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Mercury Transit in Gemini: 2 July-17 July 2022

When Mercury moves in its own sign, Gemini, it signifies the strength of Gemini traits - adaptable, outgoing and intelligent – as well as the negative traits like indecisiveness, impulsiveness, etc. Read this article to learn how this transit impacts all Zodiac signs.

Mercury transit  for Gemini
The transition of planets from one Zodiac sign to another has a strong influence and importance in Vedic Astrology. The movement of Mercury in Gemini says a lot of things that are unique and incomparable about people with Gemini as their sign. When Mercury moves in its own personal sign, it signifies the strength of Gemini traits - adaptable, outgoing and intelligent – as well as the negative traits like indecisiveness, impulsiveness, unreliability that surface with active force.

One such important transit that is due on 2nd July 2022 and will last till 17th July 2022 involves Mercury with its speedy transit that will have a sudden impact on self, speech, career, finance, and health of all the Zodiac signs.

The simple explanation for this transit is that every individual has a Zodiac sign and these signs have a distinct relationship with planets in Astrology. The speed of the transition of planets through every sign has an impact on the various variables of life like professional, personal and the overall well-being of the person. This article will motivate you to prepare yourself in advance to connect with others and to the world well in advance to reap the benefits or overcome the setbacks of this transit.

Effects of this Transit on all Zodiac Signs   


Mercury transition into Gemini for Aries is in the 3rd house of initiative and courage. During this transit period, Mercury will be well placed in its own sign - Gemini - that will bring out your full energy into action; and it will augment your Read More


Mercury transition into Gemini for Taurus is in the 2nd house of wealth, family and speech. During this transit, people with Taurus as their sign will be involved with the traits of the 2nd house - where they will work hard to get money and incentives for their professional endeavors, which will bring a lot of appreciation for their Read More  


Mercury transition into Gemini for Gemini will be beneficial as it is in the 1st house of self that denotes personality, mind and thought process of a person. Mercury will transit in the 1st house, which will create positive changes in your Read More  


Mercury transition into Gemini for Cancer is in the 12th house of expenditure, losses, foreign land and long travel, which will bring opportunities for those with Cancer as their sign. But you are advised to be mindful while you draw gains through Read More  


Mercury transition into Gemini for Leo will be in the 11th house of income and fulfillment of desires, blessing you with eloquence of speech, analytical ability, quick decision making, intelligence and progressive thinking that will help you make Read More  


Mercury transition into Gemini for Virgo will activate the 10th house of career and profession with dynamic energy and enthusiasm that will help you handle a number of tasks with tact and competence. You will have a perfect blend Read More


Mercury transition into Gemini for Libra is in the 9th house of luck, fortune, long travel abroad and will be very fruitful in all aspects of life with your newly acquired wisdom and intelligent sixth sense to explore new realms in your Read More  


Mercury transition into Gemini for Scorpio will be in the 8th house of sudden gains, loss, inheritance, secrets, and hurdles. This transit indicates that during this period, the secret energies of your life will dwell on your psyche that will force you to Read More  


Mercury transition into Gemini for Sagittarius will be in the 7th house of associations, partnership and marriage; will be beneficial and progressive. You will be blessed with a good sense to discriminate between the perspective and opinions of others vis-à-vis Read More  


Mercury transition into Gemini for Capricorn will be in the 6th house of debts, fights and diseases; so you will find yourself winning over any argument with others, sometimes even without any valid reason as you will be good with Read More  


Mercury transition into Gemini for Aquarius will be in the 5th house of love, romance, children, social life, and entertainment. The transit of Mercury will activate all the traits of the 5th house, which will be very good for love. But, again, for those with children, there is the hidden risk related to Read More  


Mercury transition into Gemini for Pisces will be in the 4th house of mother, family comforts, happiness and stability, so it will influence your partnerships, both personal and professional alliances; physical desires; stability; and comforts at home. Your connection with the Gemini trait during this transit will guide you to give equal and parallel attention to both Read More  

Remedies to mitigate challenges

Every planet has its own specific effects in our lives during transits. To attract maximum gains and avoid negative effects, you can incorporate some remedies based on specific colour and change in your life patterns.

  • Wear clothes in all shades of green.
  • Mercury is the planet of commerce and trade, so keep your professional attitude dignified with honesty.
  • Try to help the less privileged with cash or kind to the best of your ability.