Aquarius Career Horoscope

Aquarius is the last air sign. They’re known to be detached, and analytical in their approach. This helps them take their career to heights without being bound to anything or anyone. Corporate ladders can be climbed easily with such an approach.

Aquarius Career Horoscope


A good bunch of Engineers and Scientists, not to mention CEOs of the Big 5 or Fortune 500 companies are all Aquarians. A natural tendency to look at things from the head and not the heart comes from this sign. They are known to be the most detached and sometimes, unemotional signs of the zodiac. They are the water-bearers, trying their best to bring in a sense of emotion, however, mostly can’t and therefore stick to their natural tendency of being analytical, calculative and oriented to technology. This alone depicts that they do immensely well when they stick to who they are.

They are born rebels. They will rebel about almost anything, sometimes without understanding the crux of the matter. Most of the ideologies which spark a rebellion is almost always emotional or sensitive. However, this type of rebellion will go against the norm, just because. There is no valid reason and if it has any emotional angle, it will be thrown out of the window and executed as per their understanding which comes from the head. In the corporate structure, this works well to get ahead.

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They aren’t the most dedicated or loyal employees, instead, are more focused of self-serving ideas and thickening their bank account by hook or crook. While this is a bad combination for personal relationships, it is a terrific one professionally. Some of the Aquarius men can be termed as the ‘angry young men’ of the zodiac leading a war with a sword in hand, but not knowing the exact purpose of why they need to win it in the first place. If made to sit down and assess if it’s all worth it, the answer will usually be a ‘no’. Depending upon the entire birth chart, the results can vary. But keeping only the zodiac sign in mind, this is the best possible inference.

This is a much-needed quality by employers who need their employees to execute a task without much questioning, or to complete a project on time. Aquarians will almost always follow the rules and remove any obstacle in the way if directed by their superiors and rewarded with a hefty pay in return.

Aquarius has a sharp, brilliant mind with wonderful, life-changing ideas. They are energetic and active, and can easily work solo.

Your Key Professional Traits:

  • Execution of tasks
  • Analytical


Aquarius Career Horoscope

Weekly Predictions (14 Apr - 20 Apr)
Success in business/at work through hard work; but work schedule will be hectic, leading to stress. Seek seniors’ advice for confusing decisions to avoid potential harm. There will be opportunities for new research this week – will help to stay focused and avoid distractions.

Aquarius Career Strengths

  • Analytical: Aquarius has an analytical intelligence instead of emotional intelligence. This makes them do well in technical fields. They are good in areas such as engineering, accounting, documentation work and so on.
  • Good Execution: they have the ability to do as asked of them in a professional space. They will want to be in the good books of their seniors and will do everything as told to accelerate in career.
  • Good with Numbers and Digits: Aquarians are usually good with digits and numbers and calculative in their general approach as well, they will sit down to make strategies especially twisted ones to get ahead of competition.

What Do You Need To Work At?

  • Detached: a level of detachment from their colleagues and their organization can be seen in them. They aren’t loyal to their employers and will change sides with whoever gives more benefits.
  • Not the best team player: Aquarians are not the best team players considering they have a generally low levels of emotional attachment at work too. They aren’t someone who will help out at work or listen to your problems at work. They expect everyone to be capable enough to get out of their issues themselves, however, they’ll be the first ones to expect help when they’re in trouble.

Aquarius Career Choices

Since Aquarius individuals have a brilliant, innovative mind, they can become great physicists, researchers, mathematicians, etc.

They can also do well in fields that require you to keep you sensitivity aside. Fields such as medical requires one to keep your emotions aside to deal with a bleeding person right in front of you. Therefore, it is good for medical field as well. One of the constellations, is known to be the healer of physical ailments within the Aquarius realm.


Income From Career

Depending upon which side of the equation they fall in, they can look for a stable income. Those in the fields of technology and aiming to become CEOS some days will get to the top with their nature being used as the best advantage. Those dealing in other fields also look for a stable income, in fact aspire to earn as much as they can, which will financially ambitious and likely to earn good.

Aquarius Career- Planets & Facts

Rahu rules one of the constellations and heavily effects the other two amongst the zodiac. Therefore, a good placement of Rahu is required for the career to ascend. Most of the Shatabhisha constellation are Engineers or in the field of technology as Rahu indicates technical fields. Rahu is, therefore, very important for an Aquarius to do well professionally.

Venus is the lord of wealth and a well-placed Venus along with an aspect from Rahu can indicate immense wealth and career ascension.


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