Taurus Moon Sign

You don’t believe in prompt and impulsive decisions. You are not open to sudden change and unpredictable situations. You create a strong vibe that makes others feel stable and secure when you are around. You believe in practical approaches and would enjoy the pleasures of life.

Taurus Moon Sign


You will be focused on your true emotional need and will not believe in reacting in all situations which make you a different person from others. For your life is all about safety, comfort, and being surrounded with beautiful things with full nourishment.

You don’t believe in prompt and impulsive decisions and at times miss the much-needed injection of creativity and adrenaline. You likely have taste for finer things in life- like food, drinks, art, music, and home décor, and you might spend lot of time in pursuing your hobby and interest. Once committed you will give full support and nourishment to your partner, that’s why breakups don’t happen very often.

Venus is the ruler of the sign taurus which nourish your mind with happiness, contentment, charitable, good looking, elegant and determined.

You are not open to sudden change and unpredictable situations. You will feel emotional security in familiar surroundings and daily routines. You will accumulate wealth and fixed assets; you believe in practical approaches and would enjoy the pleasures of life.

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Some Notable Houses Placement:

Taurus Moon in the 1st House:

You will be physically attractive and will be able to express your feelings to others. You will make stable decisions and you will have clarity in life. You will be truly committed towards life and will build a strong constitution. You will do charity work and will be kind and compassionate to others.

Taurus Moon in the 2nd House:

You will accumulate wealth and are likely to possess family heritage also. You would be a highly educated and intelligent person. You would have full nourishment and support of your family and will lead a content and lavish life. You will be filled with love, prosperity and abundance with your family members and loved ones.

Taurus Moon in the 3rd House:

You will be highly creative and innovative person with zeal of hardworking and confident personality. You are a born businessperson and would accumulate wealth. At times you may suffer in your love life and making harmonious relationships with siblings. You would be a creative person and would love travelling.

Taurus Moon in the 4th House:

It indicates true mother’s love, optimistic approach towards life and would understand the true taste of life. You will accumulate fixed assets and will have generosity of spirit. You will be content and happy in life.

Taurus Moon in the 5th House:

You will do creative work, will receive true love from your children as you will influence them. You will be extremely intelligent and will attract many people through your magnetic personality.

Taurus Moon in the 6th House:

This is not the best position for moon, which might give numerous adversities, and conflict with professionals and other social circle people. You will constantly have health ailments especially related to the digestive system.

Taurus Moon in the 7th House:

You will have a mesmerizing personality and will lead a romantic life. You will be committed in your relationship and will always thrive for security and stability in your life. You will have a supportive and lovable partner.

Taurus Moon in the 8th House:

It indicates severe health and longevity problems. You will be undernourished and will have difficulty with your mother. You will find it difficult to maintain harmonious relationships with your family members and loved ones.

Taurus Moon in the 9th House:

It indicates you are well versed in religion and morality, and spiritual beliefs. You are wealthy, extremely intelligent, and prosperous. You will do a lot of long distance and foreign travel. You will be an influencer to many people.

Taurus Moon in the 10th House:

Ethics and morality are important for you. You would follow religious and family beliefs. You would prove to be highly competitive and have the caliber to defeat the opponent. You will be successful in your field and will accumulate wealth and properties.

Taurus Moon in the 11th House:

You will achieve all your hopes and desires you have in your mind with minimal obstacles. You will receive happiness from your family members and loved ones. You will have a big social circle, and especially attracted to travelling in long distance and foreign lands.

Taurus Moon in the 12th House:

You will face misfortunes, health and relationship issues and financial losses. You will be compassionate and will provide nourishment to others. But you will be an introverted person and will find difficulty in making friends.


You are hardworking and would successfully complete the delegated work with responsibility and commitment. You have a good sense of creativity and taste of originality to have a good sense of home décor and interior design. Your abilities would shine in a long term committed work in a big financial corporates and institutions, film industry, fashion designer and other designing industries, beauty cosmetics and luxury items, precious stones and jewelry and other areas.

Suitable Partners for Marriage

Taurus Moon Signs are known for their pleasure, comforts, stability, and secure relationship which makes an ideal partner for Cancer Moon sign, who could always connect with their need and will always give nourishment. You both would understand the need for security and commitment. You would create a strong bond with your family and home life together. Taurus and Virgo moons both are practical and will believe in exchanging advice to each other. You will be highly creative friends and will lead a committed life. Taurus and Pisces moon sign makes a romantic couple. You would always support each other’s decision. You both will be inclined towards creativity and innovative ideas.

Family & Finances

Your sweet voice and charming features can allure others. You would have long – term and committed relationships with your family and loved ones. At times you might make unnecessary commitments, which might bind you down. You love emotional security and would find it difficult to move on in relationships. It’s difficult to forgive and forget any unpleasant circumstances if anyone breaks your trust. It’s impossible to re-establish trust once broken. You are rigid and have many fixed points of views which will not allow many family members and loved ones to be friendly with you.

In finance, comfort is important, and you need to surround yourself with situations that allow you to relax. So, you would always think and analyze before investing money. Financial security is the utmost priority of your life. You apply a practical approach and work towards achieving your financial goals, rather than investing in unknown financial institutions. Money will come easily for you, and you will attract prosperity and abundance magically. You are a materialistic person and would want to acquire and possess as much as possible which gives you security.

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