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Mercury transit for Sagittarius Moon Sign

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  1. Mercury transit in Capricorn in January 2020 for Sagittarius Moon Sign
  2. Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for Sagittarius moon sign

Mercury transit in Capricorn in January 2020 for Sagittarius Moon Sign

Sagittarius Moons, Mercury shall enter your second house on 13th January 2020 and shall remain there till 31st January 2020. As per Vedic astrology, second house represents family, cash flow, income, speech, eyes, food, family, tangible and intangible assets and Mercury’s transit here will bring alive these themes for the natives of Sagittarius moon sign.

You will have a more practical and rational approach towards your finances and assets and will have an inclination towards family business and commercial affairs. You will receive recognition for your efforts at your workplace, which will encourage you. Those planning to start an independent venture might take the first step during this time.

Personal life will see a mixed phase as there are indications of arguments and conflicts during this transit. However, you will be handle them well with fair and open communication.

Effects of Mercury’s transit to Capricorn on your professional life

Sagittarius moon sign natives will have a pragmatic and realistic approach during this transit which will help them in professional growth. However, it is still better to exercise caution in financial matters especially investments. Think carefully before making an investment as unplanned investments could incur losses.

You will come across rivals and competitors at workplace. However, they will not be able to harm you rather they will be influenced by you. You will be entrusted with new roles and responsibilities at workplace, which will keep you occupied.

Business professionals will attain success in their ventures and those involved in family business will have a favourable time if they focus on work and don’t get caught up in family affairs. You could have stress related to property and tax matters but will be able to come out of it with the help of your family.

Your communication and speech will be prominent during this transit and you should keep it balanced and graceful to have the desired success in professional ventures. You will have a cordial relation with your superiors and boss as your hard work and efforts will be appreciated at workplace.

Effects of Mercury’s transit to Capricorn on your personal life

Personal life of the natives of Sagittarius moon sign will generally be good. You will be lucky in matters of family assets and cash inflow during this time. However, petty disputes and arguments within the family will be a cause of stress and tension for you.

You will be able to contribute towards an amicable environment within the family with your practical and wise approach. Your words will have the power to make or break the relations, hence choose them carefully especially in tensed situations.

Singles will be lucky in love matters as there’s a strong possibility of a new love affair. Your family will support your relationship, which will bring you much joy and happiness. Married couples will have a loving relationship and spend time together which will deepen the emotional bond between them.

You could also undertake a long journey or foreign travel with your partner or spouse, which will bring happiness. Your spouse or partner will be polite and soft spoken during this time and you will get nourishing vibes from them which will strengthen your relationship.

You could also involve your spouse or partner in your business during this time or take advice from them while making business decisions.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for Sagittarius moon sign

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius beginning 25th December 2019 is going to take place in the lagna/ascendant house of Sagittarius moon sign natives. This transit is going to make modifications to your personality and perceptions.

During this transit of Mercury in Sagittarius in your 1st house, you will have a religious disposition which will offer you a profound knowledge and insight into the matters of personal and professional significance.

Luck will favor you in your various expeditions and you will utilize this manifestation into strengthening your financial stability.

Your health will be good, but you need to be cautious of your competitors as they may try to hurt you or your growth prospects. So, be on guard and take necessary steps to get rid of such situations.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for the personal life of Sagittarius moon sign

During the transit of Mercury in Sagittarius, your love and marital life will be stable, however, certain arguments could take shape if disturbances in familial life are not handled with care and caution. Watch out for the words you speak and your tone and pitch, during this time, if you care for your familial bonds. Showing care and concern towards spouse and making them feel special in any possible way is going to reboot your relationship and make it stronger.

  • Added efforts are required to bring harmony in martial relationships. Love life will demand open expressions to blossom.
  • You will spend good time with your friends and your bond will grow sturdier. However, you shall remain truthful and loyal towards them and do not get swayed away by fleeting temptations.
  • Luck will be by your side, if you stay on the right path and follow moralistic ideologies to lead a good life.
  • Your father will come forward to lend a supporting hand to you and your ideas. He will also be there to guide you whenever you get stuck with a complex and critical situation in life.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for the professional life of Sagittarius moon sign

This is going to be a promising transit for Sagittarius moon sign professionals. While transiting in your 1st house, Mercury is going to offer you the qualities and abilities that will help you further your career and passionately follow the same for better gains. Sagittarius natives are required to guard their secrets, especially those in business should be vigilant towards their rivals, to evade any major losses, in time.

  • Both long and short distance travel are indicated in this period, both of these will offer you good returns and chances to succeed in your career.
  • This will be a good transit for students, who are aspiring to go for higher education, as their academic desires are going to be fulfilled in this period, but not without putting in some extra efforts.
  • Sagittarius natives will have the support of their seniors and managers in their professional stint, during this time. Support from government bodies and officials will also be there for those who are in any way related to such work profiles.
  • Treat your colleagues well and never let any dispute make the workplace environment unpleasant and uncomfortable to work.