.

Apart from the above-mentioned aspects of Vedic astrology, planets also play a huge role in deciding which professional field will suit the child based on their ascendant, the Fifth House and the Ninth House. Following is a list of Planets and some of the many careers that a child may opt for if he or she has an influence on either the ascendant or the Fifth House or the Ninth house.

If Sun is influencing the education then the child will have an authoritative profile as a career and may choose a profile such as commander, municipal corporation profile, government official, administrative profiles, higher or prominent position in authority, and many more.

In the case of Moon, if it supports the education of the child then he or she may choose profiles related to marine jobs, traveling, liquid medicines, public relations milk and dairy product-related profiles, and many more.

When Mercury stands by the education of the child, the child may choose a profile such as banking, finance, communication, journalism, spokesperson, chartered accountant, Feature editor, Investment Manager, Accounts Executive, and many more.

If the Jupiter is influencing Education of your child, then he or she may show an inclination towards profiles such as teaching, management, psychology, philosophy, counselor, law and justice, administration, astrology, etc.

When Venus influences the education of the child, in such a case the child most likely will opt for career options such as Interior designing, Animation profiles, cinematography, photography, airline-related profiles and many more.

If Mars is powering education, the child may look for career options such as mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, defense, law enforcement profiles and many more.

In the event that Saturn is controlling the education of your child then the child will prefer job profiles such as a doctor, scientist, and other field related to science.

With Rahu powering education, the child will pick profile such as physicians, researchers, diplomatic profiles, innovation-related profile, aviation profiles, so on and so forth.

If Ketu is the planet that is influencing education then the child is sure to opt for a career such as a counselor, psychic science profile, profiles related to spirituality and many more.

Thus, to conclude we can say that there is multiple factors that need to be taken into consideration but there few major aspects in astrology that need to be analyzed deeply. Aspects like the ascendant and the 5th and the Ninth House and D24 Chart let the parents be aware of the kind of educational journey their child will cover that will also lay the groundwork for the professional life ahead for them.

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