Effects of Moon Phases on Emotions

(Moon Sign Based)

Can the Moon really affect your mind? In Vedic astrology, it is believed that the Moon has a powerful impact on your emotions. In this piece, we describe the various phases of the Moon and how deeply it is connected with your emotions.


Effects of Moon Phases on Emotions


Have you ever experienced irritability and anxiety during the full moon days? Or a feeling of void yet hope during the new moon? Such effects though short-lived could be microcosms of the effect of the Moon on your body and mind.
It is a known fact that the Moon exerts its effects on the water bodies causing tides of various intensity. And since human bodies are 70% water, the Moon affects the water balance in your body as well through the gravitational pull. This disruptive balance of water in your body results in upheaval and inactivity of emotions in your mind.

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In Astrology, the Moon is considered to control your mind and emotions and therefore, it has an effect on your emotions. It determines your psychological faculty and ability to deal with your feelings and senses. It represents your deepest needs, habits and reactions and controls your subconscious and conscious minds.

So, what can you expect from the Moon’s various moods?

In total, the whole cycle of the moon takes about 29.5 days and there are 8 stages of the moon cycle contained during that entire period of time. The 8 stages or phases of the moon are new moon, waxing crescent, first-quarter moon, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous, third-quarter moon, and waning crescent.

As the moon governs your subconscious, there are parts of emotions and hidden feelings that you keep to yourselves without expressing it out. However, you do feel it at depth and at a soulful level. Moon sign refers to the placement of Moon in your zodiac sign at the time of your birth and it determines your innate qualities and inner needs. However, the changing phase of the Moon affects you regularly on a more tangible and substantial basis.

The Moon is called the Queen in astrology and thus radiates a strong feminine energy. The Moon is also the lord or the ruling planet for Cancer, the fourth zodiac sign.

  • The positive nature of Moon brings in the constructive signs of joy, mental peace, sympathy and makes you patient and more perceptive by nature
  • The negative nature of the Moon makes you prone to anxiety and unnecessary worry. It can bring depression and tension and even make you suicidal.
  • There is a feminine side to the Moon as well which brings out your nurturing tendencies and binds your emotions to your subconscious.
  • The Moon is worshiped and revered so that it guides your subconscious in a rightful way, paying heed to positive emotions and feelings.
  • The full moon can also surpass your mind and bring you face to face with spirituality and divinity.
  • Moon affects the pineal gland in your brain; thus, regulating your hormones. It responds to the bioelectric aura within you and helps you in opening up to spirituality.
  • The Moon in your mind accumulates the memories, experiences, thoughts, and patterns in your conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind. This creates pent up anger, irritation, resentment and often a state of mindlessness.

The Moon is at full power at Full Moon when the energies are at its peak. With super high energies, your emotions are also full blown and thus you tend to grow more anxious towards life and everything around you.

During the full moon when the Sun gets conjoint with the Moon, there is a release of high energy, and it impacts the different zodiac signs depending upon their planetary positions. The distance between the Sun and Moon and its effect is known as ‘Tithi,’ which has a great impact on astrology.

The Hindus follow the Moon or the Lunar calendar, which is also known as the ‘Panchang’. The Panchang shows all day-to-day dates and events, including the details of auspicious and inauspicious days. All the Hindu festivals are based on this lunar calendar in an adjustment of the lunar cycle.

Cycle of the Moon and its Effect on Our Emotional Wellbeing

New Moon

The New Moon represents a fresh start and often is a clean slate. It is perfect for new beginnings – to learn a new skill or to start any new work or even to take any new decisions. At the time of the new moon, the Sun and the Moon are both on one side of the earth (0° to 45° from the Sun). This is when the Moon reflects no light and therefore the operative word here is ‘darkness.’ This darkness expands your other senses and scope of possibility increases.

The New Moon brings this positive energy in you, which lasts for about 14 days, till the time the Moon reaches its brightest point of full moon. During this time, the Sun and the Moon are not opposing each other and create no tensions between the two bodies. The cycle of the new moon brings a fresh start and makes you calm and motivated. The new moon is followed by the waxing crescent.

Waxing Crescent (typically lasts 7 days)

After the New Moon phase, the Moon is in the first quarter at a degree of 45° to 90° from the Sun. It is the first step towards a Full Moon. Even though there is still darkness, your senses are all heightened and support the execution of the good work that you had already started. It is the best time to plan and begin your work for the coming times. You will be motivated and excited and deliver your work on time and live up to your expectations and intentions.

First-Quarter Moon

The first quarter Moon is when it is 90° to 135° from the Sun. This is the phase of the Moon when you may feel impetuous, impatient, and quite active. There could be resistance and frustration in terms of your goals and aspirations, especially if they have not come to fruition yet. However, this is also the time when you need to be in control and dominate your impulses, taking up responsibilities and is a period of activation. It is time to check the progress that you have made and establish your intentions properly.

Waxing Gibbous (typically lasts 5 days)

This is the time when the Moon is at 135° to 180° from the Sun. This time allows for deeper understanding and outlook. Acting on your intuition and introspection, this is the time for planning, preparation and adequate execution. What is required of you is to demonstrate more flexibility because the waxing Gibbous Moon can set you back a little in the path of progress. Adjustments are required and a very conscious decision to renew and rework on your goals.

Full Moon

The Full Moon is the time when the Moon is at 180° to 225° from the Sun. The Sun and Moon are at opposite sides exerting great pressure and tension. This will be the time of heightened emotions for you. You are prone to being overwhelmed and anxious during this time. You could also appear to be snappy and irritable. The full moon also sometimes causes changes in your sleeping patterns. Your emotional state and egos are at its peak. However, what is needed during this time is for you to release any resentment or fear and practice patience and calm down to tide over this tirade of emotions inside you.

Waning Gibbous (typically lasts 5 days)

During the phase of the waning Gibbous, the Moon is at 225° to 270° from the Sun. It symbolizes self-reflection and rebirth. At this time, you will become very self-aware, which will become the basis for your personal growth. How you wish to channelize this energy is up to you, but you will be inclined to make positive changes and have the potential to grow. It is also time to get rid of your bad habits and negative thinking to work towards achieving your goals and accomplishments.

Third-Quarter Moon

At this time, the Moon will be at 270° to 315° from the Sun. This is the last quarter of the lunar cycle. Presenting as a half circle, the moon is illuminated. This is the time for realization of your dreams. It signifies your intentions and is an inward reflection for you to attain your full potential. You will be willing to let go of all negative emotions and would want to purge the negativity out of your life.

Waning Crescent Moon (7 days)

This is the last phase of the lunar cycle when the Moon will be at 315° to 360° from the Sun. There will be an amalgamation of energies of the Sun and the Moon giving you stability and calm. You will become thoughtful and growth oriented. As it will be a time for self-reflection, you will need to embrace these feelings as each moon cycle is a chance to learn and eventually grow. The moon is now at the completion stage of its cycle and is once again energized.

Thus, these 8 phases of the Moon, with their different spheres of influence, have an effect on you. The energy that the Moon reflects is the energy that keeps you going, through the highs and lows of your life.


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