Scorpio Career Horoscope

Scorpio at Work:

Scorpio employees exude a strange inner confidence that can be intimidating and charismatic at the same time. They are self motivated, sincere and loyal. They silently watch everyone and everything around and carry out their analysis.

Scorpio has a mystical way of digging deep into other people’s psyche and finding out their truth and realities. They are, however, passionately secretive about their own life. Anybody at the office would hardly have any idea of what’s happening in their personal lives.

Scorpio employee would respect people at authority if they feel they are worthy of that respect. Anyone who they think is average or below average, even at a senior level, would be reminded of that, one day or the other.

Scorpio doesn’t respond casually to rudeness and insult vented on them. They are known to harbor deep seated angst and grudges for a very long time.

Scorpio: What are they innately good at?

Scorpio has a razor sharp mind that can separate truth from lies very easily. They also have a very long memory. They are extremely confident, forceful and assertive by nature. They are intense and passionate about what they do.

Best Career Options for Scorpio:

With their sharp intuition, memory and intelligence, Scorpio can do well as detectives, policemen, researchers, scientists, journalists, etc. or in any other field that requires unraveling truth and solving mysteries.

Since they have a deep understanding of human nature and follies, they can find success in fields like psychiatry and psychology as well.

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