Aquarius Finance Horoscope

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the series of the zodiac and is ruled by Saturn. If you are born with Aquarius as your moon sign, you are known for your unconventional and out-of-the-box thinking.

You are driven by rationality and logic and possess good reasoning abilities. You are highly innovative and capable of making new inventions and discoveries. You like to deal with facts and have the potential to make breakthroughs by making full use of your natural abilities.

You are highly imaginative and creative which plays an important role in your professional success. You value your freedom and independence and like to be financially independent too.

Your moon sign lord, Saturn gives you a lot of perseverance and your deep focus on your future plans makes you fulfill your ambitions. You are resilient and of an enterprising nature which ensures a fairly good amount of earning through your profession.

You tend to have an altruistic and humanitarian side to yourself and like thinking and doing for the larger good. Your charitable nature makes you generously spend on supporting such causes. However at times you are unpredictable and not much concerned about your own finances, which takes you a bit off the financial track.

Aquarius Moon sign: Are you a Spender or Saver?

Aquarius moons, you do well as entrepreneurs and even in corporate set ups and make a good amount of money. However at times money is not the prime motivator for you to work but you still ensure to maintain a healthy bank balance.

 You generally do not face any problem managing your finances as you know how to strike a reasonable balance between your savings and expenditure. Your creative nature also reflects in the way you manage you save and invest your money but at times you tend to a little indecisive.

Equality and fairness comes naturally to you and you are successfully able to apply the same sense of balance to your finances by saving and splurging. You also maintain a sense of equality when it comes to donating to others and spending on yourself.

Your love for independence also drives you towards earning and saving as you understand that your savings would ensure long lasting financial freedom to you. You are generally frugal and responsible while handling finances however at times you are inconsistent.

At times, you tend to invest in unique and unusual investment plans, which prove to be risky.

Wealth giving planets for Aquarius moon sign

Aquarius moons, Jupiter owns the second house of money and eleventh house of gains and fulfillment of desires as per your moon sign. If strong in your personal birth chart, it has the potential to give you great wealth and good sources of income leading to a finically stable future.

Based on the overall condition of your birth chart, if Jupiter is placed in the second or eleventh house and is free from any malefic aspect or conjunctions, it shall give you massive wealth in its Dasha/Antardasha (operating period of planets).

Venus being the lord of fourth and ninth house is generally an auspicious planet for you. If it is in good dignity in your birth chart, it can give great luck with respect to profits from real estate investments. It would also ensure that your efforts towards money-making are fruitful and give desired results.

A beneficial conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in your birth chart in auspicious houses could create abundant wealth and prosperity.

Mercury being the owner of fifth and eighth house as per your moon sign can give sudden opportunities for wealth creation and if carefully weighed can lead to wealth retention. If strongly placed in your birth chart, it can give wealth through inheritance, windfalls or through marriage.

However, exact situation can only be assessed after careful consideration of your personal birth chart and the operating period of planets.

Tips for better financial condition

Aquarius moons, you have a natural flair and the desired skills to make money and retain it. You tend not to lose track of your finances and keep yourself updated on your financial status.

You have good intuitive and planning abilities based on your visionary attitude, which helps you in your financial management.

However, at times you become inconsistent with your savings for which it is advisable to set aside funds for emergencies. Your belief in humanitarian causes makes you spend on charities and donating to organizations and financially supporting your friends in need.

At times, you are too stingy with yourself and charitable with others that leads to an imbalance. Hence, you should be careful not to be too generous with your money as that might work to your own disadvantage. You should use your intellect in discerning profitable from lucrative but unprofitable ventures so that you do not end up losing your hard-earned funds.

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