Mercury Transit Reading

Your personal & professional life developments in next 3 months


Transit of Mercury in Scorpio for Gemini moon sign

The transit of Mercury in Scorpio will begin on 5th December 2019 and will conclude on 25th December 2019. For Gemini moon sign natives, this transit is going to take place in their 6th house.

This is going to be a mixed period for Gemini moon sign natives, as health will demand attention but professional front will give in results, with some additional efforts.

The inimical energies will be activated to cause you harm, but you will have the necessary valor and determination to fight them off.

Avoiding harshness towards government authorities will help make things work in your favor, especially if you are facing any legal troubles. So, plan your steps wisely and with a calmer mind, in this period of Mercury’s transit in Scorpio.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Scorpio on your personal life

You will face challenges in your personal life when Mercury will transit in Scorpio. This is going to be a testing time for your family, love and conjugal relationships. Chances of taking up some short distance trips are there, largely, for the purpose of meeting family members or attending a family function or celebration.

  • Health will be your most important concern, during this time. Contemplate revisiting your eating habits, prepare a schedule for your daily health regime, and follow it too.
  • Avoid unnecessary arguments with family members or spouse as things can get really ugly, otherwise.
  • You may experience disturbance in your sleeping patterns because of excessive stress and anxiety. Take the help of yoga and meditation practices to overcome such complexities.
  • There will be an increase in your expenditures, largely, over your healthcare needs.
  • Support of elders and mother will be crucial in helping you get past this challenging phase with ease.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Scorpio on your professional life

Gemini moon sign natives are going to be better off in their professional lives than in their personal lives, during the transit of Mercury in Scorpio. You will have an innovative and creative mind, along with the sense of loyalty and sincerity at work.

  • This will specially be a good transit for professionals belonging to independent work domain and counselling. People belonging to research and related domains will also find success at work.
  • Inclination towards occult sciences could well be developed into a full-time profession, depending upon your keenness. If taken up, it will give you good gains, in the long-term.
  • You will impress your seniors and colleagues with your creative ideas and dedication towards work.
  • Business professionals will soar high using their ingenious skills and talents to compete with rivals in their trade.
  • However, check on competitor’s move is essential as they will be in a mood to pull you down at any cost.