Transit of Sun for Gemini moon sign.

Transit of Sun for Gemini moon sign.


Sun transit effects on the professional life of Gemini moon sign native

The sun is the principle source of power in life. Where we discover the sun is the place we discover our power. Just as the sun in the sky is the focal point of our solar system and the greatest power, the sun in our astrology chart is the place where we find our most prominent power. But on the other hand it's the place we may tend to lose our actual power, which is internal, to the outside world. At the point when this occurs, rather than being a source of light and brilliance we end up taking other individuals' power so as to feel illuminated from outside.

  1. When Sun transits cancer: Satisfactory professional life

17th July 2019 to 17th Aug 2019

This period will give rise to a lot of expenditure at the home front. You’ll be engaged in whole lot of expenses on various activities. There are chances of you running out of savings therefore, you’ll need to have a control on your pocket and avoid pointless expenses. You may follow your father’s business or profession as a way of providing continuity to his long term business, likewise your father might also insist you for the same. This period is favorable regarding progression in career. You’ll receive goo income from your profession. Hard work and consistent efforts will work towards establishment of a good professional life.

  1. When sun transits Leo: Work trips

17th Aug 2019 to 17th Sept 2019

As per Vedic astrology researches there is a lot of travel on your cards during this entire period. You’ll get opportunities to be a part of numerous work trips. Your excellent performance and presentation will enable you to get an important business venture for your organization.

You will establish an excellent 6th sense of intuition. This will help you filter out the positive and negative points thus improving your decision making abilities. You’ll be able to decide your own good and bad.

Try to abstain yourself from business partnerships during this period. Existing partnerships won’t be fruitful at all. Partners will be engaged in a lot of heated arguments and clashes.

  1. When sun transits Virgo: It’s time to shift your focus towards career

17th Sept 2019 to 17th Oct 2019

You will have to put in a lot of hard work and dedication if you wish to be successful in your profession/business.

You’ll adopt an intellectual approach towards your career. However, you’ll be inclined towards your personal life and will establish more interest at home front rather than focusing on your career. It is advisable to shift your focus towards your professional life in case you want to be independent and attain a financial stability.

  1. When sun transits in Libra: Outcomes won’t be up to the mark

17th Oct 2019 to 17th Nov 2019

Sun is debilitated in the Libra moon sign. This period will not be able to provide outcomes as per your efforts. In spite of your consistency and dedication towards your tasks, you won’t be able to experience self satisfaction. The outputs won’t be equivalent to the inputs.

You’ll turn out to be indecisive during this period. You won’t be satisfied with yourself and will feel like reconsidering the same options a million times in the same row. This will leave you in a confused state of mind. This has to be managed otherwise you’ll be forced to bear losses in your profession/business.

One positive aspect about this period is your child/children who will switch your mood. You’ll find yourself extremely happy and contended around them.

  1. When sun transits in Scorpio: Self confidence is the need of the hour

17th Nov 2019 to 17th Dec 2019

There will be an enhancement in your administrative abilities. You’ll be able to manage everyone around efficiently. In spite of this excellent quality you will fail to maintain good professional relations. They’ll try to pull you down. But remember not to lose hope at any cost and continue with your diligent work and consistent efforts. They’ll help you achieve great heights in your career. You will be acknowledged for you excellent performance and will hold a valuable position in your organization.

Be a little cautious regarding expense and try to avoid pointless expenses as much as you can.

  1. When sun transits in Sagittarius: Business partnerships needs to be handled with care

17th Dec to 2019 17th Jan 2020

Your love life will be positive and there will be stability in it. The partners will develop an amazing understanding and care for one another. You’ll carry off your relationship in a beautiful way and will not offer invitation to any sort of misjudgment or arguments.

As per our Vedic astrology theories, we can see that you’ll be engaged in a lot of travel related to work. The outcomes of these work trips would be somewhat blended so be prepared to face certain high and low points in your career.

Business partnerships will be favorable but only if handled with extreme care and understanding. There shouldn’t be any sort of space for confusions or arguments in case you want to carry off your partnerships and business in an excellent way. Be a little cautious regarding this point rest there is nothing to worry as such.

  1. When sun transits in Capricorn: Issues with father

17th Jan 2020 to 17th Feb 2020

This period can give rise to certain fluctuations and misunderstandings with father regarding business decisions. There is a possibility that you both may not agree with each other on a particular decision and this will affect your business and as a matter of fact your relation too. This will also result in a difference of opinions at home front.

Children can follow the same profession of their father and get the fruits of their father’s labor.

  1. When sun transits in Aquarius: An abroad trip on your cards!

17th Feb 2020 to 17th March 2020

You will get a golden opportunity to travel abroad regarding your business/profession. Your excellent presentation and communication skills will enable you to bring back home a profitable business venture for your organization. You may also intend to put your feet in a new business partnership, which will be profitable.

The expenditures will be more than your income. Therefore, you’ve have to put in a lot of labor in order to attain a better financial status.

  1. When sun transits in Pisces: A good period for business partnerships

17th March 2020 to 17th April 2020

Sun will make you extremely daring to take risky attempts in your career. You will not be afraid of the negative consequences whatsoever and will take any sort of unsure path in order to satisfy your inner self.

Business partnership will be fruitful during this period. In case you are intending to begin a new business partnership, GO AHEAD! You won’t be disappointed at all.

You will be extremely firm with your decisions and will not accept opinions of others by any stretch of imagination.

  1. When sun transits in Aries: Sudden gains and what not!

17th April 2020 to 17th May 2020

This period favors your fortune. You’ll achieve a lot of sudden gains with very less efforts. You’ll explode with happiness and self satisfaction. But try not to make this a regular habit otherwise you’ll have to suffer in future.

An ancestral property will hold an extra ordinary worth and will make you feel rich. Previous investments will also be amazingly profitable during this period and will bear off a descent amount.

There are chances that you might face some troublesome situations because of your children. Rest; there is nothing to worry as such.

  1. When sun transits in Taurus: Monetary gains

17th May 2020 to 17th June 2020

Your destiny will favor you during this period. You’ll be able to achieve success and reach a satisfactory position in your profession with the help of your efforts and hard work. Your professional calculative approach will enable you receive descent monetary gains.

Maintain a strategic distance from indecisiveness as it may result in loss of wealth and also act as a barrier closing possible career options. Therefore try to sick to one decision.

Keep a control on your expense otherwise as it might leave you in an unfavorable position.

  1. When sun transits in Gemini: A big NO to over confidence

17th June 2020 to 17th July 2020

You will have to keep a control on your temperament and aggression level otherwise it might leave you in an unsatisfactory position. You will have to bear losses because of the same reason. Likewise avoid hastiness of any kind.

Your motivation level and self confidence will be on the top during this entire period. You’ll receive descent amount of gains with the help of your consistent efforts and dedication. Just try and avoid over confidence. Rest everything will be under control.