Scorpio Woman Personality

Unlike what you must have heard for so long, Scorpio women are quite different to the general perception that is formed. They are deep, mysterious but have a very sensitive heart and unmatchable thoughtfulness.

Scorpio Woman Personality


Scorpio Moon women, unlike the notion of being outgoing, they are actually extremely introverted. If you were wondering which is the most sensitive and emotionally-evolved zodiac sign, it is a Scorpio. This might come off as a surprise to many because Scorpio Moon women don’t share their emotions openly. Its not because they’re not vulnerable, it’s because you might not be ready or be able to handle that level of sensitivity.

They’re also the deepest lovers of the zodiac and you will never know how deep their love goes. She is a one-man woman and goes by the rule of heart- ‘Till death do us apart’.

It is also to be noted that whenever in love & relationships, a zodiac sign acts like its partner sign and not like itself. This is to say that a Scorpio acts like Taurus and vice-versa.

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Unlike the popular notion, Scorpio Moon women are actually, genuinely innocent creatures. They do not involve in foul-play at all. Come what may, this woman will die but not leave her integrity for anything. She holds herself in such high regards that she cannot risk falling in her own eyes, and on that note…. Her eyes are hypnotizing.

Scorpio women respect themselves massively and have a heart of gold. Their sheer high regards for themselves is what can make you be assured that she will also see you in the same way. If you need a woman who can truly, genuinely respect you all through life, look for a woman who first respects herself. And that for you, is a Scorpio Moon woman.

Scorpios have unmatchable intuition and a penchant for seeing things beyond what everyone else does. She can take a single look at you and know your whole life-story. She’s also popularly known as the ‘walking lie-detector’.

All this comes from her emotional evolution throughout life and a gifted intuition.

Behavioral Constitution of a Scorpio Woman

Scorpios are generally soft-spoken and women of few words.

  • They do not speak to any and everyone, not out pride but because she prefers to speak only when she has something to say, instead of someone who just needs to say something.
  • They’re cheerful, soft-hearted, emotionally mature, sensible, intelligent, with her head and heart in the right place. She doesn’t waste her time on useless things or useless ideas and is someone who’s deeply committed to working on herself, something that others look at, get inspired and begin doing for themselves as well.
  • She is also the most mysterious one. Whether she likes it or not, this is what attracts people to her both positively and negatively. She is passionate, driven and ambitious.
  • She has a mind which never stops working. She seems calm as Pacific but has an entire ecosystem and universe inside of her. She’s an introvert, and you will need to wait to get to know her or acquainted with her. This requires patience, but waiting makes it... sweeter!

Some say, it is a privilege to get to know a Scorpio Moon woman. But we can help you navigate through the three constellations that fall under this zodiac realm.

Vishakha: Vishakha constellation (last phase) belongs to the Scorpio zodiac. These women are romantic, feminine, soft-spoken, but full of scorpionic energy and mystery. They look calm but are intense within.

Jyestha: Jyestha means ‘the eldest one’. These women are generally the eldest siblings and have shouldered responsibilities or have matured before their age. They are protective of their loved ones and have a sense of superiority about themselves. They have the qualities of thoughtfulness and generosity. They are the most passionate lovers of the zodiac.

Anuradha: Anuradha are like a whiff of cool breeze at the beach. They are calm, romantic and unconditional lovers of the zodiac. This is where Scorpio becomes a lover on all realms to their partner without seeking anything in return.

Style Sense of a Scorpio Woman

Scorpio is a feminine water sign, naturally her choices are very feminine. The only thing that sets her apart from other feminine signs is that she will always, ALWAYS choose to look classy.

  • On special occasions such as a family function or an office party, she needs the very fabric of her attire to be as high-end as possible. She is not brand-conscious, but she understands that clothing is an investment, and the quality of fabric you wear speaks for you. And whether anyone likes it or not, this is how she is.
  • She will go for minimal jewelry but one which is tasteful and elegant. She will not wear anyone else’s jewelry or clothing or share her own, since she has a personal attachment and sense of recognition with it.
  • Her makeup choices are also very tasteful. A bold red lip or a beautiful eye shade works. But only either of them at one time, because she would rather stay home than look tacky.
  • She has a wardrobe of matching jewelry for every single attire, with perfumes and natural oils for every single day of the week. Her fragrances are always natural and she’s more of the ‘perfume girl’ than the ‘deodorant girl’.
  • Watches are a style statement to her, and her watches need to be NICE. This means that she wont be wearing something that looks like it was picked up for a teenager.
  • Scorpio Moon women can be described as bold, beautiful and feminine. They can dress up traditionally or carry contemporary attires both with ease and grace.

Personal Life Roles

Scorpio Moon women make for a highly affectionate daughter, a friendly and protective sister and completely devoted, loyal and passionate wife. They’re emotional and very sensitive and they have a need to express love in order to feel balanced and calm. If they love you and cannot express it, it makes her uncomfortable inside. She’s the one sign who feels love by giving love. This is what keeps her going, if it doesn’t happen she will get stagnant in almost all areas of life. Love is the most important aspect of her life, followed by independence.

As a Daughter:

Scorpios make for a very playful and affectionate daughter. She’s responsible and mature but loves messing around and making her parents smile. She loves cooing her father and treat him like an adorable friend or as if she’s his mother, and with her mother, she’s funnily sarcastic, which her mother might not always understand. However, she loves both of their reactions.

  • As a kid, she’ll be way more emotional and empathetic than her peers, and her parents will notice it. She’ll be quite and peaceful, but there will be times when she needs to feel close to her parents and her parents will completely understand that.
  • She’s very likely to be her father’s princess. Right from the time she wakes up, to the time she goes to bed, she’ll get a royal treatment from him. She’ll wake up with a morning kiss, warmth and pampering and go to sleep with her Dad carrying her in his lap.
  • Her life with her mother in childhood will be a marathon with her complaining that she’s over-spoilt by her father, which in most cases, is true. She’s chased around the house for her mischief by her mother, however, this balance of pampering and disciplining is what makes her never lose sight of the right track. She’s well raised, to say the least, righteous and fair.
  • As a grown up, she’ll naturally want to be independent, and her mother who was extremely disciplining will be the same person to give her all liberty to live her life. She’ll stand up for her freedom, if required. Her father might get protective especially in terms of financial independence. She will make her own money and keep enough saving for times of need, much of which no one knows about. She’ll always be there for her parents in sickness and in health. She’s a responsible, mature, financially independent and extremely emotional daughter.

As a Sister:

Scorpio Moon sign born sister is deeply intellectual but also a mysterious soul. You can never know what’s going on in her mind, but she can easily read yours. You may not have regular conversations with each other but whenever you do talk it is about bringing a radical change to the world.

  • You will gain an advisor for life if you have a Scorpio born elder sister. She also loves her younger siblings like they’re her kids.
  • If you have a younger Scorpio sister, you need to mind the sensitiveness for her character, always.

As a Friend:

A Scorpio Moon woman is a picky person. She’s very selective and cautious about who she lets in her life. She might be social and cordial with everyone, but those who get a seat in her heart are very few. She might be the childhood best friend to many but not many are considered ‘friends’ in her life.

  • It is not easy to become special in the life of a Scorpio Moon woman, and she’s very humble about it and wont let it be known, but once you are special to her as a friend, you can see it in the way she behaves around you and the way she treats you. She’ll fight for you and stand up for you relentlessly and be everything that you need her to be in the moment, without even asking for it. She’s loyal and dedicated as a friend and will keep your interests a priority.
  • She’s also completely honest and real and will let you know if you’re doing something wrong along with solutions on how to make it right. If you need her in the middle of the night, she’ll be there. Once a Scorpio takes you as a friend, no power on earth can break that friendship.
  • And of course, she’s the best secret keeper in the entire world. Your secrets are safe with her and will never go public. Even if she gets upset, it will be in person and not in front of 10 people. She’s also completely non-judgmental about your life but in case you do something which is not good for you, she’ll let you know with a list of pros. & cons. and with valid, sensible reasons. She’s dependable in every way.

As a Lover:

To have the heart of a Scorpio woman is next to impossible. She’s not the type to go around walking with her heart on her sleeves or giving it to anyone who looks or appears good in the social sense of things.

  • Her choices are very peculiar, and her emotional needs are hard to match. She is shy in a relationship at the beginning, much like a Taurus Moon woman and behaves the same way.
  • She knows the value of her heart and while she’s deeply empathetic- to the point of empathizing even with those who don’t have her best interests at heart, and most sensitive and emotionally intelligent, her heart is a priced possession that is not easily given to any man and once given, is not returned or passed on to anyone else.
  • She will not be impressed by looks, not by your social standing, not by the bucks you make, not by the cars you drive, not by Gucci nor Armani. She will only be taken by a man whom she thinks and is sure can handle her and understand her emotions. That’s it.

Most attracted to: Taurus

As a Wife:

A Scorpio Moon is not just the most loyal, devoted and loving wife, she’s also one who’ll really be your lover all lifelong. She marries only if she has undying love for someone and she’ll make sure that she takes care of her husband from tip to toe.

  • Her husband’s emotional, physical and financial wellbeing matters to her.
  • If there’s any zodiac sign you can be sure of is with you because she genuinely likes you, or understands you or for who you really are, it is a Scorpio Moon woman.
  • She respects, trusts and loves her husband beyond words, and is extremely emotionally attached to him. Her loyalty and devotion is unmatchable.
  • There’s no dream that you see which she thinks is impossible to realize. She is good at sizing up people and situations and will accurately tell you about who’s who which will help you through life personally and professionally.
  • She doesn’t take anything negative spoken about her husband from anyone and completely cuts off those people from her life. She has little to no respect for those who think they can play around or treat her husband as they please, she’ll take no time to show such people their place.
  • Her need for emotional security, and deep emotional bond with her husband is primal to feel satisfied in her marriage. She sees intimacy with high regards and considers the coming together to be a time of connecting on all levels.
  • She considers her home to be a safe and peaceful haven and will ensure that her home is one where everyone living is happy, comfortable and feel easy to be themselves.

Best compatibility for marriage: Taurus

As a Mother:

Scorpio women make for extremely sensitive yet ferocious mothers who protect their children at all costs. She loves children in general, and children get attracted to her warmth and playfulness naturally.

  • As mothers, they pamper and tend to spoil her children when they’re small. They’re extremely soft and caring. She wants them to feel like they have everything that they can dream of, and this requires her husband to be taking control in case her emotional side comes out too much.
  • However as her children grow up, she wishes them to be empathetic, kind, firm, upright and well-raised and will discipline them quite a bit
  • Her children will find it easy to open up to her about their dreams and aspirations, as well as their fears, weaknesses and any emotional upheaval.
  • She will ensure they get the best education and ambience to grow up to become people who will be looked up to by all and will defend them and their choices publicly.

Professional Life Roles

Scorpio women are hardworking and committed professionals. They are strong-willed, independent, and resourceful workers. She has the ambition and attitude to make it big in her professional life. But she will not take up anything and everything, just like that.

  • She has to feel the connection and character in her work as she is driven by passion and not by superficial or materialistic things.
  • A Scorpio Moon sign woman can make for good surgeons, doctors, physicists, designers, lawyers, and educators.

As a Student

You are a bright and self-motivated student and are also humble in your disposition. You are studious but are seldom sure of your grades. Your expectations from yourself are pretty high and you are always raising the bar for yourself and others, too.

  • You make for gentle and humble classmates, but others can envy you at times since you are the teacher’s favorite.
  • You get too carried away at times, due to your fighting spirit and tend to waste your energies on inconsequential things.

As an Employee

A Scorpio woman has an incredible strength of character. She is not the one to be bogged down easily with work pressure and will stand up to challenges with utmost strength and courage. She is a calm soul with enough self-motivation to sail through difficult times at work. She is highly ambitious and how she treats you, largely depend on what she is getting out of you.

  • She is sentimental yet strong with her focus on the goal and nothing can stop her in making her way to the aim and would expect some favors on the way up.
  • She is creative, imaginative, and a supremely intellectual and confident worker that an organization could ever have.

As a Boss

You need to tread a little lighter if you are working under a Scorpio Moon sign born woman boss. She is up for no games and manipulations at work and would prefer loyal and self-driven employees in her team.

You cannot hide a lie from your Scorpio boss, so don’t even try, because if you are caught it will take you a lifetime to get back her trust.

  • Scorpio woman is not the one to buy excuses and so you have to be very conscious of not doing frequent mistakes. Even if you do, be very sincere in accepting and apologizing for it.
  • She likes inspiring employees who tend to outperform each time and she will ensure that they get duly rewarded and recognized for their efforts.

As a Business professional

Scorpio is a sign of strength and power; a Scorpio woman can touch the heights of success as a business professional if she desires so. The best part about a Scorpio woman entrepreneur is that she is aware of her potential and if she puts her mind into it she is going to make it real big in the business world.

  • With the kind of business acumen and independent persona, a Scorpio woman, business success is imminent. However, her mysterious persona may at times be intimidating for people who plan to do business with her.
  • Her suspicious nature can both be good and bad for her business – good because she will be very cautious in doing contacts, dealings, and investments related to her business and bad because she will not be able to trust her employees and business partners quite easily.


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