Cancer Moon Sign

Cancer is a sign of mothering energy, so it will give a stronger urge to nurture and care for everyone as if everyone is your children. You are likely to be strongly driven by emotion, influenced by your own ever- changing moods, as well as the moods of those around you. You possess retentive and exceptional memory which is a good and at times would create negativity by not forgiving or forgetting the hurt and trauma given by others. Your memory power would be very sharp and would remember majorly the hurtful situation.

Cancer Moon Sign


You will be influenced by the moods and feelings of those around you and connect with them emotionally. You may discern between your own feelings and attitudes.

You have that innate psyche power to understand other’s feelings and emotions which would make you have a true personality.

You are emotionally possessive about your family and would always want to be surrounded by them. You can be very traditional and would enrich old patterns and family bonding. You get influenced by your mother and you overly invest in your family. You are emotional, loving, caring, compassionate, and romantic.

You make long lasting and true friends as you are a strong empathizer. You are highly imaginative and love to do artwork.

You possess retentive and exceptional memory which is a good and at times would create negativity by not forgiving or forgetting the hurt and trauma given by others. You are sociable, smart, intelligent and possess an ability to relate to others in a warm and diplomatic way. You are over sentimental and may cry without reason, you have huge mood swings, especially when you are in a jealous and nostalgic mood.

Cancer is a sign of mothering energy, so it will give a stronger urge to nurture and care for everyone as if everyone is your children. You feel satisfied in indulging in home decorations, spending time with your children and bringing up the family bond.

You will put up a higher than necessary defense when dealing with difficult people. You would remember the small details which other people would describe about you. Your memory power would be very sharp and would remember majorly the hurtful situation. You are not a person to forget and forgive easily.

You are genuinely caring and would try to do pleasant things for your partner. You have a gift of making happy those people who are around you.

You emerge themselves in a relationship, which can at times make them a stalker. You have a deep sense of empathy for others and nourish them.

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Some Notable Houses Placement

Cancer Moon in the 1st House:

It represents severe mood and health fluctuations. You will be extremely possessive about your family. You will be wealthy and possess wealth and comforts in life.

Cancer Moon in the 2nd House:

You will be inclined towards nourishing your family, colleagues, career, and spouse. You are generous and kind, would keep on nourishing everyone. You are kind, intelligent and sociable.

Cancer Moon in the 3rd House:

You will create a strong attachment, especially to the objects which hold sentimental value. You will influence others with communication and will nurture your siblings. You would love to travel.

Cancer Moon in the 4th House:

You will nurture the ones whom you love. You are sensitive towards your family and your life would revolve around your mother. You are intuitive and compassionate towards others. You will be emotionally unstable.

Cancer Moon in the 5th House:

You are highly creative and intuitive person. You will feel an intense emotional attachment to your imaginative endeavors. You store away your impressions, reactions, and information until the time comes when you can use them.

Cancer Moon in the 6th House:

You will have a hard time dealing with your mother and will frequently have conflict with others. However, you will have good financial stability and will flourish in your profession.

Cancer Moon in the 7th House:

You are likely to be an attractive and romantic person. Your personality will influence many people. You are fortunate to have a supportive spouse but however you might have more than one marriage in your life.

Cancer Moon in the 8th House:

You will be anxious and prone to illness. You are generous and likely to have a large family. You will have difficulty with your mother. You will have inclination in research-based work.

Cancer Moon in the 9th House:

You will enjoy travelling and will settle abroad. You will be very attractive and a learned person. You will follow ethics and religious beliefs. You will have many friends and social contacts.

Cancer Moon in the 10th House:

Ethics and morality mean a lot to you, and you would want others also to follow the pattern. This placement of Moon will give you name, fame, career, reputation, and financial abundance.

Cancer Moon in the 11th House:

You will have many friends and a big social network. You would have a harmonious relationship with your children. You will travel and will be inclined to creative work. All your hopes and dreams will come true.

Cancer Moon in the 12th House:

You might be narrow-minded and would not like to do hard work. You will be an introvert person and will face difficulty in making friends. You are nurturing and compassionate towards your family.


You have the quality of nourishing others with mercy and compassion. Though you are emotional you are extremely determined and focused on the workplace. You are kind compassionate and caregiving and nurturing jobs. You emotionally thrive on appreciation instead of taking logical decisions. Your contribution can be too small in an organization but when you feel that your presence makes a difference will give you contentment.

Your intuition, creativity and intellectual qualities would make you successful in an organization. You can shine out in your career if you let go of your fear and insecurities. You can opt for a profession in the nurturing industry like caretaker, nurse, doctor, healer, housekeeping, hotel management, gardening. In other fields like Journalist, navy, designers, women’s rights lawyer, art director, analyst or programmer, home based business.

Suitable Partners for Marriage

Cancer Moon, the most sensitive and sensuous sign, is compatible with Libra Moon, Scorpio Moon, and Pisces Moon sign. Cancer Moon is compatible with Scorpio Moon as they both would thrive to acquire deeper knowledge and are interested in research work.

Your relationships can last for lifetime, no one can intervene in your relationship bond. You both would go deep into the any situation and try to resolve the issue. Libra Moon and Cancer Moon are result oriented signs, they will always try to have long conversation to resolve any issues. They both are adjustable and will lead a blissful marital life.

Pisces and Cancer Moon, Pisces the matured sign will pacify the emotional cancer in a tough situation. Both the sign would love psyche work, highly intuitive and creative, they would help others by providing nourishment.

Family & Finances

You are truly devoted to your family. You will be possessive towards your family and will always try to nourish them by giving support and constant guidance. Cancer Moon sign would enhance your savings and financial support, but all will depend on how you plan your finances for the short term and long-term, keeping your priorities in your mind. You can make speculative investments and make profits. You would spend money as per your need and will not indulge in impulsive spending on random things. Your aggression to make money will help you to fulfil your desire. This position of Moon will influence you to utilize the opportunities and increase your financial gains.


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