Taurus Pisces Compatibility

If the partnership happens for a creative or artistic project, Taurus and Pisces can contribute all wondrous things and achieve a lot of success together. But everything in the garden would not come up roses if they join hands for something strictly materialistic, rule-based and practical.

Taurus likes to plan, organize and build solid structures wherever they go. Taurus is very careful about financial aspects of everything. Pisces, on the other hand, is highly creative and talented, but might not live up to the work standards set by Taurus. After all, money and financial security are never that important for Pisces, and this makes Taurus feel that Pisces cannot be trusted in high risk, crucial ventures. And, perhaps, this sort of judgment is partially correct as Pisces lives on the dreamy and mystical edge of the world. Practical and mundane details turn off their switches fast. They need inspiration to give their best output at work. Material benefits might not be their major goal in life. Besides, unlike Taurus, Pisces does not look for stability and fixedness from life and from work. Taurus feels such fickle-minded attitude lacks reliability and dependability of an individual.
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If the work project involves the slightest amount of imagination, creativity and artistry, however, Taurus will find inputs given by Pisces to be life-changing. Taurus is smart, practical and industrious, but lacks the way Pisces looks at ordinary things and transforms them into magical pieces of art. Taurus and Pisces will enjoy each other’s company and will have wonderful experiences to share, but before any of the rest of it, they will have to work out some minor differences and set a certain boundaries in place.

Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

  Taurus is a gentle and calm Earth sign and Pisces is a deeply intuitive and dreamy Water sign, and this union carries a great potential to work successfully as water and earth are very compatible elements.

Taurus and Pisces can get attracted to each other fast. While Taurus finds comfort with familiarity and stability that can come only after some time in the relationship, Pisces enjoys dipping their toes in deep, unknown waters. Venus ruled Taurus admires beautiful, glamorous and luxurious things in life. Pisces also adores beauty, but their definition of beauty is rarely linked to anything high class and material in nature. Pisces gets floored with seductiveness, mystery and magic. Taurus does not understand Pisces way of loving someone, but they quite like their romantic technique. Their love relationship will be an amazing mix of ethereal romance, sublime poetical gestures and undying sentimentality. Taurus and Pisces make very compatible partners in bed. Their physical oneness will only make their bond deeper and spiritually stronger.

Pisces is sensitive and does not like to hurt their lover even when they are badly hurt themselves. Taurus appreciates this quality in Pisces, more so during fights and arguments. Both Taurus and Pisces take their sweet time to fall in love and to fully commit to someone, but once they take the plunge, neither of them wants to quit even during the face of extreme difficulties. Although Pisces escapes the problem and retreats after a fight, they are too vulnerable and dependent on the other person to let them go. Taurus does not like to give up on a long relationship either and try their best to resolve things. By and large, the Taurus and Pisces love compatibility gets a really high score and they have all it takes to keep the sparks ignited for a very, very long time.