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Cancer Moon Sign

The cancer sign is the natural fourth sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by Moon. When Moon is placed in a Cancer sign, we say your Rashi is Cancer or you are a Cancer Moon Sign. Moon feels at home in Cancer, as it is its own sign. Moon here is most active and influential. People who have Cancer Moon sign tend to have a need to nurture, love and care, due to the influence of the motherly Moon.

Cancer is a water sign and with Moon in your sign, you become extra emotional, polite, and sensitive. You feel others’ pain and emotions like yours. Moon also gives you a strong intuition, which somehow makes you sense what the other person is going through. Cancer moon sign is a cardinal sign, you are likely to take action. You feel a sense of duty when it comes to the protection and wellbeing of those you love.

What are the traits of Cancer Rashi or Cancer Moon Sign?

With the Cancer Moon sign, you are likely to have one foot deeply rooted in your past. You value memories and cherish tokens that remind you of your happy times. You are more about attachment than detachment. You cling to things that carry emotional value like your old toys & photographs. You also cherish your ancestral heritage and value your traditions and customs.

You are attached to your family. In fact, home is where your heart is. You are a homebody, and the sense of togetherness is really important for your emotional wellbeing. To be at home with family gives you a sense of comfort and security. Whenever the world is too much to handle, home becomes your best retreat.

The Cancer Moon sign likes the sense of familiarity in everything, so naturally, you somewhat avert to changes, especially bigger ones. You are nonetheless compromising in nature. All you want from life is peace.

Who is a Cancer Moon Sign?

The Cancer Moon sign is a very responsible and devoted person. However, when dealing with emotionally draining arguments, you tend to rake up old wounds. People around you move on but you still linger on the same feelings of hurt that you experience.

You are a giving and compassionate person and those around you flourish because of your soothing persona. Even when you feel taken for granted (which is a frequent possibility), you are unlikely to voice your hurt. You might in fact use unimaginable ways to get the attention of the wrongdoer but never confront them directly.

Cancer Moon can be irrational at times because you are an emotional sign. Like water, your emotions know no bounds and can certainly go stormy at times. Nonetheless, like water, you accommodate everyone and everything that comes into your shelter.

Moon also gives you a moody temperament due to which, others sometimes struggle to understand your emotions and actions but your warmth and tenderness are way above your occasional tantrums. In fact, you make one of the most loving friends and parents.


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