Mercury Transits Cancer (8 July-28 July)

As Mercury transits Cancer, it will conjunct with Sun - forming the auspicious 'Budhaditya Yoga', which will enhance your intellectual power during this period. It will also fetch you professional gains & the opportunity to establish new relationships. Also, any existing detrimental relationship will end with mutual consent.

Mercury Transits Cancer

Mercury is the significator of good health, strong mind, and intellect which makes you attain success in life with knowledge that guides you to make quick decisions related to your profession. If you have a strong Mercury, you can be in a profession that requires speculation of money, astrology, engaging with the digital world, and analytical efficiency.

When Mercury is associated with benefic planets like Jupiter or when it is placed in its own sign Gemini and Virgo then you will get positive results in your ventures, but when it combines with malefics like Rahu/Ketu (dragon’s head and tail) and Mars it may cause health problems related to nerves and skin or you may face lack of intelligence as it may add impulsiveness/aggression to your nature.

  • Sun will transit Cancer and conjunct with Mercury in Cancer on 17th July, forming the auspicious 'Budhaditya Yoga', which will enhance your intellectual power during this period.
  • The transit of Sun and its conjunction with Mercury in Cancer will be beneficial as you may receive professional gains and get the opportunity to establish new relationships. Also, any existing detrimental relationship will end with mutual consent.

How will Mercury's Transit affect You?


Personal and professional front will be less progressive as your intelligence will be replaced by aggression and impulsive behavior during this transit. Be cautious over your health prospects and try to control egoistic behavior with others.

For you, Mercury governs the 3rd and 6th houses of efforts, courage, debt, disease and rivals and Mercury will transit in Cancer in the 4th house of comforts and happiness, which will be less progressive a transit for you in terms of your professional and personal arena.

Your career prospect will be less beneficial as you will not be able to concentrate on your work and this will affect their performance, thereby affecting your reputation at work.

As a business entrepreneur, your hard work and  efforts will not be able to impress your clients and you are likely to lose some good deals to professional rivals, which will bring less profits and affect your financial status.

Your relationships will be affected by conflicts with your family over matters related to property where there will be less adjustments with each other due to ego issues. Adjustments with your partner/spouse is essential for personal harmony in relationships.

Take care of your health with a healthy diet in this period.



Personal and professional prospects will be favorable where travel abroad with loved ones or for professional prospects will be fruitful. Caution is advised to avoid dominating behavior with others.

For you, Mercury governs the 2nd and 5th houses of love, family, wealth and children, and Mercury will transit Cancer in the 3rd house of initiative and efforts, which indicates progress and prosperity in your personal, professional and financial life.

Your professional life will be prosperous with good opportunities for success, but a lot will depend on your caliber as to how you avail yourself of these opportunities.

Your job front will demand attention but you will get the support of your superiors for your success. Your business front will see expansion of your ventures with profits, especially from business abroad. You will see professional progress because of your efforts and intelligence.

Your personal relationships will be cordial. You will have the opportunity to connect with your partner/spouse with love and understanding. Your personal happiness will be enhanced with an increase in mutual understanding and respect for each other. This feeling will also be shared with your family members, especially with your siblings. You will plan a short trip/drive with them during this transit.



The transit of Mercury in Cancer will not be beneficial for you personally or professionally as family problems will pop up due to ego issues. At  work, tehre will be surmounting work pressure due to delay in submitting your commitments but gains from assignments and projects abroad are possible.

For you, Mercury governs the 1st house or Ascendant and 4th house of self and domestic happiness and Mercury will transit Cancer sign in the 2nd house of family, where wealth and speech will bring forth obstacles on the personal and professional front.

Curb your expenses for retaining wealth and control your communication to retain relationships.

Your personal relationships with your family and loved ones will be less cordial as there will be a lack of family happiness and comforts due to financial stringency. Arguments over matters of concern are possible due to lack of understanding and communication to resolve personal issues.

Your career prospects will not be beneficial as far as your job matters are concerned as you will not be able to submit your commitments on the scheduled time, but job prospects abroad will yield good gains for those working abroad or you may get unexpected work transfer abroad.

Be vigilant in your career partnerships as issues on the business front may arise due to lack of trust and you may need to put more effort to secure profits. Finance will be good for those in the insurance sector or those who are settled abroad or working with overseas connections.



This transit indicates that you will witness unexpected changes at work, relationships and self-progress. You will be required to make practical moves for self-progress, balance your income and expenditure, maintain smoothness in personal relationships.

For you, Mercury governs the 3rd and 12th houses and Mercury will transit Cancer in the 1st house of self, personality and mind - indicating moderate gains in profession, adjustment in personal relations with good communication.

Your professional front will have fluctuation with positive /negative effects as you will not be able to utilize the upcoming opportunities to the best of your potential due to sudden change in job location.

Your business prospects will not yield good gains from your ventures as your rivals will have an edge over you and will be able to steal some good business deals from you that will not be beneficial for your net profit.

Your relationship with your partner will demand your attention as it is likely that any existing issue will persist with stress due to personal ego. So, it will be beneficial to have clear communication with your partner/spouse to maintain harmony in relationships. You may have to make adjustments to ensure overall happiness in relationships.



The transit indicates delay in recognition of gains in your professional front but gains from ventures abroad are possible. There will be lack of mutual understanding in personal relations. Balance in income and expenditure is essential for overall prosperity.

For you, Mercury governs the 2nd and 11th houses of family, wealth, and gains; and Mercury will transit Cancer in the 12th house of expenditure, loss and long travel, indicating delay in professional gains, lack of coordination in personal relationships, increase in expenses but gains from abroad.

Your career prospects will be less progressive, and you will have to make efforts to deal with the stress of workload and manage your work pressure to deliver your commitments on time. You will not receive the cooperation of your colleagues/subordinates that can make you distracted from your goals.

You will have to modify your professional strategy to retain your profits and deal with your rivals to overcome professional competition.

Your relationships will not have good coordination with your partner or loved ones where no one is likely to consider the prospect of adjustment with each other due to personal egos, to resolve the matters of concern.

Avoid any kind of monetary speculation and speculation in relationships to avoid conflicts with loved ones.



The transit indicates professional prosperity with expansion of your ventures; personal happiness with mutual understanding. Favorable transit for you that will bless you with the fulfillment of personal and professional desires.

For you, Mercury governs 1st and 10th houses of self and career and Mercury will transit Cancer sign in the 11th house of gains and fulfillment of desires, indicating professional gains, personal harmony and peace whereby your desires will be fulfilled during this transit.

This period will be favorable for you as an independent entrepreneur where you will work with strategies that are helpful for the growth of your professional ventures. You will be able to earn a good reputation in your professional field.

If you are an employee, you will see progress and good coordination with your colleagues and seniors, thereby earning name and fame at work.

Your personal front will flourish with fine relations with your partner/family, and you will have a close bonding with your elder siblings who will give you unconditional support in your ventures.

You will be active in social outings, you will spend quality time with your partner to enhance your personal relations. If you are single, you will have a very good probability of making new friends for establishing love relationships.

Overall, this transit will be very progressive for you.



The transit of Mercury in Cancer indicates that you will be blessed with good progress in your professional ventures and harmony in your personal relationships, but keep a balance in your personal-professional life.

For you, Mercury governs the 9th and 12th houses and will transit Cancer in the 10th house of career and profession, supporting you with amazing opportunities for growth and career development due to your intelligent efforts.

Your career prospects will be beneficial. You will get new opportunities from aboard or you may travel abroad for work, bringing you gains due to good professional relations with your seniors.

Any speculation in shares may prove fruitful for your gains during this transit.

Your personal relationship with your family will be very cordial, especially with your father/siblings and you may gain their support in all your endeavors. You will share a good relationship with your partner/spouse, and this will be due to your efforts in building a better level of understanding.

You will buy expensive electronic items or expensive gifts for your partner/spouse, but be mindful about extravagance.



The transit of Mercury in Cancer indicates mixed results in your professional prospects since you will have more expenses than your income. Also, your personal relationships will have clashes due to ego.

For you, Mercury governs the 8th and 11th houses of obstacles and fulfillment of desires and gains and Mercury will transit Cancer sign in the 9th house of fame, fortune and luck - which will bless you with opportunities for success, based on your overall efforts.

Your career prospects will be moderate. You will face obstacles from all sources on the professional front and you are likely to overcome your problems only by your hard work and efforts.

As a business entrepreneur, it will be essential for you to work with new strategies to overcome any professional competition. Plan your professional ventures in a systematic way to gain success.

Sudden gains through family inheritance or transformation in work profile could be beneficial for your progress.

Your personal relationships with your partner/spouse and family will not be cordial. There are chances of developing arguments with your partner/spouse due to ego problems. Avoid confronting your father over matters of concern as this transit is not supportive of cordial relations with your father.



The transit of Mercury in Cancer indicates less mutual understanding and arguments in personal life and obstacles and hurdles in gains in professional life. Misunderstandings with your professional partner and spouse/partner are possible too.

For you, Mercury governs the 7th and 10th houses of marriage, partnership and career and Mercury will transit Cancer in the 8th house of hurdles, sudden gains and loss that may cause fluctuations vis-a-vis opportunities in your professional life and in professional and personal partnerships.

You won't be able to express your thoughts and feelings freely in your personal relationships with your partner, family and friends. You will feel constrained in your emotions and may find it difficult to express your point of view, so you should be careful about how you communicate with your loved ones to ensure prosperity in your relationships.

Your professional front will likewise experience pressure and issues due to the lack of communication with others, which will result in a setback in career prospects despite hard work and you will not be able to gain profit from your ventures due to strong competition.

If you are employed, you will see both positive and negative outcomes in career and you might have trouble coordinating with coworkers and seniors; but on the other hand, you might get good opportunities to change jobs.



The transit of Mercury in Cancer indicates that you will have problems in your personal relations but good understanding with your professional partner that will give beneficial professional prospects, especially through long distance travel.

For you, Mercury governs the 6th and 9th houses and Mercury will transit Cancer in the 7th house of marital bliss, partnership and associates that will give you a mixed inclination towards development and disagreement in both personal and professional life.

Your professional front will be very beneficial if you are employed, as you will make a good name at work with your intelligence and good communication skills. This will bring you good opportunities and progress, especially with regard to work prospects abroad. You will get a promotion and a hike in your salary due to your excellent work.

If you are an independent entrepreneur, you should exercise caution because things may not go according to plan with employees. To avoid any kind of conflict that could have an impact on the ongoing career endeavors, you should have a straightforward conversation with the person in concern.

Your personal front will be favorable in terms of materialistic comforts, but love/marital relationship may turn a little sour due to your focus on work commitments, which may make your partner/spouse feel offended due to your negligence. You will be able to please your partner with your clever communication skills.



The transit of Mercury in Cancer indicates setback on professional ventures; avoid any kind of speculation in money matters; stay alert as personal relations will face conflicts and tehre will be issues about the overall progress of children.

For you, Mercury governs the 5th and 8th houses of love, children, speculation and hurdles and Mercury will transit Cancer sign in the 6th house of disease, competition and fights, which will cause a setback in your professional life. Steer clear of any kind of speculation in money matters.

Professionally, this transit will not be very progressive for you as your hard work and meeting commitments on time will not be appreciated by your seniors.

Your job expectations will not meet the success you desire and if you are an independent entrepreneur, you will not be able to yield expected profits despite hard work.

Your personal relationships will not be pleasant and there may be fluctuations in the strength of your love bond that can even result in separation. Therefore, exercise caution in your intimate relationships and make an effort to resolve any uncertainty through thoughtful conversation.



The transit of Mercury in Cancer indicates that there will be prosperity in your professional life with gains from your ventures; your personal relations will have the warmth and understanding that will be beneficial for domestic happiness.

For you, Mercury governs the 4th and 7th houses of family happiness, marriage and professional partnership and Mercury will transit Cancer sign in the 5th house of love, creativity, education, and children that will bless you with overall prosperity in your career, personal relations and family.

Your professional life will be favorable with productive. As an independent entrepreneur, you will see growth and expansion of your professional ventures.

As an employee, you will get new opportunities at work. You may even travel abraod on work or get a foreign job location that will be fruitful for your progress in your career.

You will use a methodical approach to communicating with your colleagues regarding any professional matter with clear perspectives. Gains through speculation are visible but you are advised to invest in safe instruments.

With mutual understanding and unconditional efforts to improve your love relationship, your personal life will flourish.

This transit is favorable for welcoming any thought of planning children. It is also favorable for those who are aspiring to get married.


Remedies to Mitigate Challenges during this Transit

Irrespective of your Zodiac sign, you can follow the measures given below to overcome and mitigate challenges that this transit can cause.

  • Wear shades of green to enhance the strength of Mercury.
  • Respecting female members in your family and social circle will be beneficial for your progress.
  • Donating in cash or kind in orphanages, old age homes will bring prosperity and peace to your relationships.