The Aquarius Woman Personality

Aquarius woman is imbued with energy, spontaneity and unconventionality. It’s rather hard to predict what is going on in her mind. She is eccentrically attractive and different from the regular. She has an innovative, pragmatic mind that wavers in many directions.

It is not uncommon for Aquarius woman to battle with the idea of true love during the initial years of her life. She nearly fears getting trapped in romantic passions and commitment. But once love enters her life, she has the capacity to connect wonderfully on all levels. She might try to romance her love interest in unique ways.

In committed relationships or marriage, Aquarius woman makes very faithful and loyal partner. She also demands the same things from her partner. She takes time to trust and rely on the other person. She carefully observes and analyses small details. Once she has formed a good opinion about your character, however, trust issues aren’t likely to enter the relationship. She is not suspicious of small things like other women. Once she trusts, she does that completely.
Aquarius females generally have a big friend circle. They are not extremely extrovert, but they know the art of making good and healthy connections.
Aquarius woman is one of those very few women who don’t get impressed with a man’s riches. It is a mental chemistry that attracts them the most. She wants a man who has a modern, innovative and original thinking.

Positive traits of Aquarius Woman in Marriage / Relationship:

Aquarius woman in love will shower her complete trust and faith on you. She is not the jealous and possessive types. She will give you enough space, autonomy and freedom in the relationship. You will love her for her innovative thinking, revolutionary ideas and polished manners.

Negative traits of Aquarius Woman in Marriage / Relationship:

Aquarius woman doesn’t give in to love and relationships that easily. Too much emotional closeness and sentimentality can scare her off. Her resistance to form intimate ties for a considerable time period and acceptance of her own feelings in a relationship can be very annoying. If you are a die-hard romantic and possessive about your love partner, you will find her eccentric and weird.

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