Taurus Cancer Compatibility

Taurus and Cancer are both career oriented, hardworking and overly inclined towards making money, and this implies that together they can make quite a wondrous professional team where there is no confusion regarding the targets and goals. Neither of them is impulsive, risk taking and rash while making financial decisions, although Cancer can sometimes act too serious and solemn in this area.

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Both Taurus and Cancer are determined and ambitious individuals; however, Taurus is stronger, tougher and more practical as compared to Cancer. Cancer can become overly emotional, sensitive, moody and touchy time and again for no reason. Although, this behavior confuses Taurus a lot, they are ready to offer help without being judgmental, and this gratifies Cancer a lot.
  Taurus is a peace-loving, Earth sign ruled by soft beauty planet Venusand Cancer is a deep and sensitive Water sign ruled by the gentle Moon. Courtesy the fine blending of the Earth and Water elements as well as the unusual number of similarities between the natives of these two signs, there is mutual respect and understanding in the relationship. There can be a few differences and areas of discord, but they are mostly manageable as both of them avoid unnecessary criticism and angry arguments. All in all, this is a good astrological pairing where the natives relate with each other smoothly.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Much of the success of the relationship between Taurus and Cancer can be attributed to the fact that both these lovers want more or less the same things from life and from each other. Amongst other things, this unusual similarity of relationship goals reduces chances of conflict and miscommunication a lot. Nonetheless, total harmony and compatibility is not indicated in any love match, but, still, this one performs very brilliantly in the karmic love wheel.

Taurus and Cancer are future focused signs that want to pin down with a strong, sincere mate and start a blissful family. Neither of them is overly outgoing and free spirited by nature. Both of them take time to enter into a relationship and get doggedly committed afterwards. Loyalty comes naturally to both of them, and cheating their partner out of pure impulse are alien terms for them. Both are fond of eating and cooking food, which earns them extra brownie points.

Both Cancer and Taurus cannot compromise on securing a solid financially stable future for their families. Not only will they love budgeting and saving money together, they will also enjoy shopping stuff for their home and kids.

Some problems may crop up occasionally in the relationship when Taurus becomes stubborn with their point of view and gets explosive in fights, deeply hurting the sensitive Cancer, or when Cancers completely shut down after slightest criticism and opposition and show myriad of emotions that Taurus finds hard to comprehend. Cancer can change moods fast, but Taurus is more or less fixed about things. Apart from these times, which will anyway be few, Taurus and Cancer will share mutual love and respect and will enjoy each other’s company.