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Taurus Woman

Taurus Woman - Tender & caring, Taurus is a loving heart. But do not test her patience too far

Taurus is a fixed sign and that signifies that women born under this sign will have high levels of grit, determination, and self-confidence. They have a likeness for simple things in life and have refined tastes in materialistic goods.

They follow principles of logic and organization in their life and carry a systematic approach, in general. A Taurus woman will never do a thing that is undirected. She will have a purpose behind doing everything. She is not just a hard worker but also knows how to live life to the fullest. You can never have a dull moment with a Taurus woman.

Just don’t touch upon their stubborn self, otherwise, the lenient bull in her will take an aggressive form. They are emotionally strong, independent, and not exactly introvert, but takes their time to open up to new people, environments, and situations. They have good knowledge of money management and will make for ardent lovers and dependable companions.

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Physical attributes of a Taurus woman

A Taurus woman will have big beautiful and bright eyes, a thick neck, lustrous hairs, bushy brows, and lovely lashes. They are very careful about their physical appearance and thus lay a great focus on their diet and health regimes. Overall, they are blessed with a charming and attractive personality.

Behavioral constitution of a Taurus woman

A woman born under the Taurus moon sign has a calm and composed nature. She can handle and sustain a lot of stress and challenging situations in life due to her immense willpower and courage. She is humble and reliable; trust and faith come easily to her. For this innate character, she can withstand great hardships in life without being breaking down even once.
However, be wary of her stubborn nature and the other side of her temper. When angered, it would be a task to calm her down and she will need a lot of time to normalize. But, she is quick to forgive and forget, provided the situation isn’t too grim.

Style sense of a Taurus woman

Ruled by Venus, a Taurus woman has a great sense of style. She has a refined and clear taste in fashion and knows exactly what to wear and how to carry it. She is among one of the most stylish women you will ever encounter, but her style statement would be simple and not over-the-top.


A Taurus moon sign woman is quite efficient in managing various life roles with aplomb. She would be a fine daughter to her mother, a caring mother to her children, and a loyal companion to her soulmate.
Taurus woman is sensible and sympathetic towards others and will never intentionally hurt someone’s feelings. She will always want to stay away from muddled arguments and the best weapon to win a dispute will be her silence. A woman of few words, her gutsy side will come alive if she finds any of her loved ones in trouble.

As a Daughter

A Taurus daughter is sensible and protective of her parents. She is emotional but has great control over her sentiments. Her practicality takes over in most spheres of her life and she will make a calculative move for the betterment of her parents and family, at large. She is an obedient child but also has her viewpoints and ideologies which she would like to follow, ardently.

  • She will be quite close to her mother and will have an indispensable desire to help her mother, since childhood.
  • As a parent of a Taurus moon sign daughter, you need to be cautious of the fact that your daughter is an independent girl. She is attached to her family and parents but will need her own space, too.

As a Sister

As a sister Taurus Woman is caring but also a little conventional in her thoughts and would like her siblings, especially, the younger ones, to abide by her commandments. Having said that, she will be the best friend they can ever ask for and will protect them from the hardships of the outside world, will be their guide in times of adversities.

  • Doesn’t matter if you have an older or younger Taurus sister, you can learn from her the value of loyalty and trust also the power of perseverance and resilience.
  • For a younger Taurus sister, a gentle and protective elder sibling will be worth the world. She would not conform to their ideas and notions, all the time but she would always respect them and love them dearly.

As a Friend

Although Taurus woman will not make many friends, she will be super protective of her small circle of friends. She will take time to strike a friendship but once she opens up and takes you as your friend, know that it will be for a lifetime. She will be your advisor, your guide, your partner in crime, and your strength through thick and thin.

  • Taurus women will be highly faithful and affectionate towards their friends and will seek the same level of loyalty from them in return.
  • It is not easy to make friends with a Taurus woman. She will be pretty obscured about her feelings for you. But once you make a connection with them, know that the friendship will be for keeps.

As a Lover

Ruled by Venus, a Taurus woman will seek love and security in a relationship. She will not make her love visible quickly, as she is governed by practical emotions. But, once she does, she will be devoted to the relationship. She will have sensual and highly romantic outlooks and will love to be showered with praises, compliments, and gifts.

  • She needs to be comfortable in a relationship, to take the next step. She doesn’t like to be rushed and will prefer a slow and steady approach in love.
  • She likes to spend quality time with her lover and crave his attention, all the time.
  • She appreciates simple gestures of love and though she like gifts, she will not yearn for diamonds, a flower will be enough to make her day.

As a Wife

As a wife, a Taurus woman will be completely committed towards her husband. Though she will take a long time to select a suitable match for herself, once she is into the marital relationship, she will be the most loyal companion you can ever ask her.

She will be dutiful and will find contentment and happiness in taking care of her home and dealing with domestic matters. A Taurus woman finds her solace in her family and she will do everything in her capacity to make her marriage work, even when tough times come calling.

  • She would like to be cared for and would want her husband to handle the responsibilities of the family well.
  • She enjoys her shared moments and time spent with her spouse and family. She will make for a competent homemaker with her skills in money management.
  • She thrives on the affection and intimacy of the marital relationship and may turn cold if her sexual desires are not suitably fulfilled.

As a Mother

Taurus Woman is a brilliant mother, who is a friend, philosopher, and guide to her children. She expects her children to be obedient and well-behaved. Laziness puts her off and thus, she would want her child to indulge in co-curricular activities along with academics. She will be highly protective of her children and will teach them the strength of courage and independence in life.

  • Like the Taurus father, a Taurus mother will be highly affectionate and protective towards her children but will not be very good at expressing her feelings to her children.
  • She is a pro with household budgeting and will get the best deals to increase family savings.
  • Being a hardworking woman, she aspires to teach her children that everything needs to be earned and nothing is served to them on a platter.


A Taurus woman is highly professional and will be a dedicated worker. She will have high regard for other’s privacy and will not interfere in professional matters, needlessly. She is not a natural leader or innovator but perseverance and reliability are her biggest strengths in her career. She will excel in whatever she does, but she would particularly do well in artistic and creative fields.

As a Student

A Taurus woman will be an academically inclined student. She will be an ideal student for her teachers and will excel in her studies. Her dedication and endurance will be quite visible in this role, where she will judiciously meet assignment deadlines and be ready with her projects in time.

  • She can blend fun and academics very well and can excel them in too.
  • She will never bunk a class unless being emotionally tormented by her friends.
  • She is content to work hard, learn, and enjoy her life as a student.

As an Employee

As an employee, Taurus moon sign born woman will look for stability in a job. They also want a good income, but also lookout for an opportunity that will offer her a good work-life balance.
She will take her time to finalize and accept a job offer, after carefully weighing all the pros and cons. But once she is there, she will look for a long-term association, as change is something she would like to stay away from.

  • If you are looking for stable and loyal employees, the Taurus moon sign woman can be your ultimate choice.
  • Laziness is not a very common trait to them, but they can be a tad lethargic until they find their true career calling.
  • Sometimes their highly stern and egoistic nature may result in them losing out on good professional opportunities.

As a Boss

A Taurus boss lady will be quiet patient and peaceful. They will never make a fuss about unnecessary things, in fact, they will give you ample opportunities to rectify your mistakes and prove your worth. You will seldom find a boss easy going as a Taurus moon sign born a woman.

  • They make stable, sensitive, and attentive managers. She will take her time to make a decision but will seldom make a wring one. However, at times this can be ruled out as a negative trait of indecisiveness.
  • Taurus woman will be target-oriented but never be too pushy. She will like to stay behind the scene and let her employees take the credit for organizational achievements.
  • She pretty much operates by strict rules and regulations, but there will not be too many to be followed.

As a Business professional

A Taurus moon sign born woman will also aim high as a business professional. She will never be satisfied running a small business and will work relentlessly to build a big empire.

Taurus woman is blessed with a rational mind which will help her in making sane business decisions. Bestowed with an analytical mindset and high level of dedication she can make for top league woman entrepreneurs.

  • Her ‘never-give-up’ attitude will be the key to her success in the business world.
  • Her understanding of money and related matters and high levels of proficiency in financial matters will help her turn small investments into big fortunes for her business.