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Jupiter Transit Results for Leo Moon Sign

Jupiter Transit
The God of Justice, the symbol of wisdom, the karaka of fortune, the lord of intellect, Jupiter has been acknowledged as the mightiest planet in Vedic Astrology. It’s the reason behind several Yogas in a horoscope, including the most sought-after, Gajakesari Yoga. Dare we ignore how crucial its annual transit can be for each sign? It is the planet of freedom, positivity, cheerfulness, intelligence, sincerity, and prosperity. It is a slow-moving planet, so stays in each sign for about one year. Thus whenever it transits, it becomes important to measure its effects for the long haul. Beginning its occupancy in Virgo on 11th August, 2016, it will stay there until 12th September, 2017. This Jupiter transit would be a harbinger of luck for Leo Moon Sign. Your interest in spiritualism and occult fields would increase too. There would be some challenges throughout, but you will get past easily due to Jupiter’s blessings. Here is a detailed analysis of how Jupiter transit would affect your life.

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Career: Career would see a gradual rise, but hurdles would be there. Consistent growth would be there however despite occasional roadblocks. It is also a flourishing period for businesspersons, promising possibility of some unexpected gains.  Chances of progress in business are high. Overall, Jupiter transit seems to be favorable for career prospects for Leo.

Finance: Financial position would be comfortable during this phase. You may spend on some family matter, especially some auspicious occasion or religious activity. This is a good time to accumulate wealth. Income would be stable. Some unexpected gains are possible too. The financial matters that were stuck since long will finally get resolved. Trapped money would come back to you, adding to your inflow of cash. Jupiter’s transit is also favorable in terms of investment matter so thumbs up if you have been planning to invest in some speculation or business.

Love and Married Life: The transit of Jupiter would bring positive changes in your love matters. Singles can expect a new relationship and a blissful love life. For married folks, things seem to be a little challenging and wobbly. Just keep patience, as life would be back on track eventually.  The good news is, there lies a slight possibility of progeny so you may welcome a new member in the family this year.

Family: Family atmosphere would largely be content and happy. Each member would be highly supportive. Children would also act disciplined and obey their parents. All this would add to the domestic bliss. Jupiter might even give you an opportunity to celebrate some auspicious occasion at home. You may however still face some unwanted challenges in family, thus be careful. Deal with your family members politely to keep the atmosphere at home peaceful.

Health: Health seems to be struggling to be satisfactory during Jupiter’s habitation in Virgo. Your interest in distinct cuisines would increase and you may dine out frequently. But don’t over-indulge for you are prone to obesity. Indigestion may also keep you bothered throughout thus better be careful with what you eat.

Education: This is a very auspicious time for students and those learning some new skills.  Success is expected and performance is likely to be excellent. Those awaiting exam results may also hear some good news. Positive scores are likely.

This comprehensive analysis of Jupiter Transit is generic in nature. For a distinctively personalized overview of how it will affect your life, you could request Jupiter Transit reading.