Aquarius Temperament Analysis

Aquarius Temperament Analysis

Aquarius people are born egalitarians. They operate on a level above all the drama that other people indulge in. Their universal, unbiased, and broader outlook makes them seem detached from the world.

Their decisions are influenced by universal ideas of right and wrong instead of personal needs and relationships. Their unbiased attitude may seem uncaring at times, but that is not true.

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Aquarius has the temperament to be very compassionate and sympathetic to others. Those born with Moon in Aquarius do not consciously behave like that; it is their true self, simply what they are.

Aquarius - The dreamer

Aquarius is blessed with a higher level of observation. They can sense what a normal human being cannot. Natural intellectuals, study everything around them including human behavior.

They have the temperament to decipher why someone or something is like the way it is. Although in a constant effort to do that, they often seem incomprehensible to others. They have a higher-than-average ability to imagine and visualize.

They are dreamers who often seem detached as if living in their world of fantasy. This displays a certain amount of eccentricity about their persona.

Nevertheless, their imagination is fertile, whatever ideas and concepts they come up with are original in their ways. Their inventiveness makes them a vehicle of radical change.

Aquarius - The solitary socialite

Lunar Aquarians are compassionate and considerate. Their habit to stay in the imaginative world makes them appear detached, isolated, and shy. In reality, however, they have a wonderful sense of humor and are typically childlike and fun-loving.

No doubt, they prefer solitude to immerse themselves in the realms of fantasy, but that does not mean that they are not social. They are capable to make friends and thrive in like-minded groups. They would rather deal with concepts and ideas than sentiments.

Their actions are driven by facts and words than passions and instincts. When they see a loved one in need of emotional support, they are more comfortable in offering assistance through logical support than getting involved emotionally.

Collective v/s personal

Moon in Aquarius is blessed with a charismatic personality, often with a sense of ego, as they believe to have a higher level of knowledge and prefer to stand out from the rest.

They are optimistic, idealistic, and progressive. They think from a Universal point of view and have the temperament to be comfortable with collective concerns than personal needs.

They are the ones who see the similarity in others, than the differences. Their broader point of view towards seeing the world as a community makes them a favorite.

They often have a diverse group of friends and believe in equality. Being freedom loving, faithful, and confident, they allow their partner a lot of freedom in a relationship.

Hurdles you face, Aquarius

Aquarius has the temperament to tend to wrap themselves up in the envelope of imagination, thus seem aloof and distant from the rest of the world. There exists an invisible barrier between them and others. This often affects their personal sphere.

Overflow of opinions and concepts makes them prone to unpredictability and temper tantrums, especially when their over-the-top ideas are not deciphered or appreciated by others.

They often cannot take criticism lightly as they are firm believers in their intellectual superiority. Moreover, their Universal perspective and tendency to be in their dreamy world makes them appear unreliable.