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Taurus Moon Sign

Taurus Moon Sign

Moon placed in Taurus sign at the time of birth makes you Taurus Moon Sign. You relate more with the physical plane. Taurus is an earthy sign and that too ruled by Venus, so naturally, your sense of attraction is governed by how you see, touch, smell, hear and taste.

Taurus, you are also a fixed sign, so you have qualities of permanence and patience. With Moon in Taurus, you would find emotional security in familiar surroundings. Sudden changes or unpredictable circumstances take you by surprise and you may find them threatening. You want to be familiar with the soil where you stand.

With the Taurus Moon sign, you are naturally a cautious soul. Material comforts and possessions are your sources of comfort. It is important to build a comfortable dwelling for you to feel happy and secure.

How is a Taurus Moon Sign person?

Taurus Moon Sign is a peace-loving person, someone who is calm and composed, unlike Moon in Aries. Others see you as dependable and loyal. It takes a lot of effort to get under your nerves but if someone does, he shall better run for the hills because you have bull-like qualities.

You don’t like the unknown. For example, if there is a storm and you are stuck with other people, you would often come up with the sagest advice but you would also be the one to complain the most.

Unlike Moon in Sagittarius, Taurus likes familiar places instead of exotic locations. You might find a Moon in Taurus going to the same place every year to spend holidays while Moon in Sagittarius would look for diverse places to explore.  

What are the traits of the Taurus Moon Sign. What is the difference between Taurus Moon Sign and other Moon Signs?

People with the Taurus Moon sign are strong-rooted, they find comfort in traditions and customs. They are a bit conservative because they don’t like change much. It is very difficult to budge them or alter their opinion about something.

While Moon in Aries people are quick to jump from one task to another, Moon in Taurus would certainly finish what they have undertaken before accepting another responsibility. You don’t like to be pushed into doing something. However, once you commit, you fulfill it.

Taurus is a creature of fixity and routine. You don’t get along with people having progressive views like Moon in Aquarius if you happen to partner up in the first place. Nonetheless, people with Moon in Taurus tend to be very loyal in relationships, because of their “fixed” element. Break-ups are rare in the case of Taurus. You look for permanence in relationships too.

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