Taurus Temperament

Taurus Temperament

Taurus is an Earth Sign, pertaining to material aspects of life. Having said that, you are neither materialistic nor greedy; it is just that you understand that possessions and material security lead to emotional fulfillment.

A rice bowl and a blanket and you are happy to go asleep, however, a cloth napkin on the dining table and a mint on the pillow make you happier.

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You have a taste for luxury and fine details. Moreover, you also have the financial stability to support your extravagance, and quite incredibly, the ability to attract wealth when you need it.

The Taurus Comfort Zone

Taurus has the temperament to feel sure of the steps they take and the impending outcomes. A long silence precedes your acts, but when you speak, you take the world by storm with your ideas.

You seek to create a world of comfort and security for you and your loved ones and do anything to preserve it if threatened. You dread the unknown and unpredictable and find solace in the familiar and tangible. All your actions are based on solid ground and forethought, unlike Aries.

You are blessed with emotional and mental stability. When everyone is bewildered to see a tornado strike, you have the temperament to remain calm and make a calculated plan to find a shelter. You know how to make the most of the resources handy.

You are a trustworthy person, a perfect supporting hand to have around in a catastrophe. People turn to you for help, even financially and you are more than happy to lend a helping hand. However, those who depend on you too much, lose your respect.

You are an affectionate, romantic, and a gentle lover, and a pleasure seeker too, thus you become a source a delight for those around you. Taurus has the temperament to be quiet, persistent, conservative, and practical.

Emotional and Social Side of Taurus

You are an emotionally balanced person and find your way through with forethought.  You are diplomatic - turn the situation to your advantage quickly with the aura of loyalty and trust you create.

You are not receptive to change. You are set in your ways and no one can budge you from the path you have taken, as whatever you do, there is so much dedication and focus involved.

You are dependable and organized; finish one task and then move on to the next. Those with Taurus Moon Sign have qualities associated with Moon and are always patient and calm. What Aries start and leave in between, you can continue that task infinitely to ultimately finish it with perfection.

You may appear swollen with pride and unapproachable because you are not a talkative person.  However, you are jolly; love to have a tight-knit friend circle.

You have an intense awareness of the body and senses - things like massage, fragrances, gourmet food, aesthetically pleasing objects, and quality materials delight you the most.

Ruled by Venus, you have an innate desire for finer things and an inclination towards arts. You are likely to have lots of intimate dinner gatherings, offering a feast to your senses.

Hurdles You Face, Taurus

It would not be wrong to call you “stubborn as a bull” just what your zodiac sign represents. You are rigid to welcome a change. You need a sense of permanence and constancy in life but it makes you prone to monotony and routine.

You hold your opinion in high regard, and innately think that you are always right. You have the temperament not to compromise, either someone can listen to you and agree, or leave the room, as you do not give an inch for them to take a mile.

Even in relationships, you are demanding, although hold yourself to the same level of standard. Your uncompromising nature sometimes creates troubles in love.

Nevertheless, when you fall in love, you seek the same permanence and eternity in your relationship, as you do in all areas of your life. You are loyal and loving, and if you learn to adjust and adapt, nobody is as desirable as you are.

You are not an innovator or creator; you are more of a sustainer. Your intense aversion to the unknown keeps you at bay from the adventure and novelty that life has to offer.

For a more harmonious life, you could try to be more open to new ideas and receptive to change. Keep these traits of Taurus personality in check and eventually, fortune will unfold for you in bountiful ways.

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