Scorpio Temperament

Scorpio Temperament

Scorpio is almost synonymous with emotional depth. Your soul is a sea of emotions; abound with sexual intrigue, mysterious operations, occult dealings, and psychological intensity.

You are the detective Sherlock Holmes, Merlin the great wizard, the psychologist - Dr. Paul Weston of ‘In Treatment’, Professor X – the psychic in the X-men trilogy, all in one. With Moon in Scorpio, you are inclined towards anything involving secrets, mysticism, and intensity of emotions and sensuality.

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You are a dynamic personality and have the temperament to thrive on emotional drama but you display subtlety, not pomp, and show.

You seek intimacy in relationships, and total commitment & loyalty, and any threat to that is not taken lightly.

Although you are not receptive to change, especially if forced upon you, you do however stand behind ideas that you support, ultimately becoming a vehicle for change.

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Scorpio goes through an extremity of emotions

You have powerful emotions. Whatever you feel, there is a sense of intensity and extremity underlining it. Truth for you bears the greatest importance than anything else.

You are very sensitive and have an intrinsic ability to see through others. Your higher level of introspection allows you to bring forth the truth and you do not portray it in a better light, rather put it forth on the table in the rawest form, regardless of how throbbing it might be.

Your temperament to confront is both vexing as well as compelling to others. You tend to suppress your emotions, hide inner feelings from others, which makes you vulnerable to jealousy and misunderstandings. To detach yourself from uncomfortable emotions, you find solace in fantasy, the occult, and the mystical.

Scorpio has a Gift of Intuition

You are psychologically gifted. You are somehow aware of what others need and what they are about to say. Your intuitiveness is sometimes so intense that it drives you to the exploration of occult subjects and mysteries of life such as magic, alchemy, and mind-reading.

Your highly developed psychic powers enable you to get information easily about matters secret to others. And you don’t have to do much effort to bring the truth out. Your strong instincts allow you to bare it all in front of you.

Scorpio is a Born Psychologist

You have an innate capability to sense what others need. As an instinctive psychologist, you do wonder about healing others. You have the temperament to understand people and shuffle others from darkness to light using your gift to see things as they are. By reeling in the depths of your darkest soul and knowing what is in there, you understand what others hide in theirs. This calls for great emotional honesty.

You constantly sense an electromagnetic field of emotions around you. Through confronting and accepting things as they are, you help yourself and others to solve emotional crises. This is primarily the reason why people trust you with secrets. You endow them with freedom, both emotional and spiritual.

Fire with Fire

You believe in the ‘law of retaliation’ – an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. If someone dares to wrong you, you cannot help but give them a taste of their own medicine. However, your approach is both treacherous and toxic for enemies.

You have the temperament to wait for the right time; find their Achilles Heel - the weak spot, and then attack. You are not active-aggressive, rather passive-aggressive. Revenge comes naturally to you. And while doing so, you never cease to maintain your charming innocence.

Scorpio, you are a lone fighter

You are passionate; your inner persona is replete with qualities like ambition, determination, and passion. You are a fighter by default. Even if you are alone in the battle, you dare to challenge the enemy single-handedly.

There is a certain sense of fearlessness and confidence, which drives your actions. You are a bundle of energy, and express yourself bluntly when sensing a threat, especially on an emotional level.

Scorpio, the Dark Horse

Your personality is magnetic, oozing a sense of mystery and secrecy. Scorpio is a sign of privacy, secretive by nature.  You always bite your tongue; never say what you feel and never reveal your secrets to others as you rarely trust people.

You have the temperament to act as a comforter, a good listener who can take others’ secrets to the grave. You have the art of keeping your and others’ secrets and plans under wraps, and of course, keep a poker face.

Scorpio, the Hurdles You Face

When your need for emotional honesty and loyalty is not met, you have the temperament to choose the path of poisonous potential. Your possessiveness often grows into sheer jealousy, which hampers the health of your relationships.

When in love, you demand loyalty and any failure to adhere to the same threatens your sense of security. Your possessiveness is destructive at times. You need to learn to trust others, take criticism lightly, and see the silver lining in the darkest of clouds.

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