Taurus Career Horoscope

Taurus is the first Earth sign of the zodiac & are sheer hard workers. Their sense of grit & stubbornness is what makes them who they are. They go after their goals stubbornly, which is to say they won’t stop unless they achieve it. If they set their mind onto achieving a certain place in their career, they will leave no stone unturned to get there.

Taurus Career Horoscope


Taurus is a combination of ardent hard work and intelligence. This combination is what helps them go against the wind and achieve what they want. Generally, most people possess either of the two which is why they stop mid-way. They either get distracted, or they do not possess the sharpness to get there. But a Taurus has both, therefore, they go towards achieving their goals with unwavering strength and intelligence. They are also ones to not stay in a particular job if they do not feel fulfilled. As slow and steady they are, professionally they aspire to achieve greatness at the same pace as their hard work.

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  • They have a positive outlook towards what they do, and are sometimes workaholic as well. Their way of getting past most of their emotional upheavals is also through their work. They believe that if they ascend professionally, their problems will subside.
  • They are practical in nature, both personally and professionally. They can be deeply emotional within but are determined to hide it. Often they are seen pursuing their goals professionally with a lot of persistence when all they really want or might need is to let those emotions out. It is therefore safe to conclude that a Taurus usually uses their profession/work not just as their driving force but also their hiding source.
  • They are meticulous and methodical in nature. They do things a certain way and want them to happen according to their plan. Any disruption in their ‘plan’ can result in other levels of sub-plans within their ‘initial plan’. While this can be taxing and frustrating for many, this is workable for a Taurus. This is also why they’re termed as ‘slow’.
  • They are ready to accept new ideas but won’t do it in a haste. It needs to have a proper reasoning behind it and convincing. A Taurus, with reasoning and logic, will meticulously analyze it from all angles to ensure that it really does make sense. And that takes time.
  • They are amongst the ‘fixed zodiac signs’ which means they’re not job hoppers, however, they will ensure that they like their job and it serves the higher purpose/goal in some way to stay in that career to begin with.
  • Taurus has an amazing capacity to transform, they start from scratch and grow and develop with time, eventually. They’re self-made.


Taurus Career Horoscope

Weekly Predictions (19 May - 25 May)
Your skills and quick-wittedness can land you a deal this week. Employees must perform well in their offices as even the slightest negligence might lead to issues. It is best to be patient this week as this is not the right time to switch jobs.

Your Key Professional Traits

  • Intelligent
  • Persistent
  • Stable
  • Quick learners
  • Creative

Taurus Career Strengths

  • The strength of a Taurus can be gauged from their mental strength. This zodiac sign has a mind of steel. When they are working single-handedly at a task, their perseverance is a sight of sheer awe. They are determined and will quietly sit at a task unflinchingly. Nothing in the world can change their mind once it is made up. It’s a beautiful quality to have.
  • They might become humble and get hurt by anyone who goes against their dreams of achievements in life or doesn’t trust their capabilities but that wouldn’t stop them from believing in themselves. It will be a hard task and an emotional one at that to remove such people and obstacles from their way who majorly don’t trust them in their ventures, but they’ll do it. They are practical and quick in understanding new ideas, however they get into deep analysis of those ideas to check pros & cons.
  • Tauruses are extremely creative due to their Venusian nature, and they add a generous amount of emotion into it to create something sublime. It could be something as simple as preparing a satisfying lunch or a piece of self-composed music. This means they can do well in artistic ventures as well. Their strength also arises from someone who genuinely and truly trusts them and their abilities. When they find this quality in someone, they don’t let them go.
  • Taurus represents stability, therefore, they do well in financial matters too whether it involves taking care of business or in banking, they do well. They have a good problem-solving acumen due to their simple and sorted nature. If the birth chart is well supported, their calm exterior is very much their inner reality. They also know how to get into the ‘good books’ of their bosses.
  • Self-belief.
  • Perseverance.
  • Calm and stable nature.
  • Hard work & resilience.
  • Creativity are Taurean strengths.


What You Need to Work at?

  • Taurus are a softy inside, so they tend to get disheartened rather quickly. It will also come as a surprise that they don’t trust easily. While they might get back up rather quickly, yet this tendency might lead them to get back into their cocoon, which they find comfortable. This is however not the ‘healthy comfort zone’ and therefore need someone to pull them right out of it. More often than not, it is they themselves. This is one of the most unknown secrets/weaknesses of a Taurus.
  • They don’t adjust easily outside their comfort zone. They equate ‘familiarity’ with ‘what’s good for them’ and that is rarely ever true. They might get judgmental about things which seem slightly ‘different’ on the surface and take time to trust or understand the situation. This rigidity might deter productivity.
  • One of the biggest professional failures of Taurus comes through making false commitments in their work field or through their harsh and impolite communications. It can even be the sole reason for a long-term break in their career.
  • Another trait that Taurus need to work upon is their habit to badmouth their colleague in their absence. Taurus can be mean, at times, in professional life and can indulge in spiteful gossiping and backbiting, at work.
  • Taurus can get rather frustrated and angry if they are unable to complete the task at hand in time. It can make them so anxious that they can even have sleepless nights until the work is done.

Taurus Career Choices

Regardless of their strengths and weaknesses, Tauruses are extremely driven and get ahead in their career. They are great with finances which indicates a good career in banking, stock markets and chartered accountancy. They also do well in artistic fields such as designing, architecture and as chefs. Some very good musicians and dancers are Taureans as well. Textile business is great for a Taurus, they are also seen as social entrepreneurs working for the welfare of the society at large.

They are good in business, but to have a job/government service as their primary career option is better for Taureans.

Income From Career

Income gains make the most important aspect of a Taurus's career. They are essentially putting in all the hard work to attain their ultimate goal of increasing their financial status. Money is their work priority; position and job quality are secondary for Taurus professionals.

Taurus Career – Planets and Facts

  • Venus, Mercury and Saturn play an important role in defining the career of a Taurus. Venus, their Lagna lord, bestows them with good decision-making abilities, Mercury offers them intelligence and Saturn showers the favors of luck on their career.
  • Apart from this, the placement and strength of Jupiter are considered important for gains from career and Rahu is deemed significant for holding authoritative positions in professional life.
  • If Saturn and Rahu occupy the 10thhouse of Taurus, there will be mixed results in your career.
  • While Saturn will make you determined and committed to achieving your goals, it will also put across some hardships in your professional life.
  • On the other hand, Rahu will increase your hunger to attain fame and income in the shortest possible period.
  • If Mercury is strong in the natal chart of Taurus, they can do well in programming, language, and software-related jobs and will earn a good income from it.
  • Good placement of Mercury also offers Taurus a prolific career in motivational and consultation space.


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