Aquarius Woman Personality

(Moon Sign Based)

Aquarius Moon as a sign is one which is airy, detached and dry. She is analytical in nature and has an interest in Technology and Science.

Aquarius Woman Personality


However, it has an undying desire to be watery but its that element which acts like its chasing to merge with water without being able to. The life of an Aquarius Moon woman is quite the same. The story of Aquarius Moon is all about carrying a pot of water for itself but never being able to have a drop of it, as one can see from its symbol. Aquarius Moon has its best merging match with a Leo man, but it will always have its face towards what it cannot have- a person who represents water.

This is mostly because Aquarius Moon is one which is often called- unemotional, but it tries its best to act like its not. To be honest, it tries harder to genuinely be someone that can feel as deeply as a water sign and this intrigues the air, and this is the Aquarius Moon paradox, and therefore, is seen carrying a pot of water on its shoulders but placed in a realm of sky that belongs to the air element.

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It is least compatible with water signs, it is best compatible with Leo, and the one sign which can empathize with its inner conflicting desires to ‘feel’ yet can’t and the struggle of being emotional in reality, are the Earth signs.

  • An Aquarius Moon man is simply detached and keeps his emotions to himself, but an Aquarius Moon woman isn’t quite the same. She has this desire to be watery, while the Aquarius Moon man is at ease with his low emotional quotient, an Aquarius Moon woman chases the idea of what having emotions is all about. The quality of chase is seen in an Aquarius Moon woman, and in most cases, she chases this idea.
  • In relationships, an Aquarius Moon woman would know that her best inspiration comes from a Leo since they both want the same things, but will always have a part of herself looking at a Scorpio, Cancer or Pisces. She also has a knack of keeping this hidden to herself, as Aquarians in general are something that even the best lie detectors cannot detect. You may subconsciously know it, but you cannot have evidence. This is a major reason for fallouts in relationships. She cannot have all her desires fulfilled in one place. She will look for inspiration in one, be intrigued by another, and seek for empathy from a third.

This makes for a highly complex set of emotional outbursts ranging from calm one minute, to raged another minute and acting completely detached the rest of the time. Often, she feels inspired, and all worked up to do something great when in the company of a fiery individual, will try to act or feel emotions from a plane of the person in front when in the vicinity of a watery individual, and expect to be understood or empathized with for these changes when around an Earth sign.


Behavioral Constitution:

An Aquarius Moon woman is analytical just as an Aquarius Moon man, with the only difference that it has a sense of wonder around emotions which it likely cannot make sense of how people are capable of feeling while she is not.

  • Her purpose is to look within and not without which she perhaps understands, but doesn’t know how to do it. Even with her Aquarius Moon counterpart, she isn’t able to understand the ease of being yourself that naturally comes to him. This may lead to difficulties in relationships translating into periods of detachment, or trying too hard to act attached, or if frustrated, quarrelling.
  • If she can learn to accept her set of qualities without trying to look elsewhere for those that might be hard to attain, she’ll be better off. On the scale of intelligence, Scorpio Moons are the depth and Aquarius Moon is the height. Which is to say Scorpios feel and understand deeply, accurately and exactly when it comes to emotions and wisdom, whereas, Aquarius Moon has analytical intelligence, and its realm is not in the depths.
  • They have needs which are materialistic in nature and needs to look good on the surface of things which makes them easy to please and understand. They are clear about their wants. A good financial status, a house and anything that gives them an ‘edge’ over others in materialism is enough to achieve happiness. While water signs look for depth and earth looks for stability. This is why they are best suited with Leos who are more flashy and showy in nature which can easily curate to their ideas of happiness. They can easily build with them without feeling the need to go deep anywhere else, since Leos are also pretty much the same on this aspect. They both are therefore, considered partner signs in astrology as Aquarius and Leo stand 7 zodiac signs apart.
  • When the emotional part of life kicks in within other relationship dynamics such as in-laws or parents, a tiff is naturally seen. They will be good at taking care of people surrounding them materially and financially, if they’re capable of it and wont be so restrictive, however when emotional understanding comes into play, issues crop up.


The three birth constellations within this zodiac are:

Dhanishta (last phase): Dhanishta Constellation under Capricorn comes within the lordship of Mars. Its name represents the 8 elements, thereby blessing those born under this constellation a mix of those in their character.

Shatabhisha: Shatabhisha comes under the lordship of Rahu. It is known as a healing constellation. Being airy in nature, people belonging to this sign are analytical and detached.

Purva Bhadrapada (first 3 phases): Purva Bhadra pada constellation is ruled by Jupiter, and resembles the 2 front legs of a funeral cot. It exhibits occult behavior on one hand, and geniuses on the other hand.

Style Sense:

Their style sense is not simplistic but basic.

  • They would go for the upcoming trends without giving it much thought as to what particularly suits them. They will try it if they feel like.
  • There is no particular color preference. They are not very particular about cuts and styles of dresses or necklines.

Personal Life Roles:

Aquarius Moon women are analytical more than being emotional. This translates in her life and relationships as well.

  • They are much like Aquarius Moon men who don’t specifically stick to a relationship unless they see a level of security and materialist success in the future. They will be okay to move on to the next if the basics remain unfulfilled.
  • Even in arranged settings for a marriage, their first priority would be the boy’s bank account and they are not shy about making it known. If that is sorted, everything else will fall into place- according to them.
  • They are born rebels, much like Aquarius Moon men and would give emphasis to parents as much as is required to ensure that they’re fine and no major issues are cropping up.
  • They are not very emotionally attached or open to them to either have deep conversations, nor have any possible conflicts, unless it is stepping upon their personal interests, then it doesn’t matter whether it is the mother or the father, they would defy it and not look back.

As a Daughter:

Aquarius Moon makes for a practical daughter. She will be as emotionally attached with either of her parents, and will be inclined towards whoever favors her without putting any stress on which parent that is.

  • She will be there for them, if required but is clear in her head that this is a role to play for a certain period of time only, even while staying with them. Ruled by Saturn and Rahu, they are technical in everything they do as long as they are not disturbed.
  • As a parent, her notions cannot be changed so do not try unnecessarily. She will not see your point of view. Even if she’s wrong, she is bent of doing it and there’s nothing much you can do about it.
  • She is likely to have a technical or scientific bend of mind and will make a career in these fields, so ensure she gets the education she requires.

As a Friend:

These are not the people who have life-long friends or a large group of friends.

  • They have friends for practical purposes who are more like acquaintances, and the concept of ‘give & take’ is what exists. If you give her something in return for what she does for you, you’re best friends as long as it can work.
  • There is not much emotional attachment involved, but that should fool you in thinking that they wont have conversations with you. They’ll have lengthy conversations, with something at the end of it for themselves.
  • There are chances that she might be envious of her mate’s friend group or interactions and find it as a hinderance for herself.

As a Sister:

An Aquarius Moon woman is one you can sit and have practical conversations with. If the family needs a financial backup, you can discuss with her on those lines. If you’re having issues in relationships, she’ll tell you the practical side of it.

  • As an elder sister, she’s someone you can discuss finances with if she’s good at it. She’ll try to guide you regarding what career path you should opt for which will give you social visibility and financial security. She isn’t dominating but expects her opinions to be respected.
  • As a younger sister, she couldn’t care less about what you have to say. She wont live by your rules or suggestions and is mostly detached or might get into an argument if stepped upon.

As a Lover:

As already mentioned above, an Aquarius Moon isn’t fixed on the emotional aspect of things. If she can find social or financial security, she’ll be fine. Her priorities start from financial, to social to emotional which she looks up to learn either from people around her, or through life if she wants to.

  • However, if her set of ideas don’t match with yours, she’s not likely to work as a team. Her requirement is for you to conform if you want to work together. There can be a mix of arguments and good sex which is her definition of ‘passion’. The heated arguments might lead to sex ultimately.
  • An Aquarius Moon woman doesn’t go into long term relationships like marriage so soon, however they’re open to short-term flings, at least during their early to mid-twenties.
  • They love to have fun in a relationship and explore as much.
  • They might be going from one relationship to another without being serious, until they find one which suits all their needs and might want to immediately get settled with that one.

Most attracted to: Gemini, Leo.

As a Wife:

An Aquarius Moon woman as a wife is less emotional and more practical. She will ensure everything looks fine on the surface. From the house to her husband everything seems to be in place; this would be her style of ensuring order within the household.

  • She isn’t emotionally attached but would expect her husband to be emotionally attached to her.
  • She’ll be a doting wife if you ensure all her needs are met. She likes sex and Aquarians, in general like long sessions of coitus (Shatabhisha specifically) which coupled with her material needs satisfied is enough to keep her happy. A Dhanishta constellation Aquarian has strong sexual needs and can be fulfilled by a similar partner.
  • If these are taken care of, and her independence in every terms isn’t being bogged down, she’ll be a fine life partner.
  • But stability is a missing aspect when it comes to commitment, much like the Aquarius Moon male. For him, his independence will always be a priority and for the female, the above aspects need to be taken in consideration.
  • The concept of ‘unconditional love’ does not exist in her dictionary. The relationship is on providing and a balance of ‘give and take’.

Most compatible with: Gemini, Leo.

As a Mother:

Aquarius Moon mothers are good at managing household, which explains that they’ll be good at looking after their children.

  • Depending upon which constellation they fall in, their style of parenting might differ. Their practical nature will make her look at issues and events in their children’s life practically.
  • She might be a liberal mother who doesn’t pose too many rules around the house or them.

Professional Life Roles:

Aquarius Moon woman is best suited in any analytical or technical field such as engineering or dealing with technology. She is also well-suited in the fields of Science.


As a Student:

  • Concentration is bit of a problem with an Aquarius Moon woman as she doesn’t have a stable mind. Her mind is at ten different places at a time, thinking about varied themes, subjects, and topics, all at one go.
  • She can do well if she concentrates and learns to focus on her studies than making her mind wander. They don’t have very big dreams academically, and even if they do they generally lose their focus on & off.

As an Employee:

An Aquarius Moon lives by the rules in any organization. They will do whatever needs to be done.

  • Depending upon the structure and the setting, they will do the necessary with whatever is generally allowed or permissible.
  • They have regards for their seniors and often like to be seen trying to get in their best books.

As an Entrepreneur:

An Aquarius Moon woman would do well in partnerships when it comes to enterprise and entrepreneurships. She will do well if they’re someone to direct her analytical mind correctly. If she is trained in technical fields, she could do well in startups. She could also do well in getting sponsors for business.


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