Aquarius Love

Aquarius Love

Ruled by the planet of sudden energy and transformation Uranus, Aquarius in love tends to do the unconventional and eccentric. They seek nothing less than a romantic storm, an explosive connection that takes everyone by surprise. Nothing traditional and outdated has, well, ever attracted any Aquarius. Their imagination and opinions often hover towards the revolutionary realm, and this is true in the case of their love relationships also.

An accurate prediction about your love compatibility can be arrived at only when certain parameters are studied, for which we require the exact birth details as mentioned in the form below.

Aquarius man and Aquarius woman usually have a happening social circle which they like to extend and expand. They can project a very funny, cool, and peppy exterior. Deep down inside, they have to constantly deal with their emotional depth and nostalgia.

Aquarius wants a partner who can grow, expand, and evolve with them. If you like a planned, comfortable, and predictable routine like clockwork, your Aquarius lover may prove to be a wrong choice. In a committed love relationship, Aquarius is known to become protective, caring, and affectionate. They can also show bizarre outbursts of possessiveness and intensity. Life and love with Aquarius will always have a dash of unpredictability.

Traits of Aquarius Moon Sign

In their formative years, Aquarius tends to question the concept of true love altogether. They might remain detached, indecisive, and even nervous. Even when they finally accept that they have fallen for somebody, they aren’t that vocal about it. This could stem from their fears of rejection. They tend to hide what they want even from themselves. It is not uncommon for an Aquarius man in love or Aquarius woman in love to just surprise you with their feelings one day.

While dealing with an Aquarius love partner, you must be ready for shocks and surprises of all kinds. They may make sudden plans or surprise you with nice gifts. To impress you, they may try to be funny and witty around you. It is also a positive sign if they want to become your best friend and get slightly possessive.

Aquarius Man in Love

Aquarius Man in Love is honest but not very emotional. He is gentle and seductive.

It is very difficult for an Aquarius man to convey his feelings, will never show his true feelings very easily.

He is not a spendthrift so do not expect him to buy expensive gifts for you.

Generally, he is careless, but when in love he is quite caring and supportive.

Aquarius Woman in Love

Aquarius women love independence, so do not try to cage her, else she will feel suffocated and quit the relationship.

Trust, honesty and communication are the most important factors for Aquarius women's love life.

Aquarius woman in love can easily catch lies and see the true intentions of her partner, so always be honest with her to have a successful relationship with her.

Once she is completely in a relationship, she likes to talk a lot.

She is the most devoted partner, more like a best friend than a lover.

Traits to be corrected

Sometimes it is really important to express your feelings, otherwise, you can be misunderstood easily.

Highly unpredictable Aquarians love their ideas so much that is very difficult to convince them to make any change in their perceptions.

The careless attitude of Aquarius, distant them from their loved ones, so they need to deal with family and friends with little empathy.