Mars transit in Leo: Know how will this impact your moon sign

Mars transit in Leo: Know how will this impact your moon sign


Mars in considered as a masculine, fiery planet in Vedic Astrology. It is said to bestow you with power and energy. When Mars comes to stay in Leo moon sign, it results in fireworks. Too much energy is released, which can be contagious, if not dealt with properly.

‘Do more, get more’ will be the mantra for success, as Mars transits in Leo (between August-September 2019). For many people, depending upon their moon sign, the challenges could be immense, but Mars will give you energy and power to overcome the obstacles.

  • Mars takes around one and a half months (approximately 45 days) to travel through a moon sign, thus the impact of its stay would not be long-term but it could be reasonably intense.
  • It completes its journey through all the 12 moon signs in nearly 18 months, bringing about momentary and swift changes in life.

When Mars transits in Leo:

Aries native will earn much and spend it too!

For people born in Aries moon sign, Mars transit in Leo is going to be a great period for income generation. However, there will be a corresponding increase in the expenditure as well, as Mars will aspect both 11th house (of income) and 12th house (of expenditure).

Mars will be placed in the 5th house of Aries ascendant and will be the Lord of 1st and 8th house, during its transit in Leo. This signifies that it will have a positive influence on the personality, intelligence, education, progeny, spirituality and health of the person. Though a little precaution is advised on sudden health ailments.

There will be fluctuations in temperament which will create an urge to do things at a fast pace. Some impulsive decisions could be harmful.

Taurus moon sign will enjoy the comforts of life!

For Taurus moon sign, Mars’s transit in Leo will be all about luxury and comfort. Mars will be placed in the 4th house and will rule 7th and 12th house of a Taurus ascendant. This is a beneficial position for profit and income generation from property. You will earn well, during this period. If you are looking to buy a property or a vehicle – this would be a good time.

Mars aspect on 7th, 10th and 11th house will be favorable for partnerships, career and income gains. Business partnerships and associations will work wonders and you will make profit out of them. This is also a good time for those who are looking to get married. You must keep a check on your aggression and avoid arguments and clashes with anyone. Despite minor hardships Mars’s transit in Leo will be a favorable period for you.

Gemini’s will show courage to win over enemies!

Mars positioned in the 3rd house for Gemini moon sign, is an indicator of intellect, communication, journey and siblings. This will be a great time for taking short trips, since, these will be beneficial. You will be at your creative best. Relationship with siblings would strengthen.

Being the lord of the 6th and 11th house the influence of Mars will keep you at a safe distance from your enemies. If you are appearing for competitive exams – you will do well. If there is any court case or property-related dispute which is bothering you for long, don’t worry, things will work out in your favor, during this transit period.

However, your spirituality and fortune will take a little beating. Your professional front will bear average results, with limited scope to grow and succeed.

Cancer natives need to watch out for the unexpected!

Ruling your 5th house of pleasure and creativity, Mars will give you favorable results in the areas related to education and love life. It will be auspicious for children and your relationship with them will improve. Those who are planning to expand their family will find this period fruitful.
Chances are bright for those looking for higher education prospects.

Sitting in your 2nd house of possession, Mars will positively influence your wealth accumulation possibilities. Being the lord of your 10th house, it will also give good results on the professional front. Your spiritual inclinations will enhance and it will also boost your fortune and chances of foreign travel.

A check on health is advised - you might encounter sudden losses, health issues and you will mostly be lethargic and may suffer from leg pain.

A check on temperament is required for Leo!

Venturing into the Leo moon sign, Mars will tend to make you more aggressive and temperamental. Positioned in your 1st house, it will benefit you on health and personality related matters, but you need to keep your erratic behavior in check.

You will be blessed with domestic happiness and higher learning opportunities. It will also give you profit in matters related to property and vehicle. Your relationship with your mother will strengthen. Spiritual inclination is also on the cards.

Through Mars’s aspect on your 7th and 8th house you will get mediocre results. Be careful of any kind of dispute with your partner, any sudden health issues or losses.

It will be too much expenditure and travel for Virgo!

Mars will happily sit in your 12th house, making you go places, literally. Your expenditure will increase, especially on travelling, within or outside the country. You will also spend on real estate and related areas. As Mars transits in Leo, your creativity will get a boost. Unexpected incidents may arise, some may benefit and others may not – but there is nothing to be worried about.

You need to struggle to get or keep your job. Business partnerships will not be too profitable. Your competitors will be active and would try to pull you down. However, Mars will give you the courage to win over your rivals and overcome the obstacles that will be there.

Despite hurdles on the work front, Libra ascendant’s wealth will rise!

You will get all sorts of income gains as Mars makes its presence felt in your 11th house of ‘gains’. As per Vedic astrology 11th house is the ‘Labha house’, which signifies income gains, gains through property, sudden profits and abundance. Ruling your 2nd house it will further augment your wealth accumulation prospects. You might go on to strike a deal for a new property. Business partnerships and marital life will benefit.

Its aspect on your 5th house would not be too auspicious. You may face difficulties related to progeny and spiritual and higher learning prospects.
Your creative and logical abilities will weaken and you will find it difficult to take right decisions at the right time.

Scorpio moon sign will progress in career, but family happiness may suffer!

As Mars will be placed in your 10th house and will rule your 1st and 6th house, you will see a positive influence on your personality, profession, power, prestige, health and perseverance. Its aspect on your 5th house might deter your creative abilities but you will be able to work it out with your sanity and hard work.

Special considerations are needed if you are planning to buy a property. An ongoing property dispute may take a new turn. Keep a check on your mother’s health. Relationship with children may require more consideration. Your spiritual learning and higher education desires may take some more time to be realized.

Opportunities on the foreign land are imminent for Sagittarius ascendants!

By making a connect with your 5th and 12th house, while sitting in your 9th house, Mars opens all the doors for you to take a flight abroad to accomplish your dreams. Your higher education prospects are bright and so does your abroad travel and settlement scenarios. However, you will need to be careful about your journeys.

Aspect of Mars on your 4th house may not guarantee any good results, however, it wouldn’t be bad either. Hold any thoughts of buying a property and focus on your relationship with your mother – avoid any arguments with her.

Capricorn moon sign must keep a check on their health and wealth!

Being placed in malefic house (8th house), you may incur sudden losses. Unforeseen challenges on health and wealth fronts may make this transit period somewhat challenging for you. You will be restless and might see sudden sparks of anger.

However, a positive influence of Mars on your 11th house will help you reverse the effects of 8th house and will give you monetary gains from unexpected sources. The transit period will be a good time to bond with your family and pay more attention to your domestic life.

Professional gratification will be the highlight for Aquarius moon sign!

All your associations and partnerships will give you desired results as Mars will be placed in the 7th house of your birth chart. It will be very auspicious for your relationship with your siblings. Your communication skills will also thrive in this transit period.

Good news from the work front will be on the cards. You might get closer to take on a position of authority in your work place. Married life will be happy but your health needs proper dare and supervision. Also, be aware of your mood-swings and aggression.

Pisces ascendant will find their true calling in spirituality!

Sitting in your 6th house, Mars positively influences your 9th house and also rules it, thus, making you embrace spirituality and augment your religious drives to let you discover your healing capabilities. It offers you a sound health and physical strength.

However, this might take you on a path of detachment and you are likely to overlook your family and social life, during the transitory period of Mars in Leo.