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Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, the headstrong individual who knows how to harvest the fruits of his labor. You are a strong-willed person, represented by bull as your mascot. But this bull is not sturdy and fierce, it is rather soft and sophisticated, until it is provoked. Taurus thrives in domestic comfort and material possessions, seeks to build a secure and stable place for them and their loved ones. Anything that threatens their sense of security comes off as a red flag to the bull. You are a slave of the senses, inclined towards creature comforts, but you are a very dependable person too, often act as the protector when needed. Moon gives you a tolerant and reserved personality, to a level that you rarely lose temper. This makes you a very compatible sign.

This Taurus Horoscope Reading is based on Moon Sign, a very important Astrological Mark to know your future. Are you a Taurus Moon Sign? Find it out instantly.

Taurus Ruling Planet: Venus You bullheaded individuals are ruled by planet Venus, which governs love, beauty and luxury. You have a heightened ability to feel through the senses. Due to Venus’ influence, you are driven towards all things beautiful. You love finer things in life that tickle your senses such as a luxurious leather couch, soft silk pillows, fragrant perfumes, scrumptious food and scenic surroundings. Your taste is expensive, thus a love affair with you can be a costly business (wink, wink).

Taurus Element: Earth
You are a very levelheaded person, with a practical approach, never build castles in the air, rather, have a realistic view of situations. You never escape from reality nor run away from life’s challenges. You are a very grounded, down-to-earth person, a source of comfort and dependability for your loved ones. The earth element also makes you a little stubborn, too set in your ways, conservative, and resistant to change. You are closest to the earth of all signs, thus the negative side of your earthy nature is your sluggishness and lethargy.

Taurus Quality: Fixed
Being a ‘fixed’ Earth sign, you tend to be set in your ways, have a sense of stability and consistency as a ‘stone’. You are a hard to move person, thus might even be called stubborn as a bull. As a fixed sign, you want to build a stable and secure home for yourself, where you can stay permanently. You rarely change residence. Any threat to the permanent things in life such as home, possessions or relationships is not taken lightly.

Taurus Strengths
You have a very pragmatic outlook to situations. While everyone relies on either hope or impulse, you rely on cautious actions. Because of your methodical approach, the steps you take are likely to bring success. You do not freak out in situations of terror and remain calm and composed, acting as a source of comfort to others. Reliability, faithfulness and patience are your biggest assets in all areas of life, be it career or love.

Taurus Weaknesses
One thing that becomes a hurdle for you is your stubborn nature. You are not that adaptable or compromising in nature, thus have a tough time in relationships. In addition, you can be overly lethargic at times, due to Venus’ influence. Over-indulgence is the biggest threat to your health. In relationships, you tend to be possessive as well because you consider it as a possession, something that belongs to you and no one else.

This page details out a Taurus Man, Woman, Boss, Lover and many more specifics on Taurus personality like Taurus Temperament and how a Taurus handles his finances. Read on>>

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