Saturn transit in Capricorn and its effects on Libra moon sign

Saturn transit in Capricorn and its effects on Libra moon sign


As indicated by the Vedic Astrology, Shani alludes to something which moves gradually henceforth Saturn has been named after its inclination. It is the slowest planet which takes roughly more than two and a half year to travel through a sign. Its effect is for an extremely long haul. According to actualities Saturn is a massive planet which is considered to be a great distance from the Earth. Because of this distance, we find him moving progressively. It is a disciplined oriented planet that believes in the values of hard work and honesty. Saturn's effect is for a significantly extensive stretch of time. Saturn will give its outcomes gradually. In this manner, you should be extremely patient and have an impressive control on your personality as there are a lot of impressive of chances hanging tight for you, yet will take some time.

Saturn rules two zodiac signs for example Capricorn and Aquarius. Capricorn is a sign of discipline and practical approach. Saturn is viewed as lifted up, upbeat and solid in Libra moon sign. This is like that amazing feeling you get when you purchase a limited edition bag/garment for yourself. On the other hand, Saturn is viewed as crippled, pitiful or weak in the Aries moon sign. This can be contrasted with a grievous circumstance that emerges when you put your time and feelings into something, however can't accomplish it.

Saturn is considered as a malefic planet in astrology. In any case, when put in a favorable sign and house, he offers a man with mind boggling name and popularity. In unfavorable conditions, this planet gives distress, misfortune, disaster and obstacles throughout everyday life.

Saturn takes around two and a half year to transit through a sign. Saturn will transit through a Libra sign from 24th Jan 2020 to 28th April 2020.

Saturn is in its retrograde (REVERSE) motion from 11th May 2020 to 29th Sep 2020

During this period you must be cautious in regards to your health, communication, friend circle and financial matters as they are getting straightforwardly affected by Saturn transit in 2020. This adversely affect on your relationship with friends and family. If not taken care of, you might incur financial loss. Therefore, you need to be extremely watchful during this time frame.

Saturn transit into the 4th house of Moral values, relationship with mother, education and happiness

Saturn is the lord of the 4th and the 5th house and is transiting in the 4th house of happiness, relationship with mother, basic education, land, property, character, good name, moral virtues. Saturn will over rule all of the above mentioned areas throughout this period of transit in Capricorn.

Value your relationship with your mother

For Libra moon sign, the mother will be very strict throughout this span. She will put a lot of restrictions on her kids. There will be a ton of does and don’ts from her side. She will be extremely severe and vigilant with respect to their eating habits. She will serve them only homemade healthy food and empower them to adapt healthy eating habits. Education will be the top most priority for a mother. She is going to be very fierce lady when it comes to career and education. She will impose a lot of rules and regulations all this while. Nobody likes being taunted and controlled constantly, especially teenagers.

But, this discipline and domination will be really valuable for you and will give its fruitful outcomes after two and a half years. Hence, you must not be disappointed or depressed and most importantly, must not lose your hope at any cost. Rather than being critical, attempt to be hopeful during this entire period.

Saturn will be having an aspect on the three major areas of your life

6th house of enemy, health, competition, challenges, co workers, service/job, debts, loan; 10th house of career, occupation, success, promotion; 1sr house of personality, decision making ability, health.

Saturn is having an Aspect on the 6th house of enemy, health, competition and co workers

Self improvement is the key to success

During this period Saturn will influence these areas with its 3rd aspect. This period demands you to put your endeavors into something you need to accomplish and to buckle down without considering the results. You should be truly centered on your education and career. Regardless of what number of coaching or classes you attend, unless and until you don’t set aside an extensive effort for self studies none of these endeavors will be counted. In case, you are intending to enlist yourself in some sort of competitive exam, you will have to sacrifice your spare time and immerse yourself into its preparation. You might have to sacrifice your sleep and if needed your mobile phone too, because these gadgets might prove to be a great distraction in case you’re someone who is a gadget addict. You need to be patient here as well. As mentioned earlier, Saturn will give 100% positive and sure but slow and steady outcomes. Panicking or being depressed will just bring your morale down therefore you shall try to be calm and composed all this while.

Health remedies

Health can be an area of concern in case you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is a possibility of you falling sick for a long period of time. Try to adapt healthy eating habits, avoid smoking or consuming alcohol and maintain a strategic distance from fast food. Drink filtered water or boil water before drinking or cooking. Wash vegetables and fruits before eating. Most importantly maintain your personal hygiene. If not taken care of all these factors you might fall sick. In case this happens, remember one think prepare yourself to be in this miserable condition for a long period because recovery will take quite a while. Because Saturn signifies ancient culture, therefore Yoga which is considered as an ancient spiritual practice, never fails to show its positive outcomes. The various yoga stances (asans) prove to be very beneficial for improvement in such cases.

Saturn is having a direct influence on your 10th house career, occupation and profession

Professional life

During this period you will confront a heavy work load all of a sudden so prepare yourselves for this thing in advance. You will be occupied with a whole lot of assignments and submissions which may appear impossible to be completed within a given time frame. At times you probably won’t be able to complete these on time and face embarrassment from your senior or boss. These reasons can frustrate you to a level that you will think of quitting this job but, this period won’t enable you to do as such. It will take you two and a half years to decide whether you want to quit your current job or not. All this while you will adhere to your current job and after two and a half years you will find yourself in a satisfactory position and will be grateful to your stars that didn’t let you quit your job.

Love and Romance

There is an extreme high possibility that you might have to re locate because of your job. This reason can affect your love and romance. Long distance relationship brings with it some sort of misunderstandings. You both need to value each other’s career and deal the situation with enormous love, care and understanding. If you practice to do so, the distance won’t be able to harm your relationship.

Relationship with parents

As Saturn is influencing your 4th and 10th house of mother and father respectively, you may have to part ways from your parents and family because of your job/ career. Your parents won’t object you regarding this. They will prioritize your career and will be prepared to bid you good bye. But, this distance will bring about unfortunate association with them. Slowly and steadily you will find yourself being distant from them. A huge communication gap can arise which can mentally affect you as well as your parents.

The influence of Saturn in the 1st house of personality, leadership quality and health for Libra moon sign

Be your own critic

Initially, you will be placed in such conditions that will make you feel discouraged and shattered. But, within a short span of time you will adjust yourself to these situations which will make you discipline oriented and punctual. You will follow this mantra of life and will motivate yourself to work significantly harder. You need to be optimistic all this while.

Saturn warns the Libra moon sign to believe in them Selves and acknowledge their self esteem. You need to believe in your decisions and stand firm for them. At the same time, be your own critic. Don’t overlook your weak points. Instead work on them and make them worth count.

The final call

Both physical and mental health should be considered as the topmost priority in the light of the fact that unless and until you’re not fit you won’t be able to accomplish anything in your life. You should work on building a positive thought process and yes, don’t sit tight for a miracle. Remember that SELF HELP IS THE BEST HELP. If you follow all these remedies and instructions cautiously and obediently then this transit will show its best results and nothing can stop you from emerging victorious.