Aquarius Finance Horoscope

Aquarius is the second-last sign of the zodiac realm and is ruled by Saturn. They are stingy about expenses and keep a close check on where their finances go.

Aquarius Finance Horoscope


Aquarius is an air sign and Saturnian in nature. Their finance is more or less stable and they strike a harmonious balance between earning and spending. Aquarius consists of three constellations and each of them depict a certain style of earning and spending. However, majorly they all cut their pocket according to the cloth. They are wary of their expenses and not as lavish about where they spend. Aquarius doesn’t spend much on material as much as it spends on experiences. Culinary delights and tours is something they’d spend on. They are air signs and amongst the least bothered about showing-off, which indicates that they only spend on what genuinely feels good to them.

They have an enterprising nature and an entrepreneurial mind which enables them to fact-check everything in terms of finances and even their risks in business is ensured to be covered. They make sure that there is no chance of falling into debts. They will work hard and smart and usually reach good heights in career quickly which ensures that they earn considerably well too. They have the talent and capability of climbing the corporate ladder sooner than others. They could become CEOs or Managers or hold Directorial level position in their mid to late twenties itself. They are analytical in their approach and not emotionally-driven which enables them to not take unregulated risks or expenditures.

They tend to have an altruistic and humanitarian side to yourself and like thinking and doing for the larger good. Their charitable nature makes you generously spend on supporting such causes. However, at times they are unpredictable and not much concerned about their own finances, which takes them a bit off the financial track.

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Aquarius: Are You a Spender or Saver?

  • You do well as entrepreneurs and in corporate setups, you climb the ladder quickly. This ensures that the amount of income hike you have as per their position sees huge jumps. Money isn’t what runs your world, but you like to have a healthy bank balance.
  • You generally do not face any problem managing your finances as you know how to strike a reasonable balance between your savings and expenditure.
  • Equality and fairness come naturally to you, and you are successfully able to apply the same sense of balance to your finances by saving and splurging. You also maintain a sense of equality when it comes to donating to others and spending on yourself.
  • Your independence is of prime importance to you. You do not let anyone cross your freedom or boundaries, and therefore, its is natural for you to be incredibly independent financially, not leaning on a single soul. You are generally frugal and responsible while handling finances however at times you are inconsistent.

At times, you tend to invest in unique and unusual investment plans, which prove to be risky.

Best Sources For Income

  • Aquarius do well as entrepreneurs. They are the ones who climb the corporate ladder very quickly or get their materialistic dreams realized pretty soon. They have an analytical mind, therefore, there is no doubt that these could do well as entrepreneurs and especially in markets which have less competition because their ideas are generally quite original.
  • Speculations could be their way of investment, however, they’re not the best at it. Even then, its not an unsafe option.
  • Social entrepreneurship projects can be easily taken up by Aquarians which can help them expand their avenues of income.
  • They can work well in partnerships which involve business related to either technology or machineries. Companies dealing with financing such as digital money applications are also a good choice.

Savings, Gains & Income

  • Aquarians are practical and extremely analytical; therefore, savings isn’t an issue for them. We would advise to not overthink your next step in the world of crypto if you’re already into it. In case you haven’t tried it yet, you might like it and be good at it.
  • Your major inflow of money is through businesses and social connections where you are generally inclined to contribute ideas, you might consider partnerships with any of these full-fledged to secure this inflow for a longer period of time.
  • Stay updated with the latest investments. Since you’re Saturnian in nature, most of your gains are likely to come through hard work and your primary source of income, which means getting a fair increment shouldn’t be a problem.

Wealth Giving Planets For Aquarius

  • Jupiter owns the second house of money and the eleventh house of gains and fulfillment of desires as per your sign. You finances will be stable if Jupiter's position will be strong in your birth chart, it has the potential to give you great wealth and good sources of income leading to a financially stable future.
  • Based on the overall condition of your birth chart, your financial position will be very strong if Jupiter is placed in the second or eleventh house and is free from any malefic aspect or conjunctions, it shall give you massive wealth in its Dasha/Antardasha (operating period of planets).
  • Venus being the lord of the fourth and ninth house is generally an auspicious planet for you. If it is in good dignity in your birth chart, it can give great luck concerning profits from real estate investments. It would also ensure that your efforts towards money-making are fruitful and give desired results.
  • The beneficial conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in your birth chart in the auspicious houses could create abundant wealth and prosperity, making Aquarius's financial position super strong.
  • Mercury being the owner of the fifth and eighth house as per your sign can give sudden opportunities for wealth creation and if carefully weighed can lead to wealth retention. If strongly placed in your birth chart, it can give wealth through inheritance, windfalls, or marriage.

However, the exact situation can only be assessed after careful consideration of your birth chart and the operating period of planets.

Tips For Better Financial Condition

If people could be minting machines, Aquarius would be one personified.

  • Aquarius, you make money by being the best and irreplaceable at work. You are a young achiever who someone wont easily find, which makes you also ask for the highest increments because of the energy and the level of intelligence you bring to the table.
  • You have good intuitive and planning abilities based on your visionary attitude, which helps you in your financial management.
  • At times, you are too stingy with yourself and charitable with others that leads to an imbalance. Hence, you should be careful not to be too generous with your money as that might work to your disadvantage.

What to do to avoid losses?

  • You should use your intellect in discerning profitable from lucrative but unprofitable ventures so that you do not end up losing your hard-earned funds.
  • However, at times you become inconsistent with your savings for which it is advisable to set aside funds for emergencies.


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