Taurus Sagittarius Compatibility

When Taurus and Sagittarius come close for business or for pleasure, meeting of minds and reaching perfect accord might not be so easy. Taurus is a fixed and gentle Earthy sign and Sagittarius is a risk taking and casual Fire sign. And this, in the simplest of terms, implies that their working strategies and methodologies are distinctly apart.

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Taurus loves to keep things well planned, fixed to schedules and carefully organized well in advance. They feel Sagittarius is way too cool, messy and clumsy for serious tasks, and, hence, difficult to rely upon. This, they realize soon, is not true as Sagittarius has a genius mind that works in many directions and can solve problems faster than the speed of light. Sagittarius just wants flexibility and hates routine and rigidity in any aspect of their life, very unlike Taurus.

While Taurus wants to go with tried and tested methods at work and takes financial decisions only after considerable thought, Sagittarius likes to try newer and more innovative procedures and is not very careful while dealing with money matters, which puts them in trouble time and again.

There is at least one more difference in the personalities of these two signs, which can cause trouble in their paradise. Sagittarius is blunt and frank with their opinion and can hurt, insult and annoy conservative and calm Taurus unintentionally. Moreover, Sagittarius is cool as a cucumber and easily forgets things said and done during arguments and fights, but Taurus remembers lessons learnt from hurt, insult and betrayal for years to come.

By and large, Taurus and Sagittarius can achieve a lot working together with each other, provided they first put sincere efforts in understanding each other’s nature and personality.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Earthy Taurus and fiery Sagittarius do not make perfect love mates as per the classical Astrology rulebook. But strikingly enough, their love and partnership can work successfully for several years in a row. And even beyond that. But only if they are willing to understand each other’s perspective and make adjustments, which, well, they very much are.

Both Taurus and Sagittarius are smart and practical individuals who view the concept of true love with some amount of skepticism. Taurus, however, is still a lot more sentimental, warm and romantic than Sagittarius. Taurus is also an out and out family oriented and emotionally dependent person, while Sagittarius advocates freedom, free-spiritedness and independence at every stage of life. Taurus can wait till eternity to find the right one, might take even longer to make a decision, and would never settle for any less in the romantic department, but this is not true for Sagittarius who believes in enjoying the moment with whoever is willing to go with them in the flow. Once Taurus makes a romantic choice, it is strong, well thought of and highly unlikely to change. Predictably, this is not true in the case of Sagittarius.

Despite these fundamental differences in the love nature of these two natives, neither of them wants to stay alone forever, and at some point or the other in their life, the need for partnering up with another being becomes way too strong. At this time, if they meet each other, they can enjoy great love compatibility and harmonious domestic life. And since, both of them also have lusty sexual appetites, with careful modification in the sexual techniques from either side, the two can enjoy exciting and amazing time in each other’s arms.