Taurus Love

Taurus man and Taurus woman make very dependable, caring and loving partners. Ruled by the beauty plant planet Venus, Taurus has natural fondness for good looks, glamour and luxury. They seek and provide material comfort and security in committed partnerships. This Taurus Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign. Are you a Taurus Moon Sign? Find it out instantly. Moon Sign is a very significant Astrological Mark to know your future!

In love, Taurus natives are extremely loyal, trustworthy and devoted. They would prefer constancy, harmony and bliss over surprises, adventure and thrills of highs and lows in a relationship. If a sincere relationship along with the idea of building a comfortable home together attracts you, falling in love with Taurus can be a great choice.

There will also always be a practical side to the love of any Taurus. When it comes to choosing their love partners, they make careful and calculated decisions. Taurus is anything but impulsive, unpredictable and rash.

Taurus can also act in a very stubborn way in the face of opposition and contradiction. Their anger can be very explosive and difficult to manage. They have very fixed personalities. Once they have made up their mind on something, they are unlikely to change it. And this is markedly true for their decisions on love and relationships as well.

Understanding Taurus Love Nature: Signs that tell a Taurus is in love with you:

With a Taurus, it might be really difficult to read the love signs in the beginning. Taurus is not the type who would enter into love or a relationship out of impulse even if they think you are a catch. If a Taurus finds you likeable, they would first try to find more about you. A good conversation will be the starting point. It is a possibility that they will behave rather shyly in the beginning. They tend to get closer to you slowly and gradually. Taurus does not like to waste their time on wishy-washy and fickle-minded personalities. They will like you if you are consistent, trustworthy and loyal. If they do not find the right person, they would rather be alone and wait patiently for the right one.

Taurus man in love or Taurus woman in love would not surprise you with their feelings. They tend to build a relationship slowly and enjoy the subtleties. They will express their feelings with sweet sensual gestures. Taurus will like to go out with you on luxury dates. Expensive gifts, glamorous outfits, finest settings, great food, etc. will be a part of the courtship.

Once they enter into a relationship, they are likely to stay into it, even if the relationship demands a lot of effort, struggle and sacrifices. Breaking the bond is more painful for them than to trying endlessly to make it work.

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