Empowered Women in Career for all 12 Zodiac Signs

How well do you know the zodiac personality traits of an empowered woman? Empowerment of women is categorized into five main parts – social, educational, economic, political and psychological. In this article, you will find out how to you use your innate abilities in order to grow and rise in your career. With the help of Vedic Astrology and your moon signs, make yourself the best version of your empowered self.

Empowered Women in Career for all 12 Zodiac Signs


How often have we heard that ‘Oh, that woman is a rebel’ and mind you, that too, NOT in all positivity! She is called a rebel just because she takes her own stand and is independent of all kinds of social, political or economic bonds? Well, then she surely deserves to be called that; otherwise, this patriarchal world would not let her grow. As bad as it sounds, but it is true!

She is rebellious as she is trying to actually grow out of the fake gender equality scenario and introducing the world around her about what it actually takes to be the queen of her own life without being pestered by any male dominating figure. And this is the reason why women empowerment has become this whole trend which we truly hope would never fade as it is important for the folks to be familiarized with it till, they gain an actual insight about it.

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The Aries woman: Personality Traits

Charismatic, dynamic, independent, bold, and spontaneous.

Ruled by Mars, Aries women have all the key qualities that make them successfully empowered. They are ambitious and career oriented. They will not shirk from putting their best. They handle professional challenges gracefully. They are headstrong and have a mind of their own. They are fiercely independent and will not give up their professional goals for anyone. Aries boss women are born leaders and champions. They have great energy and stamina stored in them.

They are very eager and passionate to get started on a task, without considering the pros and cons. However, they get angry when things do not go as planned. Aries women need constant appreciation for the work they do. If they are not appreciated at work, they will not stay motivated for long. In their language, appreciation and recognition are their Vitamin-B. Optimism and intelligence clearly shows in their work. Aries boss women love challenges and this makes them real fighters. You will never see an Aries woman demeaning others. Also, they never use any unfair means to win over others.

Being self-dependent and outgoing, Aries women inspire other women too in the pursuit of self-reliance. Their leadership qualities are highly admired by others.

An achiever with excellent entrepreneurial skills, Aries women are perfect leaders and role models for other women who need empowerment.

Taurus woman: Personality Traits

Hardworking, trustworthy, and well organized/ structured.

Taurus women are ambitious. They work diligently to rise above their current position or condition. Even when they are grounded and practical, they remain determined towards achieving their goals.

Taurus women do not need validation in terms of receiving recognition and praise for the work they do. They work with high dedication and diligence to achieve ultimate success.

They are often considered bullheaded and stubborn; however, their formidable work ethics make them so much devoted to their job that they do not care about anything else while working.

Having the Lordship of Venus, Taurus women make the most of their free time. It helps them rejuvenate their mind and body.

Anything and everything they set their mind to do, they work for it with passion and dedication. Reliability and stability are their inborn qualities. They love to plan their chores and tasks. They do not like many changes. They strongly believe in the ideology, “Slow and steady wins the race.”

If a Taurus woman decides on doing something, she will achieve it by hook or by crook. They are the epitome of perseverance, resilience, and tenacity and have a detailed eye for aesthetics. Work hard and play hard is their life’s motto. They are independent and do not require any supervision in their work. They are also very adept at handling stressful situations.

Their independence and ambition make them the modern empowered women. Be it at the career front or at home front, they are efficient, organized and structured. They are their own decision makers and do not ever play the ‘damsel in distress’ card.

The Gemini woman: Personality Traits

Youthful, intelligent, thirst for knowledge, genius communicator, and an excellent orator.

A Gemini woman is curious, analytical, and are very well informed. Gemini women have a thirst for knowledge and wisdom. They can explain complex concepts very easily with their exceptional oratory skills.

Hyperactive and constantly on the move, a Gemini woman knows it all! She is up-to-date, enlightened, and extremely well informed about the latest happenings. Gemini women can be called a human encyclopedia. They have great marketing and convincing skills, which makes them a good marketing person.

Gemini women have originality in their thoughts; hence, they come up with brilliant innovations and creative ideas. Their analytical abilities and the abundant information they can procure, makes them excellent business and financial analysts.

Being highly volatile, they love to work in an ever-changing work environment. They cannot work on mundane jobs where they do not see anything new on a regular basis. They need new challenges and goals to keep themselves motivated. Their creative abilities work better when they are not bound under some structure or system.

Born under a windy sign, Gemini women go with the flow. They need their own space, working style, and peace of mind to produce unique business ideas. They work best when they can use creative liberties at work.

The combination of their witty nature, intelligence, charm, and creativity makes them most suitable for journalism or media-related jobs, where they can enjoy their work.

A truly empowered Gemini woman is an inspiration to all.

The Cancer woman: Personality Traits

Shy, sensitive, kind, intuitive, creative, and emotional.

A Cancer woman can quickly evaluate others by their actions. This gives them an added advantage of knowing their client’s requirements and structuring plans as per their needs. Cancer boss women find out user-friendly and tailor-made solutions. This helps in resolving the issues in a more customized manner. Their service quality is par excellence, and they can make long-lasting relationships with their clients, which help them in retaining business.

They are one of the best team players. They work on a common agenda and do not have any hidden individual agenda. They are reliable and care about how the team is doing. They love to work in organizations where they can form an emotional connection with the people. They are born negotiators and peacemakers and do not like conflicts. Their intuitive abilities make them the most efficient psychologists, counselors, nurses and health care workers.

Cancer females are known for their sharp memory. This makes them suitable to work in an archeology department or client relationship management. A Cancer woman shows vindictive behavior if people doubt their loyalty and faithfulness.

The caring and sensitive nature of a Cancer woman makes her confident and strong. Her high emotional quotient empowers her and others around her. She draws others together with her empathy and tactfulness, in turn emancipating them in the process.

The Leo woman: Personality Traits

Passionate, straightforward, confident, expressive, showy, and imposing.

A Leo woman is a born leader who knows how to deal with her problems. She loves being in the limelight and wants to be the center of attention, all the time. If you want to know how to develop a never-give-up attitude, a Leo woman can be your best teacher. They are highly enthusiastic and love to accept responsibility. They are born free and do not like taking orders from others, unless they are given their own space to shine. They dream big and their creative passions inspire others to achieve great things in life. They are very passionate about their work and try to finish the tasks in a grand manner. If they are given the stage, they will amaze others with their excellent performance.

Leo women can do exceptionally well in leadership roles. They love to challenge the people in power; thus, they can become good social activists. This ability can also make them excellent spokesperson for an NGO or political party as they have an unparalleled passion for proving their point. This quality of Leo women also allows them to become successful politicians. They are also capable of leading an organization.

For Leo women, failure is the key path to success. They know how to overcome a failure and use it to their advantage. Power, money, and recognition are their main sources of their motivation, which gives them the energy to do great things in life.

Their go-getter and freedom loving attitude empowers them in places of work. They are emotionally independent and tries to make everyone around them understand the true meaning of self-worth. Their leadership qualities often rub off on others, liberating others.

The Virgo woman: Personality Traits

Intelligent, witty, logical, analytical, introspective, and independent.

The most perfectionist sign among the zodiacs, Virgo women can evaluate anything with precise accuracy and a clear mindset. For them, everything they engage with must be of high standards. Their dedicated work ethics are exemplary. Most of the Virgo women are secret weapons for their organizations or in other words, the dark horses. They do their work with diligence and come up with excellent output without much fuss or drama. However, their logic and perfection are beyond imagination. Therefore, they do not need to be monitored and are capable of working on a project single-handedly.

The ultimate combination of beauty with brains, Virgo women finish their tasks with utmost perfection. Their organizational skills are efficient, and they keep the structure, system, and order in place. They make a detailed blueprint of the project at the micro level before putting it into action.

Some very detail-oriented professions, like that of a doctor, editor, personal trainer, business analyst, or financial adviser are most suitable for Virgo women. They can also become efficient critics. They, however, get bored of the mechanical routine jobs where they are unable to channelize their creativity and analytical abilities. It is not easy for them to entrust someone with a task because the kind of perfection they would want, probably cannot be met by others.

They are capable of solving complex problems in a very systematic and detailed manner. This allows them to become highly skilled computer programmers or engineers. They can also do wonders as a scientist or as a professional where deep research is needed.

They can excel in the jobs that require the development of new innovative products like vaccines. However, their meticulous work output may take longer than usual but the quality of the work they produce is par excellence and they must not be compared with others in terms of productivity.

Their eye for details and perfectionist attitude empowers Virgo women. Their zeal for quality work in every sphere of life, inspires others. They are skilled and organized women who takes life, as it comes and creates a fine-tuned balance with their creativity and methodical approach.

The Libra woman: Personality Traits

Diplomatic, idealistic, clever and humanitarian.

Passionate and tactful, Libra woman knows how to strike a balance in life. They believe in harmony and justice. They are very meticulous and pay extreme attention to detail. Besides that, they are very flexible and adaptable in their approach.

Libra women can learn new things quite easily and it does not take them long to get used to a new routine. They are blessed with creative skills that give them many opportunities to excel in a wide range of professions.

One of the most peculiar characteristics of Libra women is that they love to be surrounded by people. They love helping others and take pleasure in solving the problems of their colleagues and friends. They have all the characteristics and skills of a successful social worker. Therefore, they do not need a formal degree or external knowledge to become a social worker because of this innate quality.

Their energy and enthusiasm for humanitarian work are very high. They are least bothered about recognition, power, or money. Their main motive is to help the underprivileged sections of society.

They are highly skilled at blending ideas with emotions that too in an artistic manner; hence, they can be great painters, poets, or sculpture artists. Their love for justice makes them ideal candidates for mediating jobs, as they are good at resolving conflicts and helping people maintain peace. A Libra woman can also become a proficient lawyer/judge.

Libra is ruled by Venus, which makes them inclined to luxury, beauty, and fashion. They have excellent social skills and they are much suitable to work as brand ambassadors or lobbyists and graphic/fashion designers.

Their creative skills, broad outlook, and their intuitive abilities help them to connect with people on a personal level. Creative directors, interior decorators, party planners are some of the best jobs, suited for Libra women. However, being born under an airy sign, Libra women will be quite indecisive in the early years of their career and they will keep hopping from one profession to another. However, once they reach the stage of professional maturity, they will choose the right career and will adhere to it.

Their high emotional quotient and holistic perspective makes them sensitive to the needs of others and self. This empowers the Libra woman. She is continuously analyzing herself, trying to grow into a better version. She questions the traditional processes and rationalizes them in a manner befitting of justice. She is a strong independent woman who embraces changes readily and happily.

The Scorpio woman: Personality Traits

Determined, brave, loyal, ambitious, secretive, and passionate.

Status, authority, and money are very important for Scorpio women. They are goal-oriented and work stubbornly towards their goals. They can sacrifice anything for their career. They are self-motivated women who enjoys their freedom. They have a keen eye for detail.

Being ruled by Mars, the fierceness of Scorpio women is quite evident in their behavior. Their energy level is tremendous and so is their magnetic appeal. Being highly determined and loaded with energy, they are capable of multi-tasking easily. Since the Scorpio zodiac comes under the water element, it is not easy for a Scorpio woman to control her emotions. As a result, they tend to lose their motivation when the situation becomes challenging.

Also, their impulsive attitude prompts them to take action without much consideration. However, Scorpio women will find themselves most suitable in careers where they can use their emotional quotient to work productively. They can become a good psychologist.

Scorpio women are very adept at research or investigations, especially if it is related to some secretive activities. They are born social workers and love to bring a positive change in the society. They can do wonders in jobs related to social causes. They are also adept at encouraging and improving the skills of people around them and can do very well in professions like talent hunting, insurance, marketing & promotion.

Free spirited Scorpio women empowers themselves with truth and honesty. Their innate ability to deduce things and intuitive powers help them with a better understanding of any situation, in general. Their positive outlook and good vibes authorize them with power and strength.

The Sagittarius woman: Personality Traits

Philosophical, curious, adventurous, independent, caring, sensitive, and broad-minded.

Sagittarius women live their life to the fullest. They always have a bigger picture in mind due to their excellent foresight. They are highly confident, resourceful, and have a deep understanding of the circumstances. They are always ready to initiate a new project. If their Plan A does not work out, they always have an alternate plan. Sagittarius women have great imaginative powers and this helps them in making constant improvement. They have very abstract ideas and strong convincing power. They require their own space and freedom to spark creativity at work. They love to experiment with new things, which is quite evident in their work.

Sagittarius women tend to break the monotony of their work routine. They are a powerhouse of positivity; hence, can motivate people with their presence. They do not give up easily and finish their work even if they have to work in a hostile environment.

Sagittarius women perform best when they are left free in a dynamic environment. Moreover, if their job involves communicating with people, then they will amaze everyone with a commendable performance. Thus, they are much suited to be a journalist.

Their love for adventure makes them apt for extreme reporting from war zones or some areas of conflict or natural disaster. They enjoy risky adventures. Sagittarius women are very knowledgeable with intellectual understanding and good oratory skills, which in turn makes them admired philosophers. Socialists, historians, and political analysts are some of the career fields where they can shine. Sagittarius women are good at expressing their feelings through their body language and often excel at becoming good actresses, dancers, athletes, or stage artists.

Travelling gives them satisfaction and happiness. Many famous travel bloggers belong to the Sagittarius sign.

Their deep sense of constant learning and optimism combined with confidence and willpower makes them suitable to work on a project where new theories and perspectives are required. They can be excellent entrepreneurs and stockbrokers too. Also, they are equally good at spiritual or religious preaching and can become a famous guru with lots of followers. Their positivity, optimism, and passion can make them a life coach or a motivational speaker.

Sagittarius women often have a fresh perspective on things. She is gifted with brilliant articulation skills which helps them to motivate others. Her spiritual learnings make her brim with positivity and self-assertiveness. She is an empowered woman who needs nobody’s validation to shine bright.

The Capricorn woman: Personality Traits

Ethical, hardworking, responsible, patient, persistent, realistic, practical, and disciplined.

Capricorn women have all the qualities needed to be hardcore professionals. They are the real workaholics and a power packed boss lady. She is very ambitious about her career and her professional success is of supreme importance.

Capricorn women will never sacrifice their careers for marriage. Their disciplined outlook may make them look like a harsh boss, who can make others uncomfortable with their headstrong nature. However, these qualities make them a good manager, the one who is capable of handling things/people in a very systematic manner. Capricorn working women use the available resources constructively.

Capricorn women never leave any task unfinished. Being excellent organizers, they are most suitable to work as a manager. Their intelligent approach makes them good at budgeting. Thus, resource allocation manager is one of the finest jobs for them.

Capricorn being an earth element, they love to connect with the nature. This makes them inclined towards farming jobs.

Capricorn women love to keep things in order and likes having control over situations. Being highly methodical with good judgment and analytical skills, they can even become an excellent lawyer/judge.

Capricorn women will do well in the areas that require dedication, handwork, consistency, and pragmatism. They can perform very well in sports or military careers where discipline brings stability and structure to a person’s life.

For them, work is equivalent to their self-identity, and they can go to any lengths to prove their worth. Status and recognition are very important for Capricorn women. They are self-made women who, if need be, would fight against all odds to maintain her integrity and identity. Her emancipation comes out of the fact how well she has been able to establish herself as a career woman.

The Aquarius woman: Personality Traits

Intelligent, enigmatic, unconventional, freedom lover, eccentric and independent.

Aquarius women are highly imaginative and intelligent. They come up with innovative ideas and plans. They are always bustling with energy, rationality, and tolerance. Aquarius women have a very contradictory nature. Highly unpredictable and individualistic, Aquarius women bring the most original and ultra-creative solutions to any problem. They think beyond the regular avenues and comes up with kick-ass ideas. The Aquarius women show no regard to rules and regulations. They do not like restrictions at all. However, their humanitarian and altruistic nature makes them a valuable member of the society.

Helping others brings them happiness and satisfaction. They are good volunteers in some social welfare programs. With an intelligent and unorthodox approach, Aquarius women make great progress in scientific discoveries.

When it comes environment conservation, they will come up with numerous brilliant ideas. Biotechnology, quantum physics, and cybersecurity are the best career/job options for them.

Aquarius woman can be described as a genius who can do crazy research but on the condition that they are given complete freedom to work according to their convenience and wishes.

The inborn talent of the Aquarius women to analyze the political and social issue can make them a political critic. If they ever get a chance to work under intergovernmental organizations such as UNO, UNESCO, OR WHO, they would consider themselves really lucky. The field where macro planning is required at the global level, is where they can work far beyond anybody’s expectations.

The expansive mind of an Aquarian woman along with her altruistic tendencies, make them very coveted woman of substance. They are considerate of other’s feelings and act with kindness. Their compassion and emphatic nature defines them as empowered women in today’s society.

The Pisces woman: Personality Traits

Instinctive, empathetic, imaginative, mystical, and spiritual

Pisces women are highly perceptive and intuitive and they put their feelings above rational thoughts. Their creativity is based on their developed sense of intuition. They are very calm, patient, and friendly and require a similar work environment to do well in their professional life. They are highly cooperative in terms of following rules and regulations and are very committed and loyal towards their work.

Pisces women lose their creative skills if they are made to work in a hostile workplace. Pisces women wander in their dreamland to evade reality, which may reduce their productivity. Constancy is not their cup of tea and they love to work in a changing work environment. Most of their actions are based on instincts and not on practicality. Therefore, artistic professions like poetry, painting, sculpture designing suit them the best.

Being the most selfless sign, Pisces believe in giving more than receiving and this trait makes them a great healer. Occult science is also a good profession for Pisces women.

They want to live in a fantasy world and like to spend as much time as they can holding and playing with the kids. Running a preschool or working in a toy-making factory could be their dream jobs. At the same time, they find it very soothing to spend time with the elders. For this reason, Pisces women become excellent caretakers.

For Pisces women, money is secondary to the quality of work they do. They are motivated by their self-satisfaction that they get while spending time with kids or old/needy people. This philanthropic attitude also makes them good pet caretakers.

Pisces women have good imaginative powers. This uniqueness will be very well utilized if they get a chance to make a career in scriptwriting, animation, or directing animated movies. They can also do exceptionally well as a counselor or a therapist due to the high level of emotional quotient in them. Anything related to art, culture, drama, or music where they can use their vivid imagination to create ideas or to portray their emotions, is their favorite work.

Being selfless and giving back to the universe much more than what they receive, empowers Pisces woman. Their kindness and sensitive attitude towards everyone is their super power.