Venus Transits Sagittarius, 7 Nov till 2 Dec 2024

(Moon Sign Based)

Be in a receptive mode to be happy as Venus transits Sagittarius. There will be a few surprises in your relationship which might make you happy. Financially, long-term investments in this period will bring profits.

Venus Transits Sagittarius, 7 Nov till 2 Dec 2024

Venus is the mentor of demons and the significator of love/marital relationships, materialistic luxuries, wealth, and lifestyle. Sagittarius is the fiery sign with Jupiter (generally referred to as Guru in astrology) as its lord with an adventurous streak that always wants to take action beyond limitation.

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Venus is the planet of sensuality, pleasure and social style and its transit in Sagittarius will prompt you to feel liberated of any social norms with regard to matters of love and romance. It indicates that your love relationships will set their own rules, define their own boundaries and engage their attention in experimenting in the kind of relationship they desire.

  • The transit of Venus in Sagittarius indicates that you will be eager in planning your journey of love relationships with someone that understands and respects the need of individual freedom.
  • The transit of Venus in Sagittarius will make you generous and defensive, which will expand your feelings to form love relationships impulsively without second thoughts that may even cause repercussions in the future.
  • This transit will make you judgmental; you will strike back in defense, which may hurt others. Hence, it is essential to listen before speaking and think about what you want to express before communicating with your partner/others.


How will this Transit affect YOU?



You might plan to travel with your family and loved ones. You would experience new opportunities to meet new people that would be advantageous for you. Have control on your rage and speech which may lead to unnecessary controversy.

The Venus transition will make you work hard to widen your networking skills. Disheartening will prevail as things will not fall as per your expectation which will trigger your emotions. Your enemies will become powerful and will try to conquer you by giving you challenges. You work as per your long-term plans, which in return will be beneficial for your business.

It’s time to heal the past issues and avoid confrontation with your loved ones. Avoid arguments with your family members as this might create damage and dishearten you. You will be elevated and in a joyful mode, by reuniting with your friends and loved ones.

Let expectations take a back seat, and be in a receptive mode to be happy. There will be few surprises in your relationship which might make you happy. Financially, you must plan long-term investment to make profits.


Take control of your habits for your well-being and relish the movement with your spouse. Position Of Venus will make you love-deprived and dissatisfied in your relationship area. You must take care of your possessiveness and must stop expecting things from your loved ones. Just give space in your relationship and enjoy the moment.

The position of Venus will increase your energy level by giving new opportunities, but then you must recalibrate it and analyze it before acting. There are even chances that you tend to get more inclined towards knowledge and research work for your professional growth.

This is a good time to make short-term investments and earn good returns. You will be determined to achieve your targets and will plan short business trips which might turn out profitable for you if you keep up the expectations. You will be motivated to meet people and make financial growth. You will try and will be dutifully rewarded with life-changing experiences.

You will work diligently to achieve success in your love life. You will do short business trips and meet new business associates to enhance your business. You will be interested in developing knowledge, which will improve your professional skills and will bring more business prospects. Your willpower and determination will bear fruit by giving profitable financial gains. You must maintain a cordial relationship with your siblings.


This phase will give you numerous creative ideas for travelling and might cherish the moment by increasing the intimacy with your romantic interest. The position of Venus might strengthen your bonding in maintaining compatibility in relationship with each other. Remember the positive attributes and cherish the small moments.

There might be growth in your flow of income through business projects. There will be some profits and losses from your investments in share markets. Delayed payments will get cleared and you will resolve the past financial problems. This placement will give you financial instability which will make you learn many avenues to invest your money to get good returns.

This period will bring many changes to your personal life. More specifically, it’s time to take the lead of your life and inspire others, through your growth and confidence. It’s time to grab the opportunity to make money with your resources. You will pay back your financial dues, if any and will save for your future.

There might be harmony and good understanding with your family members and loved ones. You will plan to travel with your romantic interest.


It is advisable to think before you speak, just to avoid arguments and misunderstandings at your workplace. You will enhance creativity in personal and professional life by facing obstacles. You will be more sensitive towards your health; take a healthy regime. Your opponents will overpower you in the professional field.

You will come under the grip of confusion which will not allow you to make important decisions at the appropriate time in your work area. This will be a positive period to break free from detrimental habits that affect your health, personality, and social standing and deplete your financial resources, leaving you with no savings.

Not a good time to invest in real estate and fixed assets. You must be courageous and determined towards your goal. Your social status will improve during this period. Through your hard work and perseverance, you will expand your business, and you will achieve financial freedom by taking important decisions. Enjoy your achievements with your family members and seek blessings from elders. You would plan a short trip with your loved ones and collect beautiful memories.


It is advised to maintain a calm nature in your personal and professional area. You might plan for long-distance travel and rejuvenate yourself. You would invest in share markets and can earn profits. Love matters will be successful.

This is the challenging period wherein you would not be able to express your feelings in an appropriate way. But then gradually things might fall in place if you handle the situation in a positive way. Venus would boost your energy to crack the business deal to your highest good but at the same time you must do planning about your profits and gains. You must plan and prepare yourself for business meetings and other professional obligations.

You might face health expenses and this situation will lead to mental and financial stress. You must spend more time planning your finances to avoid money loss. Your past investments might show up profits and you might be inclined to reinvest in the same and earn profits. You must improve your communication with your partner. You must take care of your health, and you might face endocrine system related problems.


You must minimize your negative notions and critical thoughts during this time, may it be personal or professional upfront, both will affect your inner peace. It’s not a good time to invest in fixed assets and long-term investment. Prepare yourself to take precautionary measures for your financial situation.

As Venus transition will demand more effort and determination. You might lose some important business clients and face business losses. The period might trigger anger in you, but then put your efforts into how to widen your networking skills to bring more money in your business. Your partner might demand more time and attention which might create friction between both of you.

If you are planning to invest in properties, real estate, or any other fixed assets then it’s not a good time. You must hold back a few important decisions. Your mind will be in a constant thinking mode, it is better to take up relaxing techniques like yoga and meditation. You must focus on maintaining harmony in your family and with loved ones.


You might feel a lack of coordination in implementing things which can be resolved by talking and setting up proper meetings. Your business will expand, and you will achieve financial freedom by taking important financial decisions. Enjoy your achievements with your family members and seek blessings from elders.

You will get new innovative ideas to widen your financial growth but there will be a lack in implementing these ideas to fulfill the goals. You will face problems in coordination between your teammates which will affect the result. Your way of working and presentation would be impressive.

Your spouse might create confusion and might not support you in your decisions, which might trigger stress in you. Your opponents might challenge you in various ways, but you will win over all the obstacles. You will meet people who will help you in building up your business and finances, acquire resources and implement innovative ideas and innovation to achieve success.

This transit is particularly advantageous for foreign projects and travel abroad, giving you the right opportunities and supportive individuals. It’s time to work hard and be determined to achieve targets.


You will be able to prove your point in an impressive way. You will face a few discrepancies in your family matters. You will plan a short travel with your spouse and family members. You might expect sudden problems in your profession. This period will demand more self-effort and hard work.

Your romantic life will be soaring up in the sky. This period you would enjoy with your partner. Professionally, you will have many ideas to achieve financial growth. Unknown fear and psychological issues might damage your mental health. Involve yourself in a wellness program and declutter yourself.

You can seek help from your spouse and other family members in taking important decisions. Develop trust in your relationship and try to confront your past mistakes to develop love and care. Everyone will come forward to hold your hand if you are ready to trust them. This will be a powerful time to reconnect with yourself and to explore your strength to overcome obstacles.

You will be inclined towards learning and grasping knowledge. A new era will open in creative field, which will pave success in your path. You will become a part of new projects which will get appreciation and chances of getting rewards.


You can get full support from your spouse and love from your children. Guests can arrive at your place and make the ambience livelier. You might foresee changes in your profession which would prove to be beneficial and give you a name and fame in your career. Do take care of your health especially hormonal and endocrine system related problem.

You would lend money to others and would achieve financial growth, but it is advised to stop being anxious. This might be the correct time to have confrontations or express your feelings in an appropriate way to your spouse, which will improve your relationship. It will deepen your intimacy and togetherness.

This transition might make you change your job or profession, which will give you more opportunities to do something new and innovative. Be open to enjoy time with guests and go around to visit unfamiliar places. Time to control over thinking and stress related to personal and professional. Take care of mental and physical health.

During this period avoid finding faults in others and poking your point of view on irrelevant issues. It is advisable that you should concentrate on building up your relationships with everyone for your personal and professional growth.


Not a good period for any financial investments. However, one of your family members will raise your vibration and you might get positive vibes. You can take a breather by inculcating new hobbies and learning, which will make you relaxed and calm. Share your point of view in a polite way to avoid any discomfort in your relationships.

This is just a passing cloud so things can be under control if you refrain from arguing with them. Financially, not a welcoming period, and do not involve in any investments and block the money. It is highly recommended that you maintain a balance in your personal and professional life.

Constrain expenses and consider not to do unnecessary expense during long travel as much as possible. Any foreign transactions might create hindrances during this period. High expectations from your returns will dishearten you, take decisions by being grounded and using logical reasoning quality.

Stop thriving on ego and feeding your pride, it will not serve any purpose for your financial growth. Avoid taking any important decision which includes your father’s approval during this time. It might create disharmony and misunderstanding.


You will achieve a good number of profits through the investments which will improve your comfort zone. You must follow a healthy diet and regime to avoid health issues. Furthermore, you will enjoy multiple benefits during this period and a drastic increase in happiness. You must align it in a proper way to earn financial growth. You should not take hasty decisions and must control your impulsiveness before taking financial decisions.

In your relationship, this is the time when you can take advice from your spouse and come out of difficult situations. Your hard work will reap good results, but it is advisable not to give a loan to anyone. However, it is advised that you should not take financial stress, as this period will give you strength to repay your debts.

Your efforts appear to be recognized appropriately, which may encourage you to work harder and accumulate wealth. Mishandling and overspending money might lead to financial stress. Some disturbance may come to your financial position. But then through your hard work and self-efforts things will fall in place and you will have financial abundance.

It is advisable not to lend money to anyone as it will not come back in future. Your enemies will overpower you, it’s just a passing cloud you must maintain calmness. You must take a proper diet and maintain a regime lifestyle to avoid health issues. During any business meeting, you must prepare yourself and give an impressive presentation to crack the deal.


There might be aggression and disharmony with your spouse and other family members, it is advised not to get over-ambitious, with high expectations. This situation might give you problems and disturb your inner peace. You must maintain peace and calm with yourself.

This period will give you innovative ideas in investments in the share market along with it is advised to seek guidance from professionals, else you might face a financial loss. However, your impulsive habit of blowing your money on expensive items regarding money management and finances should be restricted.

Your aggression to make money will help you to fulfil your desire. Your mind will be filled with aggression and anger which will not help in enhancing clarity of thought to make a right decision for finances. Get some professional advice before making significant financial and investing decisions. You will be more creative and innovative in your work area.

You would plan surprises for your spouse and relish the moment. It’s time for you to enhance more love and joy in your life by spending more valuable time with your loved ones. In your profession you will get many opportunities to prove yourself.


Remedies to mitigate challenges during the Transit

Irrespective of your Sign, you can follow the remedies below to mitigate the challenges that can come your way during this transit.

  • Donate white items like rice, flowers, silver items, curd, sugar, and cosmetics in white color, especially to young girls, to strengthen your Venus.
  • Wear white colored clothes or keep a white handkerchief in your pocket, especially on Fridays; it can be auspicious for you.
  • Donate in cash or kind to the less privileged or old age homes.


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