Taurus Finance horoscope

Taurus is the second sign in the series of the zodiac and is ruled by the planet of wealth and luxury, Venus. If you are born with Taurus as your moon sign, you are immensely fond of pleasure and comfort.

You are always looking for practical ways to achieve your goal of a wealthy and comfortable life. You aim to accumulate money throughout your life as money provides a strong sense of security to you.

You are dependable, steady and generally good with handling money because of your practical nature. Your persevering, constant and determined nature helps you accumulate good amount of wealth.

Your love for luxury and comfort makes you spend, as you like to be surrounded by high quality and refined things that reflect your personal standard and desires.

You are practical and prioritize saving for the future and have a conservative approach towards investment. You generally do well in your own business ventures due to your hard work and moneymaking skills.

You are quite generous and rarely face scarcity of funds in your life. However, with your sheer hard work and determination, you have the capacity to generate abundance even in situations of economic collapse.

Taurus Moon sign: Are you a Spender or Saver?

Taurus Moons, you are efficient in making money and generally good at saving too. Your steadfast nature is a great motivator for you to plan and save for your retirement. You try your best to maintain a healthy balance with money.

While on one hand you love to indulge and spend on luxury, on the other, you are practical enough to understand the importance of saving to maintain your lavish lifestyle.

You are hardworking and follow a solid work ethic to earn sufficient amount of wealth to fulfill your materialistic desires. You are quite generous when it comes to spend other people, hence you need to be careful that your generosity is not being taken advantage of.

Traditional and conservative investment strategies can prove beneficial to you and can pay off well in the long term.

Wealth giving planets for Taurus moon sign

Taurus moons, Venus is the lord of your lagna (ascendant) and sixth house and if beneficial in the birth chart can help you with wealth creation and accumulation. You can take loans if need be. If well placed in the birth chart, Venus can also help you with wealth retention through service.

Mercury is the lord of the second house of wealth, assets and money inflow and if beneficial in the birth chart, can bless you with wealth accumulation through speculation as it also is the lord of fifth house of gains through speculation. Since the second house also denotes family assets, a benefic planet well placed here could mean that you are born to a rich family and the family’s wealth could be passed on to you.

Moon is the lord of the third house in your horoscope and if in good dignity, it indicates wealth retention through diligence and personal efforts.

Jupiter being the lord of eighth house of sudden events and hidden wealth and eleventh house of gains has the potential to give huge gains due to sudden events and opportunities. It can also give gains through inheritance and in-laws.

Taurus Moons, in case there is an exchange or combination of Mercury and Jupiter in Kendra (angles) or Trikona (trine) houses in your personal birth chart, you will be extremely wealthy and fortunate and will not ever have to face money shortage in life.

Similarly, a combination or exchange between the lords of tenth and eleventh house of your birth chart can lead to huge gains in the Dasha/Antardasha (operating/sub-period of planet) of either of the planets.

However, that is based on the thorough analysis of the complete birth chart.

Tips for better financial condition

Taurus Moons, you have a tendency to be materialistic and have a taste and sometimes obsession for luxury. However, there is nothing wrong with allowing yourself to indulge in the finer things if you can afford it.

Although saving comes naturally to you however, developing long-term financial habits of investing and saving shall be beneficial to you. You also need to diversify your investment portfolio and try to create multiple channels of income.

You naturally possess a sound sense of managing finances and can even guide others with their financial management issues, however, you should ensure that your expenditures are well planned and within your means. You also need to be careful not to let your desire for material wealth drive you into bad financial decisions.

You need to practice patience when it comes to earning money as it will come to you through efforts and effective planning. You also need to practice self-control when it is about spending and be wise enough to buy things you actually need.

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