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Taurus and Virgo can share a mutually beneficial and healthy relationship for years to come. Even when they join hands for strictly business or professional purposes, their relationship will have lots of friendly talks, understanding and warmth. This is because both of them are very compatible Earth signs.

Virgo likes to pay attention to smallest of details and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to even not-so-significant work projects. Taurus admires Virgo’s basic need and great capacity to do everything with near perfection, but they may not have the tolerance to deal with so much of microanalysis always. Virgo gets impressed with the extreme degree of courage and patience Taurus shows in the face of even greatest of challenges, but might not be well equipped to deal with their fixed and stubborn nature.

Both Virgo and Taurus are strong, determined and industrious by nature and don’t believe in taking any short cuts to success. They are generally careful with money and, thus, when it comes to making big financial decisions, neither of them acts in an impulsive and rash manner. Both of them make dependable partners who seek stability and trust in long term associations.
Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Taurus and Virgo are gentle and peace loving, earthy signs and if they fall for each other, the love compatibility between them can be unusually high and impressive. Taurus and Virgo share many qualities with each other and this implies there can be a really good understanding between the natives of these two signs.
Both Taurus and Virgo have a warm, gentle earthy demeanor and do not believe in cheesy and flashy romance and showiness. Love and relationships are accompanied by a sense of strong duty, realism and responsibility in their case. They are also strongly family oriented by nature and, hence, creating a peaceful, loving home is way too important for both of them.
When it comes to sexual compatibility, both Taurus and Virgo show their strong and sensual sides but are not rough and fiery in their approach. Hence, physical intimacy between them is just the way both of them want it to be. The best part of their relationship is that both will not only be able to achieve harmonious and comfortable physical oneness, but also a powerful mental connection.
The planet of dialogue - Mercury makes Virgo a great, efficient and persuasive communicator and the beauty and love planet Venus lends Taurus a soft, sensible and calm disposition. Both the signs know exactly how to woo and win each other. Both of them will innately feel that they can rely and depend on the other person. All in all, the Taurus and Virgo love pairing gets a nod from Astrology.

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