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Scorpio Moon Sign

With Moon in Scorpio, you would be a very sensitive, secretive, and steadfast person. Your emotional needs are intense. When Moon in this secretive watery sign, you get a lot of psychological depth and intuitiveness. Born with Scorpio Moon sign, your personality comes off as powerful and influential.

You look as still as water but run as deep too. There is a lot below the surface that nobody gets to see or understand. You are a mystery Scorpio!

Scorpio is a fixed sign too, meaning that when you have fixated over someone, nothing can budge your feelings. You want what you want and are unwilling to let it go at any cost. In a relationship, you are a very loyal and protective person, but at times, possessive too.

As a Moon in Scorpio person, you find security in forming deep mental and emotional connections with people. You seek to build intimate relationships and give them your 100% but at the same time, you want the same level of passion and loyalty in return too.

Scorpio Moon sign has a great sense of perception and intuitive ability. There is something so intense and deep about your personality. You seem to have the ability to see through others. Nobody can easily fool or betray you. And if any deceives you are not the one who forgets or forgives easily. There is a reason why Scorpion is your mascot. You can sting back when required.

Some find your mystery and intuitiveness intriguing while some might find it intimidating too. Your personality is hypnotic so much so that others easily trust you and share their secrets without worry. You are quite an introvert when it comes to sharing your secrets.

With the Scorpio Moon sign, you somewhat need inner emotional drama to flourish. You are not someone who would settle for a simple obvious life. You want passion, intensity, ambition, and a strategy in place too. Moon in Scorpio people needs fulfilling and intense experiences, whether it is sports or love.

A half-hearted relationship or a short fling is not their cup of tea. You need a downright passionate and loyal partner to keep up your emotional excitement. You can be suspicious too, and you keep on testing your love partner but once you commit, it is often until eternity. Emotionally, you constantly seem to be fighting a battle to understand your intensity but you appear so strong that it seems difficult to shake you up or shock. People with Moon in Scorpio are highly intelligent and astute indeed.


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