Taurus Man

Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus man is an admirer of beauty, brilliance and elegance. Taurus husband longs for a stable and secure family life and a fixed routine. They don’t appreciate too much thrill, surprises and adventure in life.

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As a husband, Taurus man is usually the “giver” in committed relationships and wants to make enough money to give his family and kids a life of comfort and luxury. He is loving, romantic and caring, but not unrealistic and insensible. There is always a practical and worldly angle to love with a Taurus.

Taurus man in love doesn’t need variety and lots of unnecessary changes everyday for pleasure and enjoyment. He appreciates small things and subtleties around him. Mysterious and unpredictable behavior of any sort turns him off. He is a traditionalist and conventionalist in every aspect.

Positive traits of Taurus Man in Marriage / Relationship:

Taurus man loves to take care of you and the family. Once he is committed, he will be totally faithful and devoted towards the bond. It takes a lot for this man to disturb the matrimonial peace and break the bond.

Negative traits of Taurus Man in Marriage / Relationship:

Your Taurus love partner is fixed about his views and opinions, and doesn’t appreciate a strong, critical opposition. He holds his position on almost all matters very stubbornly. Fight with a Taurus husband can get very fiery and dangerous. He loves peace, but once he is angry, it’s very difficult to cool him down.

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