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How Dasha Periods Affect Human Life

Vedic Dasha that stands for the planetary periods in one's horoscope, is an accurate indicator of good and bad time in life. In this article we explore the dasha periods of all the 9 planets.

How Dasha

According to the Vedic Astrology, there are Vinshottri Mahadasha periods that generally have effects both good and bad on the life of a native. This depends upon the dasha or the antardasha of any specific planet (benefic or malefic). In order to know the correct situation it is essential to get the birth chart analyzed by an experienced astrologer. As such dashas can precisely be foretold by an experienced, genuine and certified astrologer and the expert with the in-depth knowledge of astrology.

Dasha, Antardasha and Mahadasha are the technical aspect of astrology which need thorough check and analysis and hence is crucial to be done by someone who has an expertise in the said field. Result of the effects of Transits also plays an equally essential role in the prediction but the dasha period tops the chart of importance. The reason behind saying this is because 70 per cent of the prediction a native’s chart depends on the same.

The impact of the planetary movements are huge and it won’t be wrong to say that all the humans live under the shadow of the various effects that are cause by these planetary movements up above in the cosmic realm. This is the only reason that sometimes we feel disheartened and defeated even after pouring ourselves into some work and the result that we get against the effort put in is less than half of the effort and sometimes even the smallest interest and effort can bestow you with profound success and growth.

In the following article we will discuss what Mahadasha is and how it affect our lives.

What Dasha stands for?

Dasha in Vedic astrology stand for the planetary periods. These periods indicate as to the exact time when an individual will be affected (either good or bad) by them in a particular moon sign. These planetary periods are formed according to the planet’s placement by sign, houses, Yogas or aspects. Each Dasha is controlled by the nine planets and the relative goodwill and the quality of every period is confirmed according to the position and the situation or condition of the mentioned planet in a native’s birth chart. Dasha can be also called a system which is created to check the various effects of the different planets and their position is affecting the day to day life of a certain someone.

There are Nine Types of Mahdashas mentioned in Vedic Astrology known as:

  1. Saturn Mahadasha Period
  2. Mercury Mahadasha Period
  3. Ketu Mahadasha Period
  4. Venus Mahadasha Period
  5. Sun Mahadasha Period
  6. Moon Mahadasha Period
  7. Mars Mahadasha Period
  8. Rahu Mahadasha Period
  9. Jupiter Mahadasha Period

Saturn Mahadasha Period

The Saturn Mahadasha can occur either during the Main period or the Sub-Period of the Saturn. The time duration for Saturn Mahadasha Period is longer than the Sub-Period. Saturn Mahadasha in Main Period of Saturn last for 19 years. It depends on the placement of Saturn in the natal chart to check whether it acts as benefic or a malefic planet. If Saturn is a benefic planet then said 19 years will be the game-changer time for the native. just in case if Saturn acts as a malefic planet in the native’s birth chart, then it results in delay and disappointment in every field for the native. Saturn Sub-period also depends on the planet’s placement as benefic or malefic one and it is said that the Sub-Period time duration or time phase is shorter than the Main Period.

Mercury Mahadasha Period

The Mahadasha period for Mercury lasts for 17 years. If the planet Mercury is benefic or is beneficial planet in the birth chart of the native then during this Dasha period, the native will come across many positive changes in the financial and professional of his or her life. On the contrary, just in case Mercury turns malefic in nature in the native’s birth chart then sudden loss in some important financial or monetary matters clubbed along with a incurring a huge loss on a personal level is suppose to take place.

Ketu Mahadasha Period

Ketu Mahadasha Period lasts for 7 years. Ketu represents high spiritual knowledge, salvation, separation from mundane life, mental instability and more. If the planet Ketu is beneficial in the native’s birth chart then gain of spiritual knowledge along with various property related matters gains will be sent your way which will ultimately lead to path of salvation. But just in case Ketu turn malefic in nature then the mental stability of the native goes off-balance, mental health issues such as epilepsy or fits, depression and weak decision-making abilities are common issues that native will have to face on a daily basis.

Venus Mahadasha Period

The duration for the Venus Mahadasha Period is 20 years. Venus represents wealth, luxurious life, art, love-life, hotel industry and more. On the off chance that Venus is positive or acts as a benefic planet in the native’s birth chart then the native is blessed with benefits such as luxurious lifestyle, unexpected gains, love-marriage, and multiple love-affairs within marriage. On the other hand, just in case if Venus turn malefic in the natal chart then it will result in separation from life-partner, sudden loss, low financial status and other such issues appear.

Sun Mahadasha Period

The duration for the Sun Mahadasha Period is 6 years, Sun be a symbol of authority, high roles in prestigious departments such as law and justice, senior and higher posts in Government Job, and Soul. If Sun is beneficial in the native’s birth chart then one will enjoy high and respectable status in society, senior posts at one’s job, promotion at work, position of a Judge in the judiciary system, and many more. On the off chance that Sun is malefic for the native in his or birth chart then the native should be prepared to get the experience such as going to the prison, disagreement with one’s father  and more.

Moon Mahadasha Period

The Moon Mahadasha period lasts for 10 years. Moon; if it is benefic or is beneficial in native’s chart then one can expect unexpected and sudden gains, will share a cordial relationship with one’s mother, speculative acts will prove beneficial and will yield result in the native’s favor. Just by chance, the planet Moon turns malefic in native’s birth chart then the person will through an emotional turmoil, disappointment in various aspects and dimensions of life.

Mars Mahadasha Period

The duration of Mars Mahadasha Period is of 6 years. The planet Mars or Mangal represents aggressions, property matters, real estate fields, quarrels etc. In the event that the planet Mars is beneficial for the native or is benefic in the natal chart then it will result in unexpected gains in property matter, gain from sibling will come floating to the native, he or she will enjoy a pleasant phase of life where everything will move according to the way native plans. On the off chance that Mars turns malefic the native may get into unnecessary quarrels and debates with relative and closed family, will suffer loss in property matters and will experience high fluctuations in his or her married life.

Rahu Mahadasha Period

The duration for the Rahu Mahadasha Period is 18 years. Rahu represents hidden enemies, mysterious character or nature of the native, sudden loss or gain etc. On the understanding that Rahu is a beneficial planet or acts benefic in the natal chart then unexpected gain through speculative acts, positive changes in career, fruitful travels and relocation etc. will be on the card of the native. On the contrary, if the planet Rahu turn malefic, unwanted fear from enemies, sudden huge loss in monetary or financial matters and separation are most likely to come in the way of the native.

Jupiter Mahadasha Period

The Mahadasha Period for Jupiter lasts for 16 years. Jupiter represents religious activities, administrative field, education, teaching field, and prosperity etc. On condition that Jupiter is beneficial for the native or is benefic in the natal chart then the native is set on the path of attaining high spiritual knowledge, stable source of income, prosperity, thriving married life and many more. On the other hand if the planet Jupiter is malefic in nature or turns other way then the native will experience unstable income or financial status, hurdle and delay in the process of having children or conceiving, hurdles in the way of education, etc.

Thus to conclude, we can that that all the planets (nine to be specific) also have Sub-Periods apart from the Main Period. But it totally depends on the planetary positions of each planet as to what effects can be anticipated from them in their Sub-Period.

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