Aquarius Shopping Habits

Aquarius Shopping Habits

If you are looking for something ‘different’, Aquarius as a shopping companion will never disappoint you. The styles and looks that we all dread to try out, are carried effortlessly by these intellectual and inventive souls.

Those born with Aquarius horoscope tend to be a storehouse of ideas, whether it comes to choosing where to shop or finding the most attuned trouser to your shirt. On the downside, you may initially feel that they are lost in their world, detached and distant exploring shelves having unusual stuff that one is least likely to buy.

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Nevertheless, Moon in Aquarius tends to be very patient as a shopping fellow. They are well informed because they are very tech-savvy, die-hard net-surfers, and have a huge social circle.

You can always trust them to fetch the best bargains, sales, or exchange offers. Keep reading for an in-depth analysis of the shopping habits of Aquarius horoscope natives.

How to Spot an Aquarius Shopper

Wondering whether the shopper in that little shop in the nook is an Aquarian or not? Well, keep wondering for they will presumably be discovering the hottest and most bizarre fashion trends somewhere new and yet to be explored by you and everyone else.

Never mind, you will hear of that trend sooner when it is common. There is a higher possibility of Aquarians always preferring to shop online. The ease of the experience appeals to their imagination. They might not have touched a trolley for long.

Funky and out of the ordinary things strike their fancy. Even if it is a plaid shirt, there has to be something striking like a funky scarf or earring to make it look uniquely “me” for Aquarius.

Shopping Style of Aquarius Moon Sign

Aquarians are wildly different and so is their shopping style. The products in their shopping cart often get a weird look from observers. Nevertheless, what they wear sooner becomes mainstream.
Their shopping style is relaxed and laid-back. They like to take their time to find that perfect yet different pattern or embroidery. That secret vintage shop is probably their favorite shopping hangout.

Bright colors and eccentric designs and patterns strike a chord with them. It is the shopping habit of Aquarius to spend extravagantly especially when it comes to investing in a cause they have faith in, even if it means borrowing from one friend to pay another.

What Aquarius buy the most

Aquarians have a vivid imagination, brimming with creativity and innovative ideas. They disdain conventional approaches when things can be done in new ways. Thus, anything new and novel, and preferably scientific appeals to their imagination. Think cool gadgets that are yet to launch.
They have a huge friend circle, although they avoid emotional attachment and involvement. Gadgets that allow them to stay connected with the world are their favorite. Cell phones with video calling features to strike their fancy the most for they can be in touch with the whole world no matter in what remotest part of the world they are.

They like everything original, thus it is a shopping habit of Aquarius to buy Orginal brands than replicas. Besides, they are not likely to join the ‘bandwagon’ or follow the tried and tested fashion trends. They like to experiment.

Fashionable accessories and gemstones appeal to them for their universal appeal. Aquarius follows themselves for fashion-inspiration. Avant-garde is the term that defines their style statement the best.

Telescopes, crystals, astronomy books, and space-related games appeal to them. Their movie collection is likely to have Interstellar, Gravity, Apollo 13, and Star Trek series as their favorites.