Transit of Venus for Sagittarius moon sign

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  1. Venus transit in Pisces February 2020 for Sagittarius moon sign
  2. Transit of Venus in Aquarius for Sagittarius moon sign
  3. Venus Transit in Capricorn for Sagittarius moon sign

Venus transit in Pisces February 2020 for Sagittarius moon sign

Venus is the significator of love, romance, luxury and relationships as per vedic astrology. On 3rd February 2020, Venus will transit in the sign of Pisces and will remain there till 29th February 2020. Pisces is the exaltation sign of Venus, hence this is the most favorable placement of Venus and will generally bestow good results. 

Transit of Venus in Pisces will take place in the fourth house for Sagittarius moon sign natives. Venus as the lord of your sixth and eleventh house while transiting the fourth house of home, homeland, heritage, family values, material comforts, mother, domestic environment, happiness, formal education, peace of mind will make these themes prominent in your personal and professional life.

You will be drawn towards your home, family and comforts during this transit and will feel the need to be surrounded by nature. You may start to value your relationships more than usual, particularly your relationship with your mother. You would be desirous to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere at home and would consider making positive changes to your workplace as well.

Professionally, you will be inclined to make significant improvements in your career and initiate independent ventures or might consider freelancing or home-office options during this time.

How will this transit affect your professional life?

Your unique ideas and creative approach towards your current projects and future plans will be well recognized at your workplace during this time and bring gainful returns. Suggestions and timely guidance from your mentor or senior will prove beneficial for career growth.

However, there could be some disagreements with your boss during the middle part of this transit. However, they would eventually be resolved if you are able to keep your ego and temper in control and approach situations and people with a positive bent of mind.

Freshers will be lucky to get good job offers and a conducive work environment. Working professionals could find this time hectic and somewhat stressful due to their involvement in a multiple projects and responsibilities.

You might attempt to incorporate some changes to your workplace and profile, which will be gainful but would be accompanied by a decent amount of expenditure. If you are involved in independent ventures or running your own business, this transit will be favorable for good money inflow. You might consider renovating or changing the interiors of your workplace or might even change your office location.

You will have a cordial relation with your business partner and associates during this time and have good chances to gain wealth through your business partner. You should not make any false promises as that might affect your business relations adversely and try to honor your commitments.

You might have to undertake unwanted short distance travels regarding your career, however, they would bring in financial benefits, and hence you should not resist the opportunities to travel.

You should try to remain open minded and receptive to new ideas during this transit to maintain a healthy and favorable work environment.

How will this transit affect you personally?

Your personal life will go through a harmonious phase as you will prioritize your relationships during this time and there will be a sense of security around them. You will have a loving relationship with your mother during this time and her blessings and guidance will prove beneficial in your personal and professional life.

This transit will make you feel more concerned and responsible towards your family and you will be sensitive towards their needs. You might consider beautifying your home and buying art and luxury items and furnishings.

However, relationship with siblings would need improvement as difference of opinion might escalate into a conflict. You should remain generous and understanding of their viewpoints and be respectful while interacting with them in order to mend your relationship.

Singles have high chances to meet their potential mate during this transit. You could meet someone from a different community or culture and feel an instant connection with them which might culminate into a committed relationship.

If you are married, work load and professional commitments will keep you from enjoying marital bliss during this time, hence you should make efforts to keep the spark alive in your relationship. You should not overreact in situations and curb your aggressive streak to maintain a loving relationship with your spouse during this time.

Valentine’s Day tip: Bring out your inner child while interacting with your loved one this Valentine’s day. Your innocence and playfulness will make your partner fall in love with you once again.

Transit of Venus in Aquarius for Sagittarius moon sign

Transit of Venus in Aquarius will take place in the 3rd house of Sagittarius moon sign from 9th January to 3rd February 2020. Venus is the lord of your 6th and 11th house and during its transit if your 3rd house, it is going to decide your fortunes basis whether you fulfill your commitments and stay true to your words or not.

You will gain through your creative abilities and innovative ideas at workplace. Prosperity in both work and personal space will also come through your polite and humble behavior.

You may face some challenges at workplace, as you have to deal with few problematic clients and foreign connections. But keep your faith and determination levels high, all this while, to succeed at the end.

Siblings and friends will crave your presence, so ensure that you plan for enough get-togethers and outings to be with them, to uphold the sense of belongingness and security in personal relations.

What will you gain from this transit?

During the transit of Venus in Aquarius, Sagittarius moon sign natives will be able to get the favors of your luck by simply getting the blessings of your elders, especially your mother and being grateful to them for all that they have done for you.

You will have the support of your family, parents and seniors at workplace, during this time in attaining your life’s objectives. Siblings, friends and female colleagues will be of special help to you, during this time. Do not forget to return the favors by being available to them, whenever they want you.

Work will be more but will be accomplishing, too. Still, take out time for yourself, more often than not, and stay connected to nature to feel relaxed and rejuvenated, to face another day at work with much confidence and enthusiasm.

Frequent short travels will keep you occupied, but you will get good gains from these expeditions, so do not hesitate in taking up such opportunities.

Being humble with colleagues will work wonders for your career. Donating for the help of needy and poor, during the time of this transit, is also going to give you good fortunes, in the long term.

Analyze your steps and ideas before embarking on a new journey, project or deal, this will help in making sane and effective decisions, thereby assuring success on all grounds, during the time of Venus’s transit in Aquarius.

What you need to take care of?

While overall it seems to be a peaceful transit for domestic matters, some arguments with in-laws or maternal family is indicated, during the time Venus’s transit in Aquarius for Sagittarius natives.

So, you need to be careful of participating in any such wasteful disputes, to save the integrity of your familial relationships.

 It will be good to avoid any major financial decisions, during the time of this transit. If you have to make some urgent and huge investments, during this time, it would be sensible to take the advice of your elders. Speculative investments of all sorts must be avoided, during this time.

Spending time with children will be crucial to have a peaceful time at home and also to strengthen your bond with them. Your family will need you as much as you need them, during the time of transit of Venus in Aquarius.

Balance your work and personal life, well to escape any health disorders due to excessive workload.

Venus Transit in Capricorn for Sagittarius moon sign

Transit of Venus in Capricorn is going to take place in the 2nd house of Sagittarius moon sign from 15th December 2019 to 9th January 2020. This transit will bless the Sagittarius natives with unexpected showers of luck.

Moving into the house of family, wealth and possessions, Venus is going to bestow you with ample love and affection from family members. There will lot of positive energy flowing in your family and thus, making your domestic atmosphere peaceful and serene.

On work front, you will get gain from your eloquence and with the support of your colleagues and spouse. On the other side, harsh and impolite speech may result in hindrances at workplace. So, be cautious of you use the gift of verbal expressions to your benefit, in this transit period.

For students. This will be good time to concentrate on the subjects which are comparatively new and unknown to them. Chances of getting academic success along with creating a good impression on teachers is visible in this transit period.

Transit of Venus in Capricorn for the personal life of Sagittarius moon sign

Transit of Venus in Capricorn will offer the Sagittarius moon sign natives happiness and celebration at home front. There will be auspicious events planned at home and it will allow you to spend quality time with your parents, relatives and siblings. Family wealth will also increase, during this time.

  • Sagittarius moon sign natives will have ample support of their friends and elder siblings in this period. They will be their guiding light in challenging times.
  • You will share a harmonious and loving relationship with your spouse. Chances of getting gains through your spouse is also indicated, in this transit period.
  • Your love life will be active and expressions of love will be highly visible, in this period. There will be a perfect amalgamation of sexual and emotional compatibility in your conjugal life.
  • Your polite and charismatic personality will attract people towards you, which will expand your social circle and you may gain some new friends during the course of it.

Transit of Venus in Capricorn for the professional life of Scorpio moon sign

Professional achievements and gains will fall into your lap if you have your heart and mind at the right place, at work. The transit of Venus in Capricorn will bring along promising career and growth opportunities for Sagittarius moon sign natives. Sudden favorable opportunities will surface when you will least expect them, and they will turn out to be highly beneficial for your professional growth.

  • You will earn through the effective use of your speech, which have enhanced capabilities to persuade and convince people.
  • Creative talents stemming out of the gift of voice or speech, including, singing or dubbing, may help you get name, fame and income gains, in this period.
  • If married, your spouse will also have a good run at their professional field and both of you will celebrate your respective success stories together.

You will spend good time hanging out and conversing with colleagues, which will help strengthen the bond you share. However, your conservative approach over certain things may lead you into arguments with your set of co-workers, so be careful on that part.