Transit of Mercury for Aquarius moon sign

Transit of Mercury for Aquarius moon sign


The transit of Mercury for Aquarius will bring about opportunities to learn new skills for professional growth and development of the natives.

Being the ruler of your 5th and 8th house, this transit will largely manifest the themes of these houses on the lives of Aquarius moon sign natives.

You will be highly creative, intelligent and constructive in your approach, thereby, conquering success in the areas which demand innovative abilities.

This transit will support the recognition of your hard work and efforts, at workplace. Sudden changes in professional could be there and for some of you an unexpected break in career can also ensue.

Still, research and analysis related areas will give you heightened results and gains, in the long-term. So, try and utilize these skills for greater benefits, during this time.

Mercury’s movement across your various houses will shell out specific results. But overall, an inclination towards foreign culture, country and clients will develop, along with a creative disposition, which, if encashed well, can bring about superior results for the Aquarius moon sign natives.

  1. Transit of Mercury in 12th house of Aquarius

Mercury is currently transiting in the 12th house of Aquarius moon sign natives, in the Capricorn sign. This is a period to embrace a practical approach in life, rather than letting the sentiments override the reality of the work world. During this time, you will be largely, wealth-oriented and will single-mindedly focus on the means to make more money. Specifically, this will be a good period to strike some profitable business deals with foreign clients or finalize new projects with foreign companies. Possibilities of a good working scenario in a foreign nation is also indicated, foe some of you, during this time. However, additional hard work and extra efforts will be required to attain the desired results at workplace, in this period. Take care of getting too stressed or depressed about workplace situations, else it could hinder the pace of your health and overall well-being, during the time of this transit.

  1. Transit of Mercury in 1st house of Aquarius

From January 31, 2020, Mercury will be transiting in the ascendant or lagna house of Aquarius moon sign natives. During this time, luck favor your acts and endeavors at workplace to bring you success. There will sudden changes at work, be it of position or place. Whatever, it will be, they will be beneficial for your growth and development as a professional, in the long-term. Learning new skills, new techniques and tools has to be the focus, at this time. This will help you in gaining new projects at work and will also improve your status and reputation, consequently. Success in research and related feels is indicated, and for business professionals, specifically, wholesale trade will turn out to be more profitable. Also, backend business or work profile will be highly advantageous for Aquarius moon sign natives, during this time. Yet, investments will require caution and care for good returns, so be well-informed in pursuing any high-scale investment decisions, during this transit.

  1. Transit of Mercury in 2nd house of Aquarius

Transit of Mercury in your 2nd house, in Pisces sign will begin from April 7, 2020. Emotional detachment from workplace matters will be the crux of this transit. Practical decision making and impassive approach at work will give you fruitful results, at this time being highly emotional could prove disadvantageous for your success at work, so you have to align well with the influences of this transit, to avoid any kind of losses at work. You may like to take guidance and suggestions from your seniors, during this time, to get better outcomes at work. For independent professionals, this will be highly lucrative period where you are likely to get expected case you are looking for a change, you may contemplate doing so, in this period. But a check on communication is a must, otherwise confusions and challenging could crop up in your search for a new and promising opportunity.

  1. Transit of Mercury in 3rd house of Aquarius

Moving into your 3rd house, in Aries sign, from April 25, 2020, Mercury will demand initiatives on the part of Aquarius professionals to get success in career. This is not the time to sit idle and wait for the right moment, but this is the time act and move forward in your profession with an ingenious approach. Your communication skills, at this time, will help you to expand your network, which will eventually help you in attaining your career objectives and bringing you gains from your professional endeavors. Good opportunities to enhance your financial prospects will be there. Support from seniors in taking ahead your career will be immense. Professionals related to book publishing, printing and writing will, particularly, benefit from this transit period. Short distance travel related to job will be there, during this time. Creative work will bring you more success, in this transit period, so utilize your talent well, in this time.

  1. Transit of Mercury in 4th house of Aquarius

During this period of Mercury’s transit in Taurus sign, from May 9, 2020, luck will favor home-grown business prospects of Aquarius natives. Entrepreneurial activities will disburse promising results for the Aquarius professionals, during the period of Mercury’s transit in their 4th house. This period is outlined with high success rate in new projects. But, you need to exercise vigilance and attentiveness before striking any deal, at this time. Support from your life partner will be crucial, in this period, and will offer a new direction to your career, further increasing your professional gains. Taking risks will result in gainful opportunities, during this time. Speculative investments will offer desired returns, in this transit of Mercury. However, these possibilities must be explored with a calculative approach and a calm mindset. For service-class professionals, this is a pretty good period, where, financial gains are evident for Aquarius moon sign natives.

  1. Transit of Mercury in 5th house of Aquarius

Transiting Mercury in your 5th house, in Gemini, from May 25, 2020, will offer good recognition at workplace for Aquarius moon sign natives. This will be a promising period for the career of Aquarius natives. Financial gains, rewards, appreciation and enhancement in status will be there, during this time, for you. Gains are indicated from exploring new avenues and trying out new things, in your professional realm. This will be a favorable time for business professionals, as you may get to initiate new deals or projects, at this time and will also get the opportunity to expand your venture. New ideas will flourish and innovation will assist you in charting the path of growth and development. For service-class professionals, growth will come through new projects with foreign clients or with new prospects in foreign companies. You should grab such opportunities without a second thought, during this times, as these will prove highly beneficial for your career, in the long term.

  1. Transit of Mercury in 6th house of Aquarius

Emotions must be avoided, at workplace, during this time when Mercury will transit in your 6th house, in Cancer, from August 2, 2020. This will be the time keep your sentiments aside and focus your energies on practicality of professional life, to get expected results. This period will be highly critical for professional who are in routine job, as their workplace relations are likely to get hampered, during this time. Feelings of jealousy and disloyalty may creep in between you and your colleagues and this will negatively impact the growth and status of income gains for you. There will be slow progress on work front and you will be required to step forward with caution. The hurdles in your work life will be accredited to your own mistakes, so you need to be careful of your actions, during this time. Interestingly, improvisation will be the key to get success, in this period of Mercury’s transit. Gains from foreign deals and projects are highly anticipated. Frequency of short distance travels will be quite high during this time, but the outcomes will just be mediocre.

  1. Transit of Mercury in 7th house of Aquarius

Starting August 17, 2020, transiting Mercury will move into your 7th house, in Leo sign. You will have some discomfort in your workplace environment, during this time. An aura of vanity and selfishness will prevail at your workplace and you must try to steer clear of such negative vibes, to avoid any professional damages. Harsh communication must be avoided at workplace and a tinge of politeness should always remain in your speech for a cordial atmosphere at work. Nonetheless, communication with seniors will be beneficial for your career. Sharing of ideas will bring in appreciation and recognition for Aquarius natives. Sudden chances of foreign settlements will surface for those who are looking for such opportunities, and you will be required to take informed and balanced decisions. Long distance travels will be the highlight of this period for you. Prospects of reviving some old business are indicated here, which will bring in good gains for you.

  1. Transit of Mercury in 8th house of Aquarius

From September 2, 2020, Mercury will transit in your 8th house, in Virgo sign. Mercury is exalted in this sign and thus, will bestow the natives with enhanced professional outcomes. Sudden recognition, at workplace will be there, during this time for Aquarius natives. Rewards, appreciation and prospects will come to you, at a time, when you will least expect them. If you have been looking for a new job, for quite a while now, you are in for a happy surprise. Chances of getting selection in an interview is high, during this time. Aquarius natives will get good financial gains, during this time. Wholesale and backend related work areas will give beneficial results to Aquarius professionals, at the time of this transit. Other than this, healing and occult related work areas will prove rather fruitful for you, in terms of both business and practicing as an independent professional. New connections at workplace will be formed, at this time. But, you need to be careful of sharing much information with these new-formed alliances, else some important information could be misused, which could prove damaging for your career.

  1. Transit of Mercury in 9th house of Aquarius

Moving into your 9th house, in Libra sign, from September 22, 2020, Mercury is bound to give you recognition at workplace, in acknowledgment of your hard work and efforts. Chances are bright for those who are looking forward to enroll themselves for higher education, specialist courses or upskilling programs. Short distance travel related to work will be there, but care must be taken to not overdo it. Avoid unnecessary arguments, at this time, else failure in your chosen professional field will transpire. Aquarius natives will have good relationships with their seniors, during the time of this transit. Constructive work fields, including writing, production and construction related areas will give greater benefits and more financial gains, at this time.

  1. Transit of Mercury in 10th house of Aquarius

During the transit of Mercury in the 10th house of Aquarius, from November 28, 2020, the natives are going to turn a little cunning. You will be insecure and thus, tend to hide a lot of information, turning more secretive, which could create trust issues between you and your colleagues. As a result, your co-workers will start avoiding you, at workplace, which will not be a very comfortable situation to work in. this may create undue stress and pressure on you and it will further reflect on your productivity, at work. You may work far away from your home, at this time. Undue workload may disturb your health and personal life, too, during this period. Still, you will be able to get hold of some projects that you have been eyeing for long or get to finalize some long-standing deals, in this periods. Your professional desires will be attained, in this transit period, but with some extra efforts.

  1. Transit of Mercury in 11th house of Aquarius

Transiting in your 11th house, in Sagittarius sign, on December 17, 2020, Mercury is going to enhance your skill-sets and your talent will give you recognition, along with monetary benefits, during this time. You will be driven by higher beliefs, spiritual tendencies and self-motivation to attain greater heights of success, at work. There could be chance meetings with some old colleagues, which will not only be rejuvenating on a personal note, but will also result in sharing of some wise and effective ideas for improvement in work, to achieve more success and financial gains, in your chosen professional field. You have the chance to revive some old business, during this time. You will have the support of your family in doing so, in this transit period. Also, social media related business or job will prove highly beneficial for you, during this time.