Ketu Transit for Leo

Ketu Transit

Ketu is an illusory planet which will be in the 5th house of Leo natives. Ketu is likely to create some problems in love relationship. Your children might also start behaving in strange way and in some cases they might even refuse to spend time with you.

Ketu in 5th house usually gives negative mentality .There will be lack of emotional satisfaction specially related to love relationship or with children. During the transit, Ketu will move through two constellations, namely Uttara-Asadha and Purva-Asadha. They both fall under the Sagittarius zodiac sign

  • Ketu will transit in the “Uttara-Asadha” constellation of Sun. It will enlighten you spiritually and increase your interest to read spiritual texts. If you are in spiritual practice during this transit of Ketu, it will give you progress in the same field .You will learn new mantras and knowledge of your culture.
  • Ketu will also travel through the “Purva-Asadha” constellation of Venus. This will bring problems in relationships. Your health could also become troublesome. Your business will have a rough time, so try to be alert & patient.

During Ketu transit, there would be fewer chances of getting selected in interviews easily. So, instead of switching your job, try to be in the same one for some time. Change in job is favorable only before March 2019.

Your love relationships will have a difficult time during the 2019 Ketu transit. Ketu in the 5th house can cause mental stress and that will affect your health badly. Try to avoid the excess use of electronic gadgets and stay connected with the nature.

Saturn will get the company of Ketu and this will reroute your thinking abilities. Ketu will also give bad company and if not taken care then it will lead you towards loss in business and your plans will fail miserably.

Final Words:  For Leo natives, this transit will be very stressful. Avoid argument with love partner or with children. If you are student then avoid the bad company. It will harm your reputation as well as studies. Financial gain can bring some relief during the Rahu transit in the 11th house.