Scorpio Man Personality

Scorpio Moon is a water sign which is ruled by Mars. This is the paradox of a Scorpio. There is no other Moon sign which is ruled by a planet opposite its nature. This paradox is the element which brings a sense of mystery around them.

Scorpio Man Personality


If Scorpio happens to be the moon sign, then the Scorpio streak increases 10 times fold. You’ll wonder if he’s a fire sign or if he’s an empathetic water sign- cool, calm, collected. That’s what makes them a muse. That is the Scorpio streak. And that is what makes them very hard to understand. There will always be something further to know just when you thought you knew it all. And the element of surprise here is that a Scorpio moon is a feminine sign which means he has all the qualities of the soft or feminine disposition rooted in him, which women generally look for in men but don’t find. Such as- empathy, softness, vulnerability, romance, emotional understanding, sensitivity and so on.

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The Mars’ effect bring out the courage, determination, spunk, passion and bravery within a Scorpio. The keynote here is that while they’re all of those things, these are some of the most calm people from their appearances. You will never know what’s going inside from the way they present themselves in public. They carry themselves with poise even in a war. They are a mix of kind, compassionate with a dash of ‘let’s do something about it to bring a change’. They won’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk. And mostly, you’ll not be aware of when and how they will execute that plan.

Scorpio men are the sexy ones of the zodiac for good reasons and bad. The dilemma of a Scorpio man is that he is the most emotional one, most empathetic who mean it when they say they love you but often their sexual nature stands out more. This is because his emotions are so fragile that he doesn’t put it forward rather expects a woman to understand it on the same level of depth and only then do his choices become simple. This means that only a woman with a beautiful heart and a very intelligent mind who understands the unspoken language of love can make it into his life.

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If there is any sign who honestly doesn’t care about anyone’s opinions, it is a Scorpio. This is majorly because they’ve transformed themselves so much through their life that there’s hardly any feeling or experience that they already haven’t been through. There’s nothing they already haven’t seen or done before, so nothing really affects them. This is the exact reason why they’re the wisest of all signs. All the sensitive signs which include water moons and earth moons are compatible with a Scorpio moon.

  • Unlike any other zodiac sign, a Scorpio is represented by 4 different animal symbols depending upon their stages of evolution. These are Scorpion, Eagle, Dove and Phoenix.
  • Emotionally, they’re deepest of all signs, in general, and all water signs, in particular. If a Cancer has mood swings and a Pisces is overtly reactive, this one sits right in the middle which goes deep as the ocean and balances itself as calmly as an ocean can appear to be.
  • A Scorpio is a sign of depth, and it is also a sign of extreme fiery passions.

Scorpio men, therefore, love sex, and don’t mind pursuing or experimenting various levels of sexual pleasures with their partners, but it’s not what keeps him bound to them. If you think sex is enough to keep them around, you’re wrong. These men are emotional and have deep emotional needs. Any woman who is not mature, acts without integrity or is not understanding enough will not be the one to go the long haul with them. Any form of disloyalty or crossing boundaries means being dropped then and there. A Scorpio has very strong boundaries and is a very private person. If however, a Scorpio man falls for you, there will be no stone left unturned for you to feel like you rule the world. Scorpio men worship the ground below your feet.

Behavioral constitution of a Scorpio Man

A Scorpio man comes across as a commanding personality who is calm and composed and hard to be moved by little actions here and there.

  • They are confident, determined, passionate and intense. They carry an aura of mystery and charm around them.
  • They are exceptionally loyal and have an artistic imagination. They don’t trust easily.
  • They don’t follow anyone else’s rule for their life. They are extremely emotional, intelligent, intuitive, sharp and know your next move before you execute it.
  • They like to delve deep into any situation and look through a person’s intent. They are wise and emotionally mature but secretive.
  • Flimsy and fickle people put them off and they maintain a distance immediately.


Scorpio men are categorized by the three different constellations that fall within the Scorpio realm.

Vishakha: Vishakha constellation (last phase) belongs to the Scorpio zodiac. These men are romantic, soft-spoken, but full of scorpionic energy and mystery. They look calm but are intense within.

Jyestha: Jyestha means ‘the eldest one’. These men are generally the eldest siblings and have shouldered responsibilities or have matured before their age. They are protective of their loved ones and have a sense of superiority about themselves. They have the qualities of thoughtfulness and generosity. They are the most passionate lovers of the zodiac.

Anuradha: Anuradha are like a whiff of cool breeze at the beach. They are calm, romantic and unconditional lovers of the zodiac. This is where Scorpio becomes a lover on all realms to their partner without seeking anything in return.

Style sense of a Scorpio Man

A Scorpio man is presentable. They don’t follow trends blindly and go for only what looks good on them, and mostly know what looks best on them.

  • They have a particular sense of style which is curated to highlight their sharp features or any one particular facial feature that they most adore in themselves.
  • They are very subtle in their style. Their style is mostly as mysterious as them without a hint of any over-do, such as a perfume which speaks mystery or seduction while they look extremely simple with the rest of their attire; or a particular piece of jewelry that highlights their features instead of loading themselves with jewelry all over.
  • Every piece of jewelry, perfume or clothing will give off a sense of class or art. Whatever their statement piece, it will surely have a strong hint of scorpionic energy.

Personal Life Roles

A Scorpio man doesn’t hog attention as he knows that not all attention is worth his time. However, he likes the undivided attention from their partners and expect a lot of love and comfort from their parents- people most important to him.

They are serious about their life goals and generally don’t get influenced by flaky things which might make them come off as selfish because they’re hard to control or manipulate. They respect and appreciate honesty and are emotional as well as logical. They are honest and mature, so they only put in energy into things that match their level of depth or maturity. They’re turned on by honesty, integrity, composure, poise and emotions. It’s hard to fathom, but this includes on all levels, including sexual.

Scorpio as a Son

Scorpios are responsible sons. They expect love and attention but at the same time they provide guidance wherever they think it is required and take good care of their parents. A Scorpio is emotional and therefore, emotionally attached to his family which is a source of pride, honor and overall well-being for a Scorpio.

  • As an infant, he’s a healthy and beautiful kid with wholesome, large eyes full of wonder and needs love and caring through his senses more than other kids. He will be pampered since most parents of a Scorpio will understand his needs. He will love to travel or listening to bed-time stories while gazing at their parents with adoration.
  • As a child, Scorpio men are different than his peers since they have so many emotions developing within him. This will bring out his philosophical side quite early on and therefore, are seen expressing it through some form of art. As a child, he will adore his parents to no limits.
  • These kids will grow up to be the most responsible children with regards to taking care of both of his parents. He will be there through thick and thin and never leave their hand, come what may. They respect elders, in general; and his parents top the list.

Scorpio as a Brother

Scorpio brothers are protective, dominating and understanding.

  • As an elder brother, he will be protective of his little sibling and will advise him/her from time to time regarding things. They will also be the one who their siblings will open up to regarding their fears and will be confident that they’ll be proud of their achievements.
  • As a younger sibling, Scorpios will not be dominated by anyone. They will respect and be courteous but not conform or get manipulated.

Scorpio as a Friend

There’s no loyalty as the loyalty of a Scorpio. If you’ve never had good friends who have been there for not years but several decades, that’s because none of them were Scorpio moons. The proverb ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ is best suited to the Scorpio moon man. These are the people who will go to the end of the world to lift your spirits up, help you out, or make you smile.

  • A Scorpio Moon man will always be unconditionally supportive to his friends. He’s very selective of his friends and sticks to his decision of being with you until the end of time. You cannot ever think of a Scorpio man cheating on a friend or taking them for granted, that word doesn’t exist in their dictionary.
  • However, if you ever betray a Scorpio, their trust will be gone forever.

Scorpio as a Lover

No one loves as deeply as a Scorpio moon, because no one feels as deeply as them, to put it simply. Love arrives early on in their lives. They go through a share of experiences and understanding of love to ultimately make a final choice. They’re ardent lovers who once in love will love you till eternity.

  • This explains why a Scorpio moon doesn’t rush their relationship with anyone. This man will not give his commitment or even a slight hint of it to any woman unless he’s fallen deeply, madly and truly in love with her.
  • Even if he’s experimental in bed, there’s a part of his heart that will not be shared with any woman unless he marries her.
  • He’s devoted, faithful and secretive about his emotions. He won’t express his emotions freely even to the love of his life unless a considerable period of life together after marriage has passed by, and she has proven herself worthy of his heart.
  • He will fight all odds to be with his lover.
  • Scorpio men are very possessive and jealous and go by a simple exclamation- YOU’RE MINE!
  • By the way, they are easily seduced, which is to say you don’t need to do much except….. exist and be yourself.
  • For some reason, they’re always attracted to uncanny people. This means they won’t choose anyone who tries to look perfect on the outside. They’d go for someone who’s been through life and its rough edges and fearlessly reveals who they are. Their first impression of you is their last impression.

Most attracted to: Cancer & Taurus

Scorpio as a Husband

A Scorpio Moon man marries late. This is because he makes a choice after a set of experiences in love and is very careful with his heart. Besides, he checks how strong the foundation of his love is by testing his lover, and ensuring if it’s something that can stand the test of time without any major upheavals. Only then does he decide to settle down.

  • Once married, they stay in the marriage and in love with their spouse till ‘death does them apart’.
  • He is the only sign you can be sure of that won’t ever cheat even in his dreams. He gives and expects unconditional loyalty.
  • Physical intimacy is paramount. They see it as a way of expressing love and bonding deeply in the marriage. His love-making will be equal parts passion and equal parts emotion.
  • Make peace with the fact that there will be some part of his persona that you’ll never get to know. This is the part of himself that is required for him to replenish his soul and grow as a person.
  • If encountered with infidelity within a marriage, he will respectfully ask you to leave and will shut the door from inside and make sure it is sealed.

Best compatibility for marriage: Taurus

Scorpio as a Father

A Scorpio father loves his children to extreme ends. He will pamper them and probably spoil them but want them to be disciplined at the same time.

  • He’s a doting father and loves kids in general, so there’s a guarantee that he will adore his kids and bear hugs will be very frequent expressions of love.
  • He’s an emotionally available father right by your side while you mess up in life. He will guide you, support you and even correct you and his kids will hugely depend on.
  • He’s full of love and shows it generously to his children. He wants to raise them well and ensure that they’re upright individuals of tomorrow and this includes every piece of love and emotional support that can be imagined.
  • He will be sensitive, empathetic, impartial and sometimes strict but mostly loving father. His kids mean a great deal to him.

Professional Life Roles

A Scorpio moon sign professional has a bit of complexity in nature. He might come across as distant, cold, and aloof co-workers but underneath he has a sea of emotions. They have strong research and analytical skills thus can do well as Researchers, Data Scientists, Physicists, and Psychologists. He is the problem-solver of your organization and is quite driven and ambitious in whatever he does. Scorpio Man also makes for a good business professional with just the right acumen and attitude.

Scorpio as a Student

Scorpio moon sign students are creative, have a good sense of judgment. They approach studies methodically and have a set of subjects which they study without much effort due to their sheer interest. They have good prospects to go for higher studies and will do pretty well in academics.

  • He is quite studious and ambitious but will never make a big deal out of it and will be rather furtive about the entire thing.
  • He is charming, competitive, and driven and most times are the favorite with the teachers.

Scorpio as an Employee

Scorpio moon sign born man are hardworking professionals. They tend to immerse themselves in work and will research every miniscule thing about their project. They have good analytical skills and are focused. However they do not like distractions or gossip and therefore prefer to stay away from talks that don’t serve any good purpose.

  • They make for resourceful, dedicated, and loyal employees and will never give up on challenges. They are target-oriented, and you can trust them to meet all the deadlines and deliver things bang on time.
  • They have pretty good time management and organizational skills that make them an ideal employee that any organization would like to recruit.
  • They have immense self-confidence and a keen analytical mind which if utilized properly can further the growth of your organization and increase your profits.
  • They make for good co-workers unless not touched on the wrong side. If you treat them roughly, watch out for their revenge, which can be pretty stingy.

Scorpio as a Boss

Scorpios take their work seriously and don’t like disturbances. As a boss too, he expects the same level of devotion and doesn’t appreciate anyone who cannot work proficiently or is flaky during his work hours.

  • They generally set a strategy that spans 3 to 6 months and plan everything in advance and expect everyone to diligently follow it.
  • They will ensure you have all the understanding of the work and then expect it to be delivered on time. They tend to get pushy and expect things to be up and going every single day.
  • He is cautious and reserved in nature and do not feel any requirement to have an active social life.
  • A negative working attitude and laziness is a big put off for Scorpio moon sign bosses. He likes employees who are punctual and who work systematically.

Scorpio as a Business Professional

Entrepreneurship works for a Scorpio man since he can work as per his wishes and prefers the same.

  • He tends to work things out over a period of days or months without stopping, this independent style of working suits him well. He will probably be the one making strategies, plans, budgeting and executing without any assistance unless he finds someone who can understand his goals as much as he does.
  • With his systematic approach and daring attitude, he knows how to suppress his competitors and concentrate on maximizing the profitability and growth of his trade.
  • They ooze confidence as an entrepreneur and will work well with good profit margins.
  • They have good planning and execution skills for business expansion and escalation.