Taurus Aquarius Compatibility

Friendship, love and partnership of any other kind between Taurus and Aquarius is rare if not impossible. The question here would not be whether team Taurus and Aquarius will be successful. It will be whether at all they will join hands to partner up in the first place.

Taurus is a creature of habit and routine. Familiarity and fixedness in people, places and things around them give them a sense of comfort, peace and security. Unnecessary changes always surprise, confuse and overwhelm poor Taurus. For them, sudden and unexpected changes are synonymous with lack of reliability and dependability in the base structures.
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Aquarius is just the opposite. For them, too much of sameness and familiarity is equivalent to monotony and boredom. They want to experiment, to take challenges, to try out newer things, etc. They might accuse Taurus for being dull and bearing a general lack of curiosity for life. Taurus, on the other hand, feels Aquarius is strange, weird and untrustworthy. It can take a really long time for them to understand each other and make adjustments.

Until then, it can be inferred that the Earth sign Taurus and the Air sign Aquarius have little in common with each other and are far less tolerant of the mighty differences they feel exist between them. The answer to whether professional or personal partnership between Taurus and Aquarius will begin and eventually work lies in this delicate realm of tolerance.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Love and romance between Taurus and Aquarius can come across as a real surprise for many as the natives of these two signs stand poles apart from each other and have almost nothing to share and to give to each other. Even good communication between them can become a serious challenge sometimes.

For Aquarius, love can happen in a flick of a second, at first sight and just after a nice coffee date. Taurus, however, is a practical and careful lover and can take a lot of time to say the beautiful four letter word to someone. But once they have considered all aspects and have decided to give their heart away to someone, it is usually very serious and warm. Their love and romantic feelings, once instantiated and developed, are sincere, strong and powerful enough to change just like that.

Aquarius, on the other hand, is almost incapable of believing in something so irrational, illogical and insensible like love in the first place. They are known to confuse and mix good friendship, love and sex in the most strangest of the ways. Aquarius doubts most feelings in life to last, let alone the tender and cheesy romantic feelings that have no solid ground. They can easily say and even believe that they like someone and doubt and refute it later, battling with the issue and tormenting themselves internally.

This relationship can work only if both the signs make careful yet vast adjustments in their love nature and expectations from each other. Only if Aquarius can believe in what Taurus has to say and value what they have to offer and only if Taurus can leave the comfort of their homes and fly a little with Aquarius, things will start looking colorful and bright. This is not too much to ask, if they truly love each other.