Taurus Leo Compatibility

Both Taurus and Leo are strong, industrious and efficient individuals who can achieve and learn a lot when they form a partnership together, for personal or professional purposes. Money is overly important to both of them, but for different reasons. Taurus wants financial security, a stable future and all good quality stuff for themselves and for their family. Leo, on the other hand, want limitless money to enjoy a grand and majestic life style. Besides, for Leo, power and fame also grab the centre stage along with money, but not so for Taurus.

Both Taurus and Leo are ambitious and strong people, but their working styles are very different. Taurus love to work hard and plan everything with care and thought. They are, however, not very open to experimentation. Leo is more imaginative and risk taking as compared to Taurus and also has great leadership skills. In any partnership, Leo demands to lead the other. Although Taurus has no desire to get the control of things, when there is a discord, they can become uncommonly stubborn and fixed about their opinion. Leo feels they are superior to the rest and cannot handle disobedience and disrespect of their viewpoint. Reaching a common ground becomes nearly impossible in such cases.

Although this partnership can be strikingly colorful and wonderful, the occurrence of fiery arguments and fights time and again cannot be ruled out.
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Love Match & Marriage Compatibility

Earthy, peace loving Taurus and Fiery, passionate Leo make a rather interesting love match. When it comes to love nature and behavioral characteristics, there’s very little in common. Oddly enough, the natives of both these signs carry somewhat similar expectations from their romantic partners as well as from a love relationship, but the perspective and outlook infuse all the difference.

To begin with, both Taurus and Leo seek complete obedience, respect and uncompromised loyalty from their partners. But, for Leo, this has to reach them in the form of admiration, worship and adoration, amongst other things. Taurus, on the other hand, becomes too suspicious at the advent of flattery and takes time to look beyond the surface compliments. It is very hard to please Leo, but hardest of all to please Taurus.
Taurus demands true service, purity and honesty in relationships. Leo also wants that (and much more, in fact). While the expectations of these two lovers in question can be, at times, unreasonably high, neither of them feels they are getting enough of what they want from the other person, although they most probably are, albeit in different ways and degrees. Sadly, this becomes one of the major areas of discord between Taurus and Leo.

The sexual compatibility between Taurus and Leo can be fairly good and even grand. They are less likely to have a dull time together. Ruled by Venus, Taurus is an admirer of beauty, glamour and brilliance. Leo knows how to glam things up and make it large. Both of them try to make everything their stylish best and loath cheap and trashy stuff. Predictably, they will admire this tendency in the other person. In the long term, however, Leo would feel Taurus is not that interesting and Taurus might not appreciate Leo’s inclination towards flashiness and showiness.

Despite these differences, Taurus admires Leo for their determination, strength and confidence and Leo finds Taurus extremely dependable and reliable. If they can make slight adjustments in their expectations from love and relationships, they can enjoy a wondrous time in each other’s arms.