Taurus as a Person

Taurus person has a gentle & warm attitude, for whom family always comes first & follows a luxurious & comfortable lifestyle.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac which comes under the lordship of Venus. Venus represents beauty, luxuries, and the comforts of life. Taurus as a person is very thoughtful, stable, and practical.

According to Vedic Astrology, the names given to Venus are – Aasphujit, Sita, and Brighu.

Taurus resembles a Bull. The bull brims with raw explosive energy. In the same way, if a Taurean knows how to utilize its energy, then he can do wonders, otherwise, his own force can destroy him.

To reach the zenith in any field, one needs to organize oneself into a system. If you’re less demanding or have limited needs, then it’s an added asset to your personality.

Physical Attributes of a Taurus Moon Sign Native

People born under the Taurus moon sign usually have a plump bodily structure and short stature.

 You appear innocent with childlike eyes, full lips, thick hair, and small/even teeth.

A Taurus native usually has a low forehead, attractive face, and slightly thicker than the usual neck.

The Behavioural Pattern of a Taurus Native

As Taurus is an Earthy sign, these people are strongly willed who have a great endurance level.

 You feel with your senses and are pretty much rooted in your ways. You are extremely ambitious about your goals and remain loyal and grounded in life.

You are slow to anger but, if provoked once, become angry like a charged bull.

You have a strong memory and seldom change your mind. You stick to your decisions no matter what comes your way.

You love stability and steadiness in all matters of life and work strictly on grounds of principles.

You follow luxurious and comfortable lifestyle patterns. You are lovers of good food and love to explore different cuisines.

Profession Best Suited for Taurus Moon Sign

  • Creative writers
  • Artists
  • Directors
  • Producers
  • Television/movie stars
  • Computer programmers
  • Bankers
  • Beauticians

A Taurus person is thoughtful and tries to be practical as far as possible and likes to invest money in creative and productive fields.

You are very stable and consistent and can sit down for long hours to complete your tasks.

Natives who come under the Taurus moon sign are looked upon as extremely hard-working individuals who are amazingly passionate about their profession.

Your business sense is almost accurate and you are really fortunate in career matters.

Taurus Love and Marital Relations

Taurus person is known for its strong and steady mind-set, ambitious personality, and stable nature.

You are extremely sensual and have a magnetic persona. You attract the opposite sex within no time.

You are reliable, loyal, and trustworthy and are completely devoted to your special someone.

Taurus men are silent and undemonstrated but deep within are extremely possessive. But, you also believe in giving personal space to your life partners.

A Taurus woman loves being complimented and showered with gifts and surprises and demands love and security in a relationship.

Taurus Family and Friends

A Taurus person has a gentle and warm attitude, that puts others at ease.

No matter wherever you roam the entire day, in the end, you’ll look out for the comfort of your room, bed, and home-made food. It means the home is the topmost priority for Taurus moon sign natives.

Family always comes first for a Taurus person. You like to indulge deep into your family matters.

You greatly value family cultures and traditions and work following them.

You like being considerate about your family’s needs and desires but on the other hand, expect the same from your end as well and feel disappointed if your wish is not fulfilled.

People born under the Taurus moon sign believe in a long-term friendship. You are not very outspoken rather are stable-minded and remain dedicated to your true friends.

Taurus Styling Sense

People who come under the Taurus moon sign are always fashion-forward and love to make a statement with your daily style.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus natives are infatuated with a luxurious lifestyle.

You’re a shopaholic and are very particular and selective about brands.

You are inclined towards classy pieces that have earthy tones and shades, and love to dress up decently.