Scorpio Boss

Scorpio Boss

Scorpio boss is a bit complicated and difficult to understand. He has a strong and intense personality that is hard to ignore. He is always at the extreme end of anything. He will either passionately believe in a cause to work for it or will mercilessly ignore it. There will be rarely anything in between.

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Scorpio boss keeps a fixed attitude towards most things in life. He might very well be the master player of his game and would show strong resistance to change. He forms opinions fast and isn’t likely to change them that easily. His criticism can be sharp and blunt without a careful choice of words.

It is not easy to fool your Scorpio boss. He can detect lies almost effortlessly and miraculously read minds. He has an innate knowledge about human nature and follies, which he uses to his benefit.

Scorpio boss has the potential to be the best and the worst of anything at the same time. It all depends on you. If he thinks you are a good and deserving employee, there will be no end to his favors and generosity. However, if you’ve damaged your reputation beyond repair in front of his eyes, he will be anything but harmless.

Scorpio boss might not be a perfect team player. He is less likely to trust others when it comes to very important tasks and tends to handle them himself. This might create an imbalance in the team and reduce productivity. He is also prone to jealousy and insecurity. He won’t take it easy if he finds you better than him in any way.

How to impress the Scorpio Boss:

It is difficult to gain Scorpio's boss’ trust, but once you do, you will be in a very advantageous position. Scorpio boss wants deserving and talented people in his team who are loyal and can be trusted blindly. He can catch instances of hypocrisy, flattery, and dishonestly rather easily and is not very forgiving. Even if you are failing to impress him, be sure not to infuriate him. It is not advisable to be at the receiving end of Scorpio’s anger.

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