Taurus Libra Compatibility

Libra is a clever and logical Air sign, whereas Taurus is hardworking, persistent and determined Earth sign, and together they can complement each other nicely, forming a well workable professional team.
Libra is innately gentle, soft and polite and admires Taurus for their strength, determination and will power. Taurus is more or less fixed in their working style and likes Libra’s creativity and imagination.
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Taurus takes their own sweet time to analyze things, but once they have made a decision, they are not likely to go back and revise things. For this reason, they do not like Libra’s contemplation and mulling over small things all the time.

Libra finds comfort in peaceful associations and likes to avoid violent exchanges and arguments. Taurus is also a peacemaker by nature, but can lose their patience and cool beyond a certain point, after which they can come off really tough and can deeply hurt the soft and sensitive Libra.

Although Taurus is great at working with a team or with somebody else, Libra will enjoy partnering up with a likeminded soul for business or for pleasure more than anybody else. By and large, Taurus and Libra partnership will be a mixed bag of a lot of good and a few not-so-good things.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

  Taurus is a strong yet gentle earthy sign and Libra a light and casual airy sign, and although the combination of these Earth and Air elements does not call for a very strong classical astrological pairing, there are surely ample number of reasons for why the natives of Taurus and Libra signs can fall for each other and enjoy a beautiful relationship together for the long run.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is the natural ruler of both Taurus and Libra and this signals harmony and shared interests amongst the natives of both these signs. Both Libra and Taurus are admirers of beauty and luxury, and will enjoy great time together shopping for anything from apparels to home décor. Libra and Taurus are also the most peace loving signs and do not appreciate conflict and competition within the relationship.

Libra is a very charming sign and can win the tough yet gentle Taurus just by a smile. Libra is quick to fall in love and is an expert with displaying a myriad of colorful romantic gestures. Taurus is most likely to get impressed with Libra’s charm and brilliance, but that does not mean Taurus will enter into a serious relationship with Libra just like that. Taurus is a practical lover and wants to weigh and calculate every aspect well in advance. However, once Taurus becomes sure of the romantic possibilities, they can easily overshadow Libra in tender romantic gestures, and the two can enjoy a great love relationship.