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Retrograde Mercury (31 Dec 2022 till 18 Jan 2023)

During its retrograde movement in Sagittarius, Mercury can cause upheaval in your predefined schedule and result in miscommunication by imparting you an impulsive streak. It can also plant a flaw in the success of your events.

Retrograde Mercury

Mercury will retrograde in Sagittarius on 31 December 2022 and become progressive or in direct motion on 18 January 2023.

Retrograde motion refers to the backward motion of a planet, where the planet appears to move in reverse direction. The astrological significance of retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius indicates:

  • Mercury is the planet of intelligence and communications with precise timing but during its retrograde motion, there can be upheaval in the predefined schedule and miscommunication due to an impulsive streak.
  • The retrograde sequence of Mercury in Sagittarius makes you work in a chain of actions that will bring flaw in the success of your events. It will make you work with more efforts but blurred focus.
  • Mercury retrogression in Sagittarius makes you too frank in your communication; you are eager to speak what comes across your mind without applying any diplomatic censor.
  • Mercury rules the professional and personal arenas of our lives in general, where it is very essential to communicate our ideas with our colleagues, superiors and sentiments with loved ones. There can be irrelevant issues due to the effects of retrograde Mercury.
  • During this period, it is essential to be vigilant, exercise control and take time to re-examine the point that we are trying to communicate with others.


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