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Libra Moon Sign

Libra Moon Sign

Libra Moon sign are a sign of balance, represented by Scales. Inherently, you need peace and harmony in life. You are an air sign, naturally related to communication. There is an intrinsic need to get connected with those around you. You have the knack of establishing great bonding with others quite instantly.

People with the Libra Moon sign in fact feel most secure emotionally when they have someone to balance their life. You are a cardinal sign, so naturally, there is a desire to act as well. Whatever is needed to maintain the balance is your action plan.

Without a relationship, you feel deficient, as if you are incomplete. You always need a partner, someone to share your life and feelings with. This is partly the reason why people with Moon in Libra often indulge in relationships quite early in life. This need for partnerships also makes you vulnerable at times, when you seek to keep the relationship alive despite your individual growth is at stake.

When it comes to establishing rapport, the Libra Moon sign gives more importance to intellectual bonding than physical attraction. It is crucial that you can form a mental connection with the person you get involved with. Sometimes, however, you are too quick to jump into a relationship to realize it later that you two have the mental rapport missing. You are an easygoing sociable person, who likes a good debate.

Libra Moon sign is quite considerate in nature. Your outlook is quite positive in life. There is a reason why Scales is the mascot of the Libra Moon sign. You are a justice-seeking soul, a peace-loving individual. Whenever you see a misbalance or threat to the harmony, you use your mediation skills to strike the argument down.

People see you as a problem solver. You know how to reach the middle ground in an argument, where both parties are happy. You are a charming and fun-loving person to be around. Your manners are also very gentlemen-like.

Your life is a constant battle to balance your need for partnership and your need for equality. When there is an argument with your partner, the Libra Moon sign would say anything needed to get the upper hand but at the same time, the fear of losing your partner would be so overwhelming that you would feel torn and confused as to what to do. You have a tendency to put your relationship on trial. However, you also have the skill of diplomacy to find a middle ground from where to start working to make things better.

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