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Effects of Moon Phases on Emotions

Can the Moon really affect our mind? In Vedic astrology, it is believed that the moon has a powerful impact on our emotions. In this article, we describe the various phases of the Moon and how deeply it is connected with human emotions.

Effects of

The planets also have their own zone and some energy force acting, which work behind them.

These zones are known as the zodiac signs. The energy source of the planets is known as the Nakshatra, and it is the real essence of your Moon sign with its personal quarter.

The Quarter of the Moon plays the most significant role, because the Moon has control over our mind and emotions.

The state of the mind and our emotions are the vital parameters which, decide our beautiful life story.

All we human beings work based on the emotional response we have in our day to day life.

The churning of thoughts will give a certain mental state variously associated with a degree of pleasure and displeasure, like for eg., the Waning and Waxing phase of the Moon.

The relationship between the Emotion, planet Moon and Science:

The Moon has a huge influence on our emotional being and psychic body as well. According to Quantum Physics, everything in the Universe- be it the stars, planets, or the moon, all have an operating frequency.

The frequency emanated by the moon, affects the frequency of the mind which challenges the emotions. The subconscious mind also works based on the Moon sign in which you have been born.

Connection between Moon Signs and our Emotion:

At the time of your birth, the cosmos had a certain placement for each planet and your mind received energies as per the placement of the Moon.

With the unique placement of the Moon in a particular zodiac sign, you will have the same intellect as according to the characteristic of your the zodiac sign and its significance will be imprinted in your behavior.

The transit of the Moon and other planets over your Moon sign, will affect you through the electromagnetic effects and also works as per quantum physics.

What is Nakshatra: The relationship in between the Moon and Nakshatra.

All the twelve zodiac signs have particular combinations of stars within that Zodiac Sign, which is known as the Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology.

These Nakshatras has been divided into four quarters, which has the significance of the four sub-sections of each nakshatra, known by the name of Duty, Money, Desire, and Liberation.

The energy of Nakshatra (constellation) will give you different identities as compared to your friend who might have the same Moon sign as you.

The Nakshtra will change the story of your life completely. Your mind always be inclined towards being duty bound if your Moon is in the first quarter, and its effect will be vary from the Tithi you have been born in.

Results related to the Quarter of Moon in a particular Nakshatra in your Birth Chart:

First Quarter: Wherever the Moon gets placed in a particular zodiac sign, it will make you duty bound and strict with rules. You will give respect to the significance related to the particular Nakshatra and moon sign in which your Moon gets placed.

Second Quarter: Material gains will be always there in your mind, no matter where ever you go. You will work with the focus to earn money from your work.

Second Quarter of Moon will give you the blessings of the divine, in order to acquire the materialistic gains related to the house where the Moon gets placed.

Third Quarter: The third quarter signifies the fulfillment of desire. The placement of Moon in any house will give you the fulfillment of desire if it gets placed in the second quarter of any Nakshatra.

Fourth Quarter: The placement of the Moon in any Nakshatra within the fourth quarter signifies the detachment from the results related to that house.

The real containment of life will be with you from the things which are related to the Moon’s house where the Moon get placed.

The Moon’s Quarter will give you the strength, to achieve what you need in reality:

If you know your Moon sign, then you are in the right direction.

If you know your Moon’s Nakshatra then you are at the right place and  at the right time.

Being in the right direction, right place and right time, doesn’t mean that you will attain fulfillment of all the wishes you have, because you also need the strength to make things happen.

The quarter of your Moon also signifies the strength within your soul for the good deeds. Be familiar with all the strong traits of your Moon’s Quarter in order to enjoy your life for which you have this life.

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