Scorpio Career Horoscope

Scorpio is a water sign and is the deepest amongst its two other fellow water signs. This is where thoughts and emotions run deep but looks calm on the surface. This quality of a Scorpio makes them very good at research, reasoning, analytics and strategy without making it obvious to the world. This combination is much admired where they do everything as it should be done or expected while making the surroundings stay at ease.

Scorpio Career Horoscope


When someone mentions “I’m a Scorpio”, people pause. This is because you never know which combination of the Scorpio personality this one possesses. We’ll say they’re a good balance of it all. Scorpios are the deepest sign. They know how to put others at ease especially because they understand that people tend to get slightly conscious in their presence.

They scan through a person in just one glance, and this may rattle many who come in contact with them. This is a natural ability Scorpios are born with, and they can’t help themselves. However, this is one such trait which helps them excel in any field they choose.

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  • They are very good people-readers, analytical, know how to uncover the truth without moving an inch, impeccable reasoning abilities and laser-sharp intuition that seldom goes wrong. They know how to gauge situations and people correctly and therefore, make the right choices in career.
  • Any field which requires deep research, building strategies, problem-solving, and deals with the psyche is good for Scorpios. However, they have very good people management skills and can deal with people around them according to how they should be treated or want to be treated which makes them good at getting business deals as well.
  • They are hard-working, do not spend their energy in vain, and are self-reliant. A Scorpio survives everything from a hurricane to a tsunami, to fire or drought. This is why defeating a Scorpio is impossible. What would they not survive is the question. This makes a Scorpio stop at nothing. It can adjust and adapt to any situation or environment and flourish in it as well. This opens up a plethora of options for a Scorpio to choose from when it comes to career.
  • It also means that a Scorpio can take a business or a venture right from the ashes up to its heights. A Scorpio can do well in a corporate setup, or teach children under a flyover, or work in some intensely remote/disturbed areas educating people about health and sanitation. A Scorpio can do it all and has probably done it all. They are the sign who does not quit. It waits until everyone else in the competition (if there is one) gets exhausted and then starts moving.
  • This level of resilience and perseverance makes them sail through all and excel in all. They are self-motivated, sincere, and loyal. They silently watch everyone and everything around and carry out their analysis.

Scorpio career excels in areas that are analytical, strategic, methodical, problem-solving in nature. Scorpios are efficient and meticulous; they do not quit unless the task is complete.

Your Key Professional Traits

  • Intelligent & passionate
  • Analytical
  • Hard working
  • Great intuition
  • Rigorous and perseverant
  • Sincere & diligent
  • Stops at nothing


Scorpio Career Horoscope

Weekly Predictions (16 Jun - 22 Jun)
Expect a new deal in business, widened social network and fame and fortune. Those in employment may feel confused and an inability to take decisions. Avoid making any changes in job at this time.

Scorpio Career Strengths

  • Scorpios are hardworking, passionate and get to the bottom of anything that they pick up. They do not do anything half-heartedly. It goes against their personal codes & principles. They are self-reliant and will come up with their own analogies about a situation which are mostly correct, and they take their time to figure out and double-check anything. They will not enter into any form of employment or give any kind of professional commitment unless they are sure that they can perfectly live up to it. They are dependable employees for any organization.
  • Scorpio has a razor-sharp mind that can separate truth from lies very easily. They also have a very long memory. They are extremely confident, forceful, and assertive by nature.
  • They are focused about making a name for themselves in this world through self-efforts and has extremely high levels of self-respect that doesn’t bow down to anyone. This level of independence & self-reliance leads to them being good and serious about academics and career from a young age itself.
  • Their focus is unmatchable. If they are into any kind of subject, they obsess about it day & night and will try to understand it thoroughly and have their own perspectives about it which you will not find any guide or ‘success-review books’. They have an indomitable spirit and self-confidence with level-headedness which makes them approach any subject/work/project with ease and correct reasoning.
  • They are ambitious, to say the least, but they don’t make it obvious. You can tell by looking at a Scorpio or their career path how serious they are, but will hardly see them show it flamboyantly to anyone at all, since it’s quite secretive and mysterious. Their ambition, coupled with poise and ‘I know what I’m doing’ attitude will make you want to trust them with anything that may seem like a daunting task.

What Do You Need To Work At?

  • Scorpios have huge issues working in a group where the members are all talk and no play. They cannot work with people who speak too much and do too less. You will often find a Scorpio excusing themselves from such situations and moving away from such colleagues. This might not be the best thing for a Scorpio as it is important to be able to do teamwork, no matter how your team members are and deal with them.
  • They are straight-forward to a fault. In most cases, a Scorpio will give you a ‘certain’ look and you’re bound to be quiet after that. We can’t not mention the ‘death stare’ that a Scorpio is known for, and sometimes they don’t realize who they’re giving it to. At times, where they just want you to stop talking, they’ll give you short, two-word replies, letting it come across clearly that they’re not interested.
  • Scorpio employee will respect people at authority if they feel they are worthy of that respect. Anyone who they think is average or below average, even at a senior level, would be reminded of that, one day or the other.


Scorpio Career Horoscope

Weekly Predictions (16 Jun - 22 Jun)
Expect a new deal in business, widened social network and fame and fortune. Those in employment may feel confused and an inability to take decisions. Avoid making any changes in job at this time.

Scorpio Career Choices

  • With their sharp intuition, memory, and intelligence, Scorpio's career could be as detectives, policemen, researchers, scientists, journalists, etc., or in any other field that requires unraveling truth and solving mysteries.
  • Since they have a deep understanding of human nature and follies, they can find success in a career like a psychiatrist and a psychologist as well.
  • They can become very good writers who write about people, societies, psyche, or philosophies. They have rich brains and deep emotions therefore expressing it through words can be a good option as well.
  • Philanthropy comes to them naturally as well because they do so without anything to seek in return.

Income From Career

Scorpios are passionate people, and they choose careers which enhance their passions.

  • They will often go against the tide as it is a natural instinct to do things which others generally don’t. they might just follow their heart and do what nourishes them as a person or challenges their intellect.
  • They cannot settle for mediocrity and will look for purpose in their work. Since they generally go with what appeals to them personally, and not the world, they are likely to be satisfied in heir choice of career.
  • They are also ones who like that stability that comes with money and will strive hard to be the best so that they can ask for the best salaries in their chosen industry. They often earn more than their peers and get into the best organizations which many would dream of.
  • They don’t give much importance to having truckloads of money, instead they look for a well-paid job where they get exactly as much as the hard work and intellect they put in. they are often well-off by themselves.

Scorpio Career – Planets and Facts

A well-placed Venus in the birth-chart indicates a good inflow of money. This is alike for all signs, however, with Scorpio being a water sign, having a similar natured planet or a friendly planet being well-placed, that too one which stands for wealth, luxury and finance is important for stability.

Jupiter is the planet of wealth and abundance, as well as satisfaction and wisdom. A well-placed Jupiter in the chart of a deep and intuitive Scorpio can enhance its wisdom to make and retain wealth, as well as Jupiter being the most benefic planet, if well-placed can take care of the entire birth chart alone, even with malefic placements within the chart.

Rahu indicates obsession but also indicates wealth and luxury, however not in a benefic way. If Rahu is well-placed and not too malefic in nature, in the correct houses, it can indicate money from foreign resources or foreign travels or career in a foreign land.

Saturn is the planet for profession and discipline. A well-placed Saturn indicates good levels of hard-work and self-reliance which in-turn results to wealth after conscious efforts. Saturn represents immense hard work in a chart but is known to bless you as per your efforts, and therefore a well-placed Saturn can be beneficial for Scorpios.


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