Aquarius Man Personality

(Moon Sign Based)

Aquarius is an air sign but represents the image of ‘The Carrier of Water’. This is because even as an air sign, these men have a stable set of emotions which they hide deeply within.

Aquarius Man Personality


Aquarius man is analytical, highly intelligent, sorted- by the looks, and mostly calm in all situations. Being an air sign, they are not as emotional as a water or an earth sign, and take time in understanding their own emotions well. They like their space which helps them replenish and generally will be engrossed with their interests which help them grow intellectually and in understanding themselves better. Aquarius Moon men are handsome and generally detached from people.
They do not get emotionally involved with anyone including family and friends and like to keep it that way.

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  • They are extremely kind and generous people who seem secure within themselves, understand the importance of privacy and boundaries and respect them. They are non-committal in nature unless they find someone who’s just as free-spirited and doesn’t take emotions too heavily.
  • An emotional or sensitive woman might have issues being with this man as he might have trouble understanding layers of emotions within a person. However, once they make up their mind, they will do anything to keep the relationship and put efforts to win their love interest.
  • They might not be able to connect emotionally which can make all efforts go in vain. They are extremely practical and solution-oriented and get to the very intent of a situation and unlace the problem at its very core.
  • He has an independent nature, likes to be around independent people, has a broad world-view and is appreciative of differences and respects the uniqueness in others. They’re hardly judgmental.
  • They are extremely hard-workers, tend to underestimate themselves, believe there’s so much they don’t know but in reality are more brainy as compared to most around, makes his parents proud, and generally are in high positions of responsibility. They make great Entrepreneurs and CEOs, and will probably reach those heights much before everyone else.

They are not dependable in terms of long-term romantic relationships.

  • Their girlfriend is generally lucky because they get a princess-like treatment, but when it comes to shouldering big responsibilities of life, he might not be the one. They have a heart of gold, even though it’s never revealed, they express their affection in uncanny ways like- leaving chocolates in your closet out of nowhere, or roses in the kitchen drawer, or grocery shopping with you and not letting you hold any of the shopping bags to name a few.
  • Aquarius tend to have an angry or easy to anger disposition as well. They’re observant and can be quite a playboy. They’re hard to fathom and appear emotionally cold. They are not the ones to write you love letters or send you poetry or read a romantic novel with.

Behavioral Constitution of an Aquarius Man

Aquarian Moon man is extremely selfless and giving. These are people who are humanitarian in nature without even letting you know that they did something philanthropic. It might be so because they don’t realize it themselves, since it is a way of their life, generally. They have a massive control over their emotions even though they are unable to understand their own complexity at times. They never reveal their emotions to anyone. He is extremely independent in nature and his sense of freedom tops his priority list. They are people of deep thought and also known as the healers of the zodiac.


The three birth constellations within this zodiac are:

Dhanishta (last phase): Dhanishta Constellation under Capricorn comes within the lordship of Mars. Its name represents the 8 elements, thereby blessing those born under this constellation a mix of those in their character.

Shatabhisha: Shatabhisha comes under the lordship of Rahu. It is known as a healing constellation. Being airy in nature, people belonging to this sign are analytical and detached.

Purva Bhadrapada (first 3 phases): Purva Bhadra pada constellation is ruled by Jupiter, and resembles the 2 front legs of a funeral cot. It exhibits occult behavior on one hand, and geniuses on the other hand.

Style Sense of an Aquarius Man

Their wardrobe is classy and well-maintained. Their fashion sense is unique and depict their independent nature. They dress up according to the occasion. They’ll show up on a date with white shirt and blue jeans, and for an office party, suited up casually.

Personal Life Roles

Aquarius men are respectful, polite, calm and soft-spoken to everyone.

  • They are free-thinkers and rebellious in disposition. In modern connotation, he’s quite the feminist without emphasizing too much upon it outwardly.
  • He goes by the philosophy of- ‘Live and let live’, and treats everyone the same way.
  • He will fulfill the required responsibilities in every relationship but will always be detached in his own world.
  • Relationships cannot bound him to get stuck anywhere in life or from doing what he wants. They are emotional but scared of opening up to anyone.
  • They are unpredictable and you never know what he’s going to do next. He has the quality of being super-clingy to getting completely detached in a second.
  • If a woman is not emotionally involved, it works for her but in case she wants something long-term and a committed relationship, this is not the man.

As a Son

Aquarius Moon sign born son makes for a restless child, as a young kid. Some effective communication and spending time with the Aquarius son is extremely important for the parents. As an adolescent, Aquarius man will be a responsible son who will take care of his parents.

  • They will never cease to amaze their parents and will always make them proud. They ensure to fulfil every dream of their parents and generally, by surprising them. Their parents might have no idea that he’s planning something for them long-term and suddenly surprise them one day and make them feel like they’re on cloud nine.
  • His peace of mind means the world to him in any relationship. He’s not the one to stand drama or arguments and will completely terminate the relationship if it happens, and that is a rule for everyone including his family. While he cannot end the relationship, he’ll move out quite easily.
  • They’re extremely attached to their mothers and get pampered by them all life.

As a Brother

An Aquarius Moon sign born brother is intelligent, independent, street smart, and charismatic. He will be commanding, though, but will also lend his ears to listen to your concerns and viewpoints, patiently. In most cases, he will have the best possible solution to your problems, but will not be very encouraging and motivating as elder brothers.

  • He can be rather elusive and erratic in behavior, but will always have the goodwill of his siblings at the back of his thoughts and actions.
  • As a younger brother, he will be shy and quiet but won’t always abide by the house rules, unless they align well with his thought process.

As a Friend

Aquarians don’t take their friendships so seriously. They’re not someone who has friends that would last a lifetime. They won’t stick with you forever. However, in times of need, they’ll show up. He doesn’t have a huge friend circle, just enough to make him seem social.

  • They prefer to have friends who can be of use if and when required. The practical purpose of their associations is more than any sentimental aspect.
  • They love having fun which involves meeting up once in a while, or online gaming. They’re not the ones to go on vacations with their friends to build memories or sentimental bonds.

As a Lover

Aquarians don’t fall in love easily, therefore, its best if he pursues you instead of other way round. If he’s in a juncture of choosing a partner and happens to choose you, then they will treat you like a queen. Everything from your health and well-being to you feeling comfortable around them will matter. They are extremely real and there is no bone of deception within them, and they would expect the same level of honesty from you, no matter how hard it may be. They are not at all insecure and not the type to get jealous or possessive. They will give you your space and the freedom to live as you wish.

  • They love their freedom and space and will not get into a relationship with someone who doesn’t understand that concept.
  • They are not into cheesy expressions of romance but would speak to you on various topics with genuine interest and would take your opinions and views into account.
  • They are into the idea of equality in relationships and therefore, will be very supportive of your career as well. This includes him moving cities/nations if his partner’s job requires so.

Most attracted to: Gemini, Leo.

As a Husband

Stability is a huge issue with an Aquarius man. He is materialistic and demonstrates love through materialistic expressions of love. He is not the type to give you sentimental gifts or express emotionally instead, gifting something expensive is his way of escaping out. Any woman who prioritizes a materialistically stable life above all else, can adjust well with him. They are responsible and will take care of all social and material aspects of life.

  • He is scared of the idea of marriage. They do not blend well with the restriction that marriage requires. In simple words, they fear getting ‘tied down’.
  • He will only get married if he feels that his lady shares the same sense of freedom, isn’t looking for emotional involvement and is someone who wants to build a materialistically prosperous life with him.
  • He’s not controlling at all, and doesn’t doubt his partner and expects the same from her along with being treated with kindness.

Most compatible with: Gemini, Leo.

As a Father

Aquarius Moon men aren’t very fond of babies but surprisingly, they love their own kids immensely. He’s a doting father who is affectionate, sensible, honest and understanding.

  • The best part of him being a father is that he holds his children in high regards and never compares them to anyone. He is not the one to show affection through cuddles, but he loves spending time with them teaching them important life values and lessons.
  • He doesn’t get swayed by his children’s crankiness or bursts of teary-eyed acts in public. Children cannot get their way with him through emotional ways of manipulation. He appears emotionally distant, so it doesn’t work on hm.
  • He is unconventional and intelligent, but he should learn to connect deeper with his children since they are fragile in their emotions and have a huge sentimental dependability on their parents.

Professional Life Roles

Aquarians are best-suited for jobs with a start-up culture. Anything that allows him to think out of the box, create, innovate, brainstorm and ideate without being bogged down by the 9 to 5 rat-race is where he flourishes the most.

  • He does not like being bossed around, quite often they’re the bosses and pretty cool as bosses who give and expect their space to let their brain think and innovate as per their liking.
  • Their choices regarding their interests are quite unique, which include art forms which are extremely contemporary to extremely abstract. They change their jobs quite frequently until they find the right place where they can let their creativity breathe freely.
  • They have very good communication and convincing skills which make them good entrepreneurs, or crack the toughest deals with ease.

As a Student

He is the explorer of his pack. Aquarius Moon sign born students love to discover new dimensions in the academic realm. He is independent and innovative in his learning approach and is very intellectual.

  • You will find an Aquarius boy constructing new manifestations of his academic profile.
  • Concentration is bit of a problem with an Aquarius man as he doesn’t have a stable mind. His mind is at ten different places at a time, thinking about varied themes, subjects, and topics, all at one go.
  • He is endearing, honest, and charming and while he may be a little irritated with his unusual ways of learning he is still a bright and obedient student.

As an Employee

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is believed to produce some hardworking, innovative, open-minded, and intellectual employees. They are the visionaries and have the most original and far-sighted ideas to benefit self, team, and business, at large.

  • They work well as independent contributors and also in groups, as they take pride in sharing their knowledge and talents with others for overall prosperity, following their humanitarian nature.
  • Aquarius man could turn a bit unruly at times when loaded with too much of instructions and orders.

As a Boss

An Aquarius Moon sign born man has excellent leadership qualities to make for good bosses. With his clarity of vision, he exactly knows where he is headed and will in turn motivate and inspire the team in the right direction. He will push his employees to work hard and work smart and will always share the joy of success with them.

  • Aquarius man can be impatient, erratic, and elusive, at times. So, it would be better that you do not get them on the wrong foot or try their quick tempers.
  • They make for generous and humble bosses and have a humanitarian outlook.

As a Business professional

With their creative, imaginative, and innovative disposition, an Aquarius man makes for good business professionals. They have the acumen and confidence to make decisions and come up with interesting ideas to further their trade.

  • They work well in business partnerships and have immense will power to stand the test of times and the unpredictability of the business environment.
  • He can work in a structured manner and can also motivate his employees to follow set guidelines and work according to the project timelines.


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