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Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman is highly intuitive, can easily read others’ minds, however, can’t speak her mind with that ease.

An Aquarius woman is smart, independent, and highly intelligent. They possess a deep sense of wisdom and know when and where to apply it. Their altruistic and compassionate nature gives them nourishing and nurturing abilities more than other moon signs.

They are highly benevolent and can be seen getting involved in charitable and philanthropic pursuits. They love their freedom and like to make their decisions without other people’s advice. They do not like interference, hence unsolicited advice does not go down too well with them.

However, an Aquarius woman is quite large-hearted and generous and is always willing to help in case of need. Aquarius women are flexible, cooperative, and can adjust well in any situation.
They know the art of adapting to the needs of others without compromising on their values and rules. They are full of new and fresh ideas and are articulate and coherent enough to express them well.

Despite having a flexible and progressive approach, they still like to remain attached to the old, hence at times perceived as unpredictable and moody. They remain grounded and rooted even after having achieved all they want, which makes them adored by people around them.

An Aquarius woman might have multiple interests, hobbies, or vocations, however, they are not fickle or irresolute by nature.

Dressing sense of Aquarius Woman

Exclusivity and uniqueness are what defines an Aquarius woman's fashion sense and their style is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Their fashion sense also exhibits a sense of unpredictability like their personality. On some days, they have a highly refined and sophisticated dressing sense while on some days they might suddenly surprise with a quirky and unconventional outfit.
Aquarian woman has a charming and magnetic personality and particularly dazzling eyes. Their taste is unique and different enough to make them stand apart from the crowd. They are fond of accessories and like to be noticed through them.

Their independent nature does not let them blindly follow the latest fashion trends and they are more of trendsetters than followers. They are simple by nature and have an unpretentious attitude, hence their fashion style mostly tends to be inclined towards the casual side.

However, they are not afraid to experiment with different outfits, makeup, and hairstyles, an Aquarius woman is always willing to try out new things. They like to be updated with the latest events and happenings and love to use technology as a means to upgrade their fashion sense.

At times, their style sense comes across as wild and weird, however, the Aquarius woman is unfazed by what others think of her and chooses styles that represent her personality. They are fascinated by shades of black and blue, but at times they surprise others with bright and eye-catching colors like red, pink, fuchsia, and yellow.

However, they do not like flashy or gaudy clothes and mostly prefer to keep their style simple yet voguish. Nevertheless, they can easily tilt towards a contemporary and ultra-modern style of dressing.  

Aquarius Woman as a lover

The Aquarius woman has a magnetic personality and exudes a sense of charm and poise. Highly optimistic and freedom-loving, they view the world in a positive light and as a place with limitless possibilities. They are fun-loving and have a gregarious personality which makes them appear highly attractive to the opposite sex.

They are very determined and strong-willed still have an innocent childlike personality. They are light-hearted and easy-going and quite helpful. Their confident attitude and creative ideas along with great communicative abilities make them highly popular in their friends and network circle.

 Due to their sociable and outgoing nature, communications are important to them as they can influence large groups of people through their speaking skills. They are also very good listeners and value others’ opinions and ideas. In relationships, they get attracted to people who can strike an intelligent and purposeful conversation with them.

They are honest and loyal in relationships and have a lively and joyful personality. However, they do not get into relationships easily or quickly as they are scared to compromise their freedom and independence. They hate the idea of being tied down in a relationship, hence have an innate sense of detachment which at times makes them appear unromantic or insensitive.

Aquarius Woman as a Partner

The Aquarius woman is highly intuitive, imaginative, and wise. Their childlike innocence makes them appear as dreamers who have high ideals and vision about the world and humanity. They have a congenial personality and feed off joy and bliss.

They are modern in outlook, soft and polite in speech, and gentle in nature. However, they place a lot of value on individuality and freedom and expect the same in relationships. They like to have a healthy distance and space in relationships and let their partner have it.

As a partner, the Aquarius woman is loyal and committed, however, they might not be that great in expressing their emotions freely like other moon signs. They are passionate yet self-restrained.
They have a calm disposition however tend to be impulsive and outspoken at times. They are not comfortable in an emotional display of love and rationalizing every feeling of theirs. They are very intuitive and can read minds easily.

However, at times they face problems in relationships as they are emotionally restrained and come across as distant and aloof to their partners. They need to learn to trust their partners and try to have a healthy outlet for their emotions.

Aquarius Woman as a Friend

The Aquarius woman is very affable and hospitable which makes her attracted to a lot of people. They are quite forthcoming and expansive and communication and social skills play a key role in their life and relationships.

However, they take some time to mingle with people and do not easily trust anyone. They have a large social circle, however, do not have many close friends. However, once they consider someone to be their friend, they are very loyal and helpful towards them and stay committed for a lifetime.

They do not have much expectation from their friends and accept them the way they are.

How is Aquarius Woman with her money?

The Aquarius woman’s sense of freedom and independence reflects in the way they manage their money as they take complete responsibility for their financial condition. Stability is important to them, hence they are more inclined towards saving money than spending it.

They might come across as frugal but they are very prudent and wise when it comes to managing their finances. They have a very practical approach towards money and their detached personality makes them easier to handle money as compared to other moon signs.