The Taurus Woman Personality

Taurus woman is smart, strong and brilliant in whatever she does. Ruled by the planet Venus, she admires beautiful, harmonious and luxurious surroundings. But she also has lots of other admirable qualities apart from her great aesthetic sense.

As a wife, Taurus woman likes to decorate her home with finest quality, pretty looking things. She wants everything in her house neat, clean and in perfect order. She is also sensitive to smells and fragrances. She is hardworking, responsible and devoted towards her family and kids. This Taurus Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign. Are you a Taurus Moon Sign? Find it out instantly. Moon Sign is a very significant Astrological Mark to know your future!

Taurus females believe in doing things slowly, persistently and peacefully. They usually take up one job at a time, give it their full attention and complete it. They don’t like to do things impulsively and hurriedly. They proceed with care and caution. Taurus wants to build solid structures that can last forever.

Taurus woman is an admirer of simplicity and elegance. She doesn’t like flashiness, flamboyance and hypocrisy. She is also a peace lover.

Positive traits of Taurus Woman in Marriage / Relationship:

Taurus love partner is very affectionate and caring. She is also extremely loyal and committed. In the face of difficulties, you will get to see the most patient and perseverant side of her personality.

Negative traits of Taurus Woman in Marriage / Relationship:

Taurus woman can be very stubborn and fixed on certain issues. She is unlikely to change her decisions and opinions. Fights and arguments with her can take a very stormy turn.

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