The Aquarius Man Personality

Aquarius man is the most unpredictable guy you would have ever met. Besides giving you shocks and surprises every now and then, he will also impress you with his unconventionality and tendency to break that which is old and fixed. He believes in following no mundane routines and no out dated traditions.

For Aquarius males of any age, seeking knowledge and wisdom as well as expansion are primal desires. Inevitably, they want partners who can live a life of discovery and challenge with them.
Aquarius man by nature is not an admirer of routine and set regulations. He wants to change and bring revolution to whatever he comes across. He is extremely friendly and social, and loves to form exciting connections. He performs well in groups and teams.

Aquarius man in relationships seeks a partner who is intelligent, logical and smart, but also responsible towards the home and family at the same time. He loves adventure, fun and thrill, and stays away from heavy emotions and sentiments.

Positive traits of Aquarius Man in Marriage / Relationship:

Aquarius love partner is different from the rest in many ways. He will let you be yourself and won’t be insecure and jealous of your talents and success, unlike many men. He will give you autonomy and freedom in the relationship. His unconventional ideas and fresh thinking can intrigue you in no time.

Negative traits of Aquarius Man in Marriage / Relationship:

Aquarius man can become a bad match if you are a warm, incurable romantic. He is not devoid of sentimentality, but can be a bit unexpressive and cold at least during the early stages, which can cause misunderstandings. You will often have to share his time and attention with his many friends.

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