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Aquarius Man

Aquarius Man: Aquarius has a humane temperament & is blessed with a high level of observation and the ability to imagine & visualize

Ruled by Saturn, Aquarius moon sign born man is progressive, independent, and humanitarian. Aquarius man is not emotionally expressive, and are rather temperamental and uncompromising.

They tend to avoid emotional disturbances at any cost and thus doesn’t allow people to enter their sentimental territory, easily. They are deep thinkers and highly intelligent beings.

They come across as aloof, cold, and distant but are very helpful, fair, and have the inclination to fight for a cause. They are driven by purpose in life and can never sit idle or work on frivolous things. But they do have their unique ways of having fun with their close set of friends and family.

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Physical Attributes of an Aquarius Man

Aquarius moon sign born man is tall, handsome, and charming. They have a lean physique with broad cheeks and thin lips. They have an elegant and sophisticated personality.

Behavioral Constitution of an Aquarius Man

Aquarius man is the most generous and selfless individual, you will ever meet in your life. They are well-mannered, quiet, and shy with a giving and helpful attitude. They are intelligent, eccentric, and energetic beings, who live by their own rules and regulations. A coy and calm individual otherwise, try curbing their independence and they will show the other, not-so-good side of their self. Their sense of freedom is uncompromising and they will not trade anything for it.

They are deep thinkers and are lost in their thoughts, most times. Their imaginative and creative abilities take them places as they sit alone contemplating over the unmapped territories and mysteries of the world. They are gentle but have extreme control over their emotions since they have a vulnerable side that cannot withstand heartbreaks.

Style Sense of an Aquarius Man

Aquarius man has a classy sense of style, which is creative and original. They have a unique and personal fashion statement and are the trendsetters in the game of unconventional styling. Whatever they wear, they carry it with aplomb and gather compliments every time they make a suited appearance in social gatherings and family get-togethers.


Though Aquarius man is polite and soft-spoken, they are freethinker and kind of rebellious in their disposition. So, as a family man while he will be there to take care of the family, will take the responsibilities of his children, spouse, and parents, he will not be bounded by any relationship or emotion. They are witty, emotional, and social but will not get close to people, easily.

They are highly unpredictable and you will never get to know his next move. They are adventurous and fun, but they disclose this side of their personality only to their loved ones and close friends. Aquarius man does not nurture any expectations from others and wants people to have the same attitude as him. His philosophy in life is very clear and he believes each individual is unique and has the right to live life on their terms.

Aquarius as a Son

Aquarius moon sign born son makes for a restless child, as a young kid. He is a talkative child but not a very good listener. Thus, some effective communication and spending time with the Aquarius son is extremely important for the parents. As an adolescent, Aquarius man will be a responsible son who will take care of his parents but will manifest a freedom-loving temperament, which could even make him aggressive and rude, at times.

  • They will never cease to amaze their parents and will always make them proud.
  • The only catch with his personality is that he is easily disturbed with imbalance or interruption in domestic peace, and he might contemplate moving out if the situation worsens.

Aquarius as a Brother

An Aquarius moon sign born brother is intelligent, independent, street smart, and charismatic. He will be commanding, though, but will also lend his ears to listen to your concerns and viewpoints, patiently. In most cases, he will have the best possible solution to your problems, but will not be very encouraging and motivating as elder brothers.

  • He can be rather elusive and erratic in behavior, but will always have the goodwill of his siblings at the back of his thoughts and actions.
  • As a younger brother, he will be shy and quiet but won’t always abide by the house rules, unless they align well with his thought process.

Aquarius as a Friend

While Aquariums moon sign born male friends are honest and loyal, they are not the ones stuck around with you forever. But, they will be there to help you in times of need or whenever you want them to be with there with you. Aquarius man does not make friends easily and neither do they have a huge circle of friends.

  • They are talkative and highly sensitive souls who chart on the practicality of a friendship rather than going too deep into the sentimental zone.
  • They are unconventional, trustworthy, and have a unique way of having fun. They do have a sense of humor which is understood only by his close friends.

Aquarius as a Lover

At the outset, Aquarius man is scared of long-term commitments. But once they have fallen deeply into love, they will care from the heart. No bone in their body is fake or deceptive, and they expect the same level of honesty and loyalty from their partners. However, they are not insecure types and believe in freedom and also self-independence.

  • They have an undying need for their own space and freedom, which is unbending. They are unwilling to be tied down into relationships that demand too much on the romantic and emotional level.
  • It’s not that they are not romantic but they have an unusual way of expressing it by spending time, talking about constructive things with their lover or even planning a spontaneous adventure trip.

Aquarius as a Husband

Stability is a big question mark in the marital relationship of an Aquarius moon sign born man. They seek independence and will give it to their spouse, too. They are responsible, caring, and affectionate but their expressions of love are hidden. He is charming, entertaining and will provide for the materialistic luxuries of life to his wife.

  • Terrified by the concept of marriage, it is rather difficult to get an Aquarius man to say yes to the nuptial agreement. He is not the one to take emotional outbursts or restrictions on his freedom very nicely.
  • Aquarius man will need a wife who shares his sense of freedom, independence, innovation, and humanitarian dispositions. He will never be controlling and possessive and will admire the lady who can return the same favor to him.

Aquarius as a Father

Aquarius moon sign father is a doting father, who is affectionate, sensible, honest, and understanding. He will not be the one to express his love by hugging and cuddling his children, but he will be caring and loving towards them. He enjoys spending time with his kids and takes pride in teaching them valuable life lessons.

  • Aquarius man is logical and not too emotional, so you will not find him getting easily swayed by sentimental outbursts or teary-eyed acts.
  • He is an unconventional and intelligent father but should learn to connect on deeper emotional levels with his children.


An Aquarius moon sign born man believes in innovation and independence. He will only be able to perform well in a workplace which will allow him to thrive on independence, change, and invention. He cannot perform well under strict supervision and need ample space to express their originality.

You will find an Aquarius man hopping on from one job to another, quite frequently,  and taking on opportunities that allow him to travel and use his creative ideas. They make for successful scholars, actors, and writers. Photography also suits them well as a professional field. Blessed with the gift of eloquence they make for excellent communication experts or speech therapists. They can also make their mark as musicians, as they have a keen interest in this area.

Aquarius as a Student

He is the explorer of his pack. Aquarius moon sign born students love to discover new dimensions in the academic realm. He is independent and innovative in his learning approach and is very intellectual. You will find an Aquarius boy constructing new manifestations of his academic profile.

  • Concentration is bit of a problem with an Aquarius man as he doesn’t have a stable mind. His mind is at ten different places at a time, thinking about varied themes, subjects, and topics, all at one go.
  • He is endearing, honest, and charming and while he may be a little irritated with his unusual ways of learning he is still a bright and obedient student.

Aquarius an Employee

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is believed to produce some hardworking, innovative, open-minded, and intellectual employees. They are the visionaries and have the most original and far-sighted ideas to benefit self, team, and business, at large.

  • They work well as independent contributors and also in groups, as they take pride in sharing their knowledge and talents with others for overall prosperity, following their humanitarian nature.
  • Aquarius man could turn a bit unruly at times when loaded with too much of instructions and orders.

Aquarius as a Boss

An Aquarius moon sign born man has excellent leadership qualities to make for good bosses. With his clarity of vision, he exactly knows where he is headed and will in turn motivate and inspire the team in the right direction. He will push his employees to work hard and work smart and will always share the joy of success with them.

  • Aquarius man can be impatient, erratic, and elusive, at times. So, it would be better that you do not get them on the wrong foot or try their quick tempers.
  • They make for generous and humble bosses and have a humanitarian outlook.

Aquarius as a Business professional

With their creative, imaginative, and innovative disposition, an Aquarius man makes for good business professionals. They have the acumen and confidence to make decisions and come up with interesting ideas to further their trade.

  • They work well in business partnerships and have immense will power to stand the test of times and the unpredictability of the business environment.
  • He can work in a structured manner and can also motivate his employees to follow set guidelines and work according to the project timelines.