Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius (30 June - 15 Nov 2024)

This period is neither good nor bad. Saturn’s retrogression can unleash a kind of havoc in your life which can give many answers to your questions. Also, many opportunities for humanitarian activities will come through which you can make corrections for progress in your personal & professional life as well as in matters of education.

Retrograde Saturn in Aquarius (30 June - 15 Nov 2024)


A retrograde is a technical term for a planet which is basically seen as slow down, or backspin from earth, which impacts each on of us.

Annually, Saturn, known as the Lord of Karma (destiny) and the King of Time, is retrograde for around four and a half months. This period is neither good nor bad.

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In fact, Saturn’s retrogression can unleash a kind of havoc in your life which can give many answers to your questions.

  • Many opportunities are on your way through which you can make corrections to see progress in your personal, professional or education life.
  • Aquarius holds a water bearer which signifies inner strength and inner knowledge, so it turns down towards more humanitarian activities. This is also the moment to take note of limitations that have risen when Saturn was moving forward.
  • Saturn might not be too harsh on those with bad karma. Saturn is immensely wise and a righteous planetary lord.


How will Retrograde Saturn affect You?


You will improve your willpower and concentration towards your profession to achieve your goals. Don’t trust your friends as they might take undue advantage of your position. Misunderstanding and arguments may ruin harmony in your relationship. Financially, you need to work hard and put in more efforts.

It is wise to not reveal your secrets to your friend or anyone as retrograde Saturn will impact your social networking and friend circle. Try to control your emotion and deal with the situation with your intellectual skills.

You will feel more creative during this period, but this energy might force you to expect more from others that can create conflicts. Your spouse will try to build a good understanding and help you come out of overexpectation.

New career opportunities are on your way through which you will see a new growth. With your creative and innovative ideas, you will finalize a new project that will benefit your business.



You will have a clear view that will help you in achieving professional goals with a determined approach. Try to accept your senior’s point of view and implement new creative ideas for a good financial growth.

You will enjoy good time with your spouse and family members. This is not a good time to ask for incentives or promotion.

You will have clarity in your thoughts that will help you in taking correct important decisions. You will present your viewpoint in an impressive way. This is a moderate period for your family life. There will be differences of opinion in family, especially with your father.

You will plan a short travel with your spouse and family members to rekindle your relationship. Retrograde Saturn may cause issues in your profession. There is a demand for you to put in more efforts and work hard to achieve your target.

You will have some outstanding ideas of investments that will help in boosting your finances. Strictly shun shortcuts to earn more in less time as this might cause you a downfall. Take care of your diet and follow a healthy regime to stay fit. You may suffer from sleeping discomfort due to getting anxious about your future.



Egoistic attitude and overexpectations from your partner/spouse will create disharmony in your relationship. So, try to implement a polite behavior and go with the flow to get expected outcome.

An authoritative position at workplace may bring happiness in your life. You may go on a phenomenal trip with your family members.

You may get an authoritative position at your workplace that will suit your charismatic personality. You will have the leadership quality and you will encourage your team members to achieve the desired goals.

Your subordinates may not understand the ways of your working that might create hurdles in achieving targeted goals. Try to hone your skills to be in the good books of your senior and to gain a good name and fame in the organization.

You may remain occupied in creating new ways to achieve your goals and to get recognition for your hard work. Avoid taking stress as it might affect your overall health.



Your romantic life will see a good time during this phase. You would enjoy the company of your partner. Professionally, you will have many creative ideas to achieve financial growth.

Unknown fear might damage your mental health. It is wise to practice Yoga for the well-being of mental and physical health.

There is a demand for you to let go your old belief systems, thoughts and habits that no longer serve you any purpose in this chapter of your life. This phase of retrograde Saturn would teach you how to overcome your fears and feel safe by accepting changes in your life.

Family issues are foreseen, and you may find solutions to the problems. This is the ideal phase to explore your strength to overcome obstacles. You will be inclined towards learning and grasping knowledge.

You may get an opportunity to work in a creative field that will give you expected success. You will become a part of new projects which will give you appreciation and rewards.



Your partner might demand more attention and love from you. This period might be difficult for travels. You will see a new growth in your love life and enjoy intimacy with your partner. Avoid extravagance to save some money for tough times.

You may take more interest in spending extra time at your workplace and doing your work. You will need to work hard to achieve your targets. You will have clarity of thoughts while taking any professional decision.

You have to take care of your father’s health. Your knowledge will help you in getting good name and fame at your workplace.

You will accumulate good wealth and invest in fixed properties. By maintaining a perfect balance between your professional and personal life, you would enjoy great success. You may go on a trip with your family members.

Try to socialize more and enjoy spending time with your friends and loved ones. Health will be fine, but it is wise to follow a regular breathing exercise to stay fit.



Be careful at your workplace and put in an honest approach to achieve your professional goals. Hardwork and determination will be the key to achieving your aspirations. You must take care of your health as there might be indigestion issues. You will plan a long-distance travel with your family.

You will succeed in your professional and personal endeavors, but there is a need to balance your work time and take out some time to spend with your family. Your spouse will support you in your decisions which will be a great relief for you.

You will meet many new people in your profession which will be beneficial for your career growth. Your opponents might challenge you, but you will win over all the obstacles with your knowledge and strength. Your social status will improve during this period.

It is good for you to seek the blessings of your elders. Your hard work will be liked by your seniors, and you will get rewards and appreciation at the workplace.

You will present your work or project in an impressive way. You will be inclined towards new learning and would meet many learned people.



You should analyze your strength and capability before accepting any important project. Due to unknown fear in mind, there will be disharmony in maintaining a balance in personal and professional life. It is wise to give some time to your relationship and avoid conflicts with your partner.

There would be more opportunities for financial investments, so trust your intuition and take support from others’ expertise to make profitable investments.

At your workplace, your colleagues will help you deal with the workload. By implementing your creative and innovative ideas, your career will see a new growth.

You may face financial loss that might disturb your inner peace. You may go on a long-distance business travel and achieve your goals. You may have differences with your partner, so spend some valuable time with them to understand their viewpoint.



You would come to know about the correct path of your career and life. You will get good financial hike and invest in fixed assets. You will have foreign collaborations and earn good money. Your partner will help you in your financial investments.

You will experience a sudden change in your financial situation. You will enjoy a good name, fame and hike in finance. You will invest in real estate, properties and other fixed assets. But be careful before making any kind of investment during this period and check the documents carefully before signing them.

You will join new projects with foreign collaboration and make good money. You will have many creative ideas which you will implement at your workplace and earn good profit and reputation.

But at times, you may feel that your ideas have been misused or exploited, which can cause you a mental setback. You will seek your partner’s help in financial investments.



You will need to take initiatives vis-à-vis various aspects of your life. You will meet new people and old friends which will be beneficial for your professional growth. Over-expectations and egoistic attitude might cause issues in relationship with partner/spouse.

You may get more responsibilities in personal or professional life. You will do well in fulfilling responsibilities with utmost dedication. You will have clarity of thought which will help you in taking correct decisions. You may focus on your career, relationship and health during this retrograde period.

You would take some decisions that will affect your finances. You will feel strengthened and empowered, but don’t get overwhelmed and get into arguments in your personal and professional life. Due to misunderstandings, there will be rift between you and your family.



This is the time to focus on your personal wellbeing. Try to relax more by watching movies and engaging in your hobbies. Avoid stress to stay calm and work with clarity of thought. You may go on a vacation with your family to spend some quality time together.

You should focus on organizing your work and follow the rules and order as Saturn loves organized and structured work pattern. You would work hard to get financial results.

Try not to get perturbed by unexpected changes. You need to be careful while making any future plans to move ahead. Your companion will help you out in many areas of your life.

During this period, it is wise to take a break from your profession and go on a vacation with your family to spend time with each other.



You may feel exhausted and your hard work may not yield expected results. This is the challenging period where you would not be able to express your feelings in an appropriate way. Be patient and positive, as time would heal every patch.

Your hard work may not garner expected outcomes due to which, you may feel exhausted. You may not be able to express your feelings in an appropriate way. Try to be positive and patient as with time, you would see a new growth in your personal and professional life.

Your correct decision-making ability would boost your energy to finalize the business deal that will benefit you. You must think and prepare yourself for business meetings and other professional responsibilities.

There might be sudden expenses on health which may cause mental stress. You might go for a long-distance travel, but you may not get the desired result. There might be rift between you and your spouse, so be patient and let this phase pass.



You might face financial loss in this period. So it is wise to analyze your expenses and take the experts’ advice on money matters. You will enjoy the opportunities to work with foreign collaborations. You will enjoy a great bonding with your family members.

Your creative and innovative ideas would grab the attention of your clients. You might have ample resources that will increase your productivity and cause you success. There might be foreign trip to get more business opportunities.

Acknowledge the work of your subordinates and be grateful for their services.
This period will open many business opportunities and will pave the path for your success through your hard work and determination. Try to listen to others’ viewpoint to do your work in a unique way.

It is better to be clear and open with your partner about your desires so that misunderstandings would have no room in your relationship.


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