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Full Moon in Scorpio for all the 12 Zodiac Signs

This year, the Full Moon in Scorpio is on the 17th June 2019, Monday.

The Full Moon in Scorpio, which is also known with various names like the Jyeshtha Purnima and the Strawberry Full Moon, plays a very significant role in our lives on the basis of the specific horoscope each one of us has.

Full Moon Begins: 02:02 PM 16 June 2019 IST

Full Moon Ends: 02:00 PM on 17 June 2019 IST

The story behind the Jyeshtha Purnima:

Jyeshtha Purnima has special significance with the name of Savitri; and the story starts with King Asvapati, who ruled over the Madra Kingdom and did great penance with his wife Malavi for the Savitr God, who is one of the forms of the Sun God, to get child as a boon. Pleased with the devotion of the King, God Savitr grants him a boon to have a daughter with the name as Savitri.

The story of Savitri comes in many scriptures, like the Mahabharata also, in which it is mentioned that Savitri has done great penance to get back her husband Satyavan, and has worshipped Lord Yama to attain his life back on this day of Jyestha Purnima. This is the reason Jyeshtha Purnima became auspicious for married women, and every woman worships the Banyan Tree (Vat Trish) to have the blessings of God, so that she will have the company of her husband throughout her life, apart from praying for the wellbeing of her husband. In western India, Jyeshtha Purnima is celebrated on the Full Moon with the name of Savitri.

Savitr is the Vedic deity who rules over the Hasta Nakshatra, which comes in the sixth zodiac sign Virgo. So this Jyestha Purnima or Scorpio Full Moon can give you the mental and physical strength and happiness in your life, if you are born in Hasta Nakshatra, or have any major planet in the Virgo zodiac sign.

Seasonal change and significance with the Full Moon: The Moon plays a significant role to give real essence of nature to all fruits and other harvest. This is the reason God has given the name to Moon as one of the Gods, known as the Soma: the one who nourishes the fruits and vegetables, and makes everyone strong. The seasonal change will let the wild strawberry to ripe during the early summer, so the Full Moon has been given the name as the Strawberry Full Moon. If you are born under the Nakshatra of Moo, like the Rohini, Hasta and Shravana, then according to Vedic Astrology, the Full Moon is very important to you for attaining your wishes.

Full Moon in Scorpio for all the Twelve Zodiac sign (Based on the Moon Sign):

This Full Moon in Scorpio will be manifested in everyone’s life with different shades of light. Each Zodiac sign will have these shades in the following manners.

Aries Moon Sign: This Full Moon is going to give you sudden gains and financial help from your family. You just need to be cautious while having a conversation with your family members. There will be hidden knowledge coming to you, which will give you due recognition.

Taurus Moon Sign: You will have good support from your business partner. The Scorpio Full Moon is going to shine in your married life, and you will spend a good time with your spouse. If you want to share anything with your spouse, then this full Moon is the right time to have dinner together, to share each other’s feeling.

Gemini Moon Sign: You will feel the essence of healing on the Scorpio Full Moon. Health will improve and you will also have spiritual awakening during this Purnima. The relationship with your colleague will improve too.

Cancer Moon Sign: You will feel that creativity will blossom in your life, like the strawberry will start ripening during the early summer. New innovative idea will manifest into your lives which will change your life on this Scorpio Full Moon. Proposal of love might come your way.  

Leo Moon Sign: Happiness in the family or the arrival of a new member in your family as a baby or new relationship will give festive vibration in your home. Foreign help and friends from foreign places, might give you good news related to your career on this Scorpio Full Moon.

Virgo Moon Sign: It’s time to have fun and enjoy the time with your siblings. You are going to be most adorable among your sibling. You teacher and religious guru will give you blessings on this Scorpio Full Moon, which will lead you towards success.

Libra Moon Sign: Support from your family members, and celebration will be there on this Jyeshtha Purnima. Sudden financial gains will come to your hand. If you are planning to ask for a promotion or increment, then this Full Moon will bless you with her divine aura.

Scorpio Moon Sign: Scorpio is going to shine on this Jyestha Purnima because the Full Moon is going to happen in the Scorpio zodiac only. Your relationship with your spouse will be more committed, and also lots of love and happiness from the spouse will come to you on this Full Moon.

Sagittarius Moon Sign: The spiritual awakening will come to you, and some event will give you devotion in God. You will get good help from people who are working under you.

Capricorn Moon Sign: Good gains is coming towards you and help from seniors and elder siblings will be there for you on this Scorpio Full Moon. The relationship will take a new phase, and you will have financial gains from your spouse. The business proposal will come to you, who will also give you a different dimension to attain good gains in terms of name, fame, and finance as well.

Aquarius Moon Sign: You will get good news related to your career if you are planning for increment or promotion. This Scorpio Full Moon will give support to fullfill these wishes.

Pisces Moon Sign: The Scorpio Full Moon is going to give divine insight to have deep knowledge related to your religion, which will change your life. Success will come towards you with religious deeds. Have the blessings of your elders and be on the religious path to attain good knowledge.

Have the blessings of this Full Moon in Scorpio:

The Scorpio Full Moon or the Strawberry Full Moon is auspicious to attain the blessing of Mars who owns the Scorpio. Jyestha Full Moon is important to attain the blessings of the three Nakshatra deities in Scorpio, the Vedic deity Indra, and Mitra, who will bless you through the mystic power they have and also have harmonious relationship with everyone they know.


June 5, 2020, Friday

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