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Mercury transit for Cancer Moon Sign

Mercury transit for Cancer Moon Sign


  1. Mercury in Aquarius in January 2020 for Cancer moon sign
  2. Mercury transit in Capricorn in January 2020 for Cancer Moon Sign
  3. Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for Cancer moon sign

Mercury in Aquarius in January 2020 for Cancer moon sign

Mercury will be transiting in Aquarius from 31st January 2020 to 7th April 2020. During this phase, it will turn retrograde on 17th February 2020 and will resume direct motion on 10th March 2020. This transit will take place in the eighth house for Cancer moon sign natives. As per Vedic astrology, eighth house is the house of sudden events, research, investigation, in-laws, ancestral wealth, occult and esoteric studies like astrology, tarot, transformation etc. and Mercury’s transit here will bring alive these themes for the natives of Cancer moon sign.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Aquarius on your professional life

The professional life of Cancer moon sign natives will have initial hiccups during the initial phase of this transit but time will gradually turn into your favor. You will some unexpected challenges at your workplace, which will instill a sense of fear and anxiety. However, there would also be unexpected help from a colleague, which will help you to sail through the difficult situation.

Your efforts and hard work is bound to give you positive results but this transit demands patience and perseverance on your part to manifest the beneficial outcome. You should remain focused on your goals and keep your spirits high as delays might discourage you.

If you are a working professional, you should try to avoid multitasking or taking too much on your plate as you might feel overwhelmed and stressed.
You should clear your past backlog first before assuming further responsibilities. Taking one-step at a time will be helpful during this transit.

You also need to be careful regarding your written and oral communications and do a thorough check beforehand while sending out written responses. You also need to be careful about the functioning of your electronic devices as they could develop sudden glitches.

Keep a track of your expenses and consider saving options during this time. Being spendthrift will shake your bank balance. You might develop an interest in occult studies and metaphysical subjects during this transit and seek guidance from a learned person to pursue your interests.

If you are involved in computers, language programming, or digital world, you will experience a transformation at your workplace in terms of a role or profile change. There could also be a new technological breakthrough, which could open up new growth avenues for you.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Capricorn on your personal life

The personal life of Cancer moon sign natives will largely remain good except for minor challenges. Married couples might have a difference of opinion, which will have the potential to escalate into a conflict if not taken care of.

You should remain in control of your emotions and not over react to small situations. Taking guidance from an elder regarding your marital issues will help you deal with conflicts smoothly. You also need to be cautious and not involved in arguments with anyone, as that would affect your peace of mind.

However, you will have a pleasant relationship with your in-laws during this time and you could have a small party or get-together with them. You should also maintain a good relationship with your siblings and take care of their health.

Your own health would need attention as some ailment could bother you. Stressful moments at work might take a toll on your physical and mental health, hence you need to be careful not to overindulge yourself in anything. Moderation shall be the key to good health during this transit.
You should take out time to rejuvenate by spending time in natural surroundings and restricting excessive use of electronic gadgets.

Mercury transit in Capricorn in January 2020 for Cancer Moon Sign

Cancer Moon, Mercury shall enter your seventh house on 13th January 2020 and shall remain there till 31st January 2020. As per Vedic astrology, seventh house represents marriage, partnerships, unions, contracts, alliances etc. and Mercury’s transit here shall bring relationships in limelight for Cancer moon sign natives.

You will be involved in new business ventures and develop partnerships which will yield profits. You will get a chance to improve your personal and professional relationships during this time period and effective communication will be the key to do so.

You will be in a position to advise others and help to resolve complex issues with your communication skills.

Effects of Mercury’s transit to Capricorn on your professional life

Even though Mercury will not stay in Capricorn for very long, it will bring great opportunities in initiating new ventures and projects. You will be able to efficiently negotiate new deals in your favor which will ensue good gains.

This will be a prominent transit for business people as they might enter into partnerships for greater profits. However, you should be calculative and conduct a thorough due diligence before signing a contract or finalizing something else you might incur losses during this period.

Working professionals will have growth opportunities coming their way, some of which could be related to foreign lands. You might feel confused or indecisive having multiple options in hand, hence it is advisable to plan your next professional steps with a logical and analytical approach.

Your business partner could behave authoritatively during this period and might force their opinion on you, which could lead to minor conflicts. However, you will be able to resolve the differences with your polite and diplomatic communication.

Those involved in PR, advertising, media and entertainment will find this transit favorable as better communication will open new avenues of professional growth. Your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm will reap the desired rewards.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Capricorn on your personal life

Personal relationships of Cancer moon sign natives will see a moderately positive phase during this transit. Singles could be lucky in finding their love interest and could plan a long-term relationship. Those staying away from home could get a sudden opportunity to travel to their homeland and unite with their family.

You will spend comfortable moments with your spouse and loved ones and there will be a better understanding of relationships. Your spouse or family will be involved in business matters and you could also take advice from your family members while taking an important business decision.

You will undertake a business trip abroad with your spouse which will prove to be fruitful. You will also receive the desired support from your siblings which will be pivotal in your professional growth.

However, there could be some challenges in domestic affairs due to the entry of other malefic planets in your seventh house. Minor confusions and tiffs with spouse or partner could spiral into heated arguments which will affect your peace of mind.

You should avoid being arrogant and sarcastic as that will make matters worse. Be very humble and mature while dealing with such situations to maintain harmony in your relationships.

You will be concerned about your appearance during this transit and will try to improve your social skills, mannerisms and style of interaction. You should spend some time in solitude and do meditation as that will develop clarity of mind leading to better decision making.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for Cancer moon sign

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius beginning 25th December 2019 is going to take place in the 6th house of Cancer moon sign natives. This period will ask you to put in extra efforts in doing various tasks. You should not compromise on your commitment and hard work, no matter what the situation will be, to get desired results in this period.

Health could be an area of concern, so ensure that you take care of it, effectively. Arguments in relationships are anticipated, but you can subside them by embracing a calmer and wiser outlook towards situations and stressful events.

You could win over your rivals in this period, but challenges could be there in the process. Have patience and you will be able to realize what you want.

There could be an increase in your expenditures, in this period, so be very careful in assessing where you are putting your hard-earned money and why.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for the personal life of Cancer moon sign

The transit of Mercury in Sagittarius is going to be highly focused on the health and well-being of Cancer moon sign natives. You may be required to travel for health needs. Medical expenditures could also be there, so you are required to cut your wasteful expenses as you may require a good amount of money for such days. You may get to spend good time with your maternal family, in this period.

  • Focus on health may derail your attention over family relationships. This could cause some strain and misunderstandings in marital and other personal relationships.
  • To ensure that you have enough time to spend with children, spouse or lover, take care of your health by using preventive measures to avoid any critical ailment, in this period.
  • Do not make promises in this period. If you do make, try and keep them. Commit only what you can fulfil, else it could lead into arguments and loss of trust and eventually confusions in your relationship.
  • Socially, you will be active and make good contacts. Travel plans with spouse or lover may also turn up in your schedule, during this time.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for the professional life of Cancer moon sign

You will be lead by honest, pure and loyal efforts to achieve success in professional life. Career-wise it will be a mixed period for Cancer moon sign natives. However, Mercury’s transit in Sagittarius do bring about some challenges on work front, which will be resolved with a rational approach towards people, situations, and by keeping in mind the long-term impacts of your current actions and deeds.

  • Be humble and polite with your colleagues as chances of arguments and disputes arte high during this transit period. Wasting your time in unnecessary discussions will lead you faraway from your professional objective, so focus on the bigger picture.
  • Triumph over rivals are sure and ensure. You will overcome tough situations and challenges in this period. What you need is will-power, concentration and zeal to perform to be the best of your abilities.
  • For students, it is a good transit, as they will be able to perform in their academics and do well in extra-curricular activities and reach closer to their ultimate goal.
  • Favors and benefits from government officials/bodies will be there in this period for Cancer moon sign natives. Financial status will improve through good gains from career.